Treehouse of Horror XXIX – Act 3 Prize Guide – Bazaar

Let’s face it…when it comes to a Canon Springfield, there is nothing as bizarre as an Egyptian Bazaar!  See what I did there?  Used to words that sound the same but aren’t spelled the same and have two completely different meanings.  Like, Where and Wear.  I mean you can’t wear a bazzar, no matter where you are…that would be bizarre…right?

But, here we are…at Prize 2…and it is pretty cool looking, even if you have to go “Non-Canon Springfield” to use it.  It is one of those nice concepts, like Dracula-La Land, where you can place it over roads to make it more realistic. Pretty cool.

Let’s take a look at the details!

It’s kinda big…but looks great!

Act 3, Prize 3- Bazaar
Size: 10×10 Build Time: 4hrs
Earns: $200, 20xp/12hrs
Conform-O-Meter: Constumerism +10
Can be Placed: On grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt
What Does It Do: Task for Martin there, have a Bazaar Experience

Dialogue When Placed:
Martin:Oh my goodness! An outpost of the exotic ancient Sahara has opened in Springfield! Finally, my years of practice bargaining at the Springfield Elementary Haggle Club will pay off! I’m off to drink tea and save big on rugs and fezzes.
TASK: Reach Level 12 and Build the Springfield Library – Make Martin Have a Bazaar Experience- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

Bart: So, how’d the bazaar bargaining go?
Martin: Not well. I got a nice-looking fez, but in return I seem to have sold myself into slavery as a camel-dung collector.
Bart: Still, it’s good to learn a marketable skill.

I love Martin.  It’s great having a smart kid besides Lisa in our towns. The rest? Not so smart. In fact, the number of smart kids to dumbasses is almost Bizarre! (sorry…had to use it once more).

Next Prize- THE GRAND PYRAMID!!!  Spooky!

19 responses to “Treehouse of Horror XXIX – Act 3 Prize Guide – Bazaar

  1. I love this whole act! Placed everything on three islands…divided by rickety bridges…

  2. I’m working towards getting Florence of Arabia from the Vault this week, hoping that the building will fit in with the bazaar.

  3. Brian Surgeoner

    Just noticed but what is with the haunted crossroads? Says unlocks during act 2 level 4 but it never unlocked for me. I’ve got everything now and was looking to see what I wanted to craft more of and seen that I was never able to craft it.

  4. The Egyptian theme is one of my favorites.

  5. I’m having a good time using Dracula-La-Land and the Bizaar as a stepping stone to new themed areas (thank you EA for a Building that lets you place a road through it’s centre – let’s see if we get something like this for Christmas Event)👍

    Lots of nice Prizes and Premiums this Halloween (makes up for all those Events this year where many things went into Storage) 😉

  6. Subliminally reminding me to start Xmas shopping…..🎁🎃

  7. How is it possible to place it over roads ?

  8. Haven’t tried the roads but the dirt path looks great with it but not centered down the middle and no way to adjust it to work but won’t matter when that area will be all dirt until when or if they ever release sand tiles to go with the dunes.

  9. “Used to words that sound the same but aren’t spelled the same and have two completely different meanings. Like, Where and Wear. “

    You accidentally did the same thing with the second word: “to” vs. “two”.
    Very bizarre- lol!
    Love you guys!

  10. I do like that you can run a road through it.

  11. I like this bazaar, would have been good to have 3 or 4 variation to have a long stretch of market with a road running through it, maybe one to buy later if it becomes available,😃

  12. Thanks for this post Patric! I also like the bizarre bazaar 🙂

  13. They should do more buildings like that, that go over roads, but that actually suit Springfield. The design opportunities would be amazing.

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