SPOILER ALERT: Game of Games Info

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

By now, if you read this site, you should know there’s a new TSTO update (Game of Games) available for download in the App Store.  The actual gameplay update will launch tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10am ET (1400UTC).

Late this evening we received the update content spoilers direct from EA.  And I know a lot of you like to know the spoilers.  So here’s your spoiler post.


Game details…direct from EA:

Event Type: Multi-Event
Game of Games utilizes the same structure as our Love, Springfieldian Style update – the Multi-Event.
Multi-Events consist of multiple short acts, allowing for a greater breadth and variety of content and
themes. Multi-Events contain no crafting or friend actions, instead focusing on the unlocking of items
from each act’s prize track, similar to Mini-Events.
In the case of Game of Games, the event consists of four acts. One act unlocks per week throughout the
event and is then available for players to complete until the entire event concludes. This is
accomplishable because the characters players will need to send on jobs to earn event currencies are
different week-to-week.

And here’s the storyline overview..again, direct from EA:

It’s time for E4, and the first ever Game of Games. A contest to crown the best of the best, gamers who
can best their opponent in any gaming genre. Bart reassembles the Evergreen Terrors and charges up his
controller to take on the challenge. However, a new rival emerges in Report Card, who’s tired of Bart
always stealing the spotlight. To make matters worse the Evergreen Terrors seem to only be skilled at
Conflict of Enemies. Help Bart and the Evergreen Terrors win the Gaming Gauntlet and become the best
esports team in the world!

So basically the event is based on this Season’s (Season 30) 17th Episode…“E My Sports” and the E4 Convention from Season 23, Episode 5…“The Food Wife”

Also, as talked about during the E3 Expo…this spoofs on a bunch of video games (like Fortnite)

And here are some spoiler images… (again direct from EA)

560 Total donuts needed to buy all NEW Premium Content.

There will be a 4th of July Mystery Box. (as of right now I don’t see anything about a new 4th of July President)

And that’s it guys.  Comment your thoughts about the content Spoilers in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!



84 responses to “SPOILER ALERT: Game of Games Info

  1. New Content… Awesome! but a little disappointed that it really doesn’t give us any characters yet that we’ve really been wanting.


  2. The update hasn’t shown up in the Amazon app store yet, is this normal for them to leave it so late?


  3. Ydouneedtoknow

    Can’t find tsto in Kindle store. Hopefully temporary.


  4. Back in the UK, went to bed and as if by magic auto update had done its job. Cannot see what all the fuss is about.


  5. I’m happy there is new content coming out. Something is better than nothing and nothing isn’t really that bad. Hope everyone has a good day.

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  6. Wow, i love this. Being told how many total donuts needed for all new content. Thank You.

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  7. Zero expectations, except I’m glad it’s not going to be a grind-fest with unnecessary crafting (I’m OK with 1 different Mini-Event a week for the next 4 Weeks, I’m NOT OK that Father’s Day sounds like it’s being ignored this year, I’m not worrying about 4th Of July returning content unless it’s Character Building Combos) 🤔


  8. Bleh…

    I’m getting REALLY TIRED of these multi event format events that, essentially, aren’t really events at all. They used to just do these BETWEEN main events, but now it’s ALL THEY DO. To me this is just LAZY game planning and programming. They are essentially saying “Hey we don’t want to waste time plotting out a decent storyline or game for you anymore. You’ll stick around either way anyways.”

    If this is all they have to offer anymore, then I’m done spending money and time on the game.

    And to the person who asked if “we’d rather prefer the zero event format?” instead, I’d have to answer that with a BIG WHOPPING “YES”. Because there is no point in wasting time or money on a game that has run out of ideas to do on it so they’ve just given up even trying.


    • Well, you do have the option to uninstall the game and not play 🤷‍♀️

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    • Your post makes little sense. You would prefer a zero event format at the same time you complain about a game that has run out of ideas.

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    • If you have an imagination you can always play this game. You don’t HAVE to spend money, you don’t HAVE to waste your time. Like the lady said, you can remove the game and find something else to vent your negativity on. Have a nice day….can’t wait till 10am EST.

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    • Well that’s negative. I like this format. I think Christmas really brought back the storytelling and was consistent with Valentine’s day. I’ve got land to spare and everything or almost everything is where I like it. I’m so happy for new content.

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  9. Mats Björkman

    How glad I am that something finally is happening, just as sad I am to see -what- is happening, i just -HATE- these mini events cooked into one larger one, there is NO challenge whatsoever and the gameplay is extremely boring. This seems like it will be my last event that I participate in, then TSTO will be put away in a cupboard and forgotten for my own part, a shame.


  10. Andre Trinidad

    So excited. I was getting worried TSTO was almost over. -TravelingDP

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  11. Thanks for these infos, Alissa! You’re awesome 🙏

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  12. There will always be players who will find something to gripe about (including me). Beggars can’t be choosy. At this point I’m just happy that EA is giving us new content.

    I was all ready to post a gripe of my own before Alissa made this post. Glad I waited. 😉

    But in all honesty I was going to say that it’s weird that EA has given us things like the yearbook and the tennis courts and all of the new land and then give us no new content to fill up the space. This game is all about the donuts. What’s the point of giving us all the new land if there’s nothing new to put in all of the empty space? I haven’t been using the XP collider for months. What’s the point? I already have a ton of donuts. Plus- my XP bonus is in the stratosphere due to all of the tennis courts I bought. So I’m earning a ton of donuts even without the XP collider turned on.

    Like I said. Weird.

    At least we finally have something new to do, and new content to fill in the void. Hooray!

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    • I haven’t obsessed over my bonus or doughnuts. I’ve been using down time to design and I’m running out of things to place which is a nice change from running out of space to place them. I had so much backed up, the timing was perfect for me. Now bring on more things for me to pile up and wonder, what am I going to do with that? I just had to grind out 560 doughnuts but I’ve been spending about 60 doughnuts a day on pride crosswalks


  13. Update now open for IOS App Store!

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  14. iPad App Store didn’t show an update, but when I searched for the game then it showed an Update


  15. Apple store update available now


  16. It’s 9:20 pm on the west coast, and I don’t see any updates in the App Store.


  17. Nothing on ios yet far as I can tell…

    Looks underwhelming…but we shall see.


    • I would not be surprised if Apple does not release the update to the App Store for download to iOS devices until after the event goes live. They have previously been known to delay release of updates in general.


  18. Sorry, Time 8:29 6/11/2019 NADA,NADA, NADA? Wasssup?.


  19. Please, please do not post crap!,,,,,It is 8:23 real time in Los Angeles. 6/12/2019. What planetary system / time grid/Matrix, are you consulting? This is INSULTING! Is this some jokester comment?Checking the App Store = NO UPDATES!!


    • As of this moment it’s Tuesday June 11th. I’m on the east coast of the US, this site is based on eastern standard time.
      There’s an app store update available to download (although folks are reporting it’s not yet available on apple for whatever reason)
      The update doesnt go live until 10a (ET) tomorrow…Wednesday June 12th.
      So…what the hell are you going crazy about? 🤷‍♀️


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      • Thanks Alissa. Some of us are West Coasters, so when the Right Coast posts, WELL, YOU KNOW…. as usual we wait. I bet 80% of the people who watch the tv #how (not me ) are not East Co@sters.
        I hope this is better than the last several feebl3 attempts! I am at 939 forever


        • I’m in California and updated my game earlier this evening. Of course, I am an Android user and live just a few miles from EA, so that might have something to do with it.



      • Andre Trinidad

        It’s on apple App Store, 11pm. Thanks for posting and commenting Alissa, I love TSTO.


      • Wow. You handled the response with grace and poise. Thank you for everything you do on this site. It is amazing what you have to put up with sometimes.


    • Bill –

      It appears Android devices received the update first at Google Play (I just clicked on my game and it automatically updated around 9 p.m. Pacific time,).

      It appears to be taking a little longer for Apple’s App Store to get an update for iPhones / iPads (meanwhile, I have not heard of Amazon Kindle receiving an update – anyone get one on their Kindle?) 🤔

      Regardless of update, you get a new splash screen, but the fun doesn’t begin until tomorrow (Wednesday), so unless you get the Bart Screen of Death? I believe you should be able to play the new Event without panicking 👍

      Don’t Panic, TSTO sets you right


  20. I don’t have a problem with these multi-events, in general, but it almost seems as if EA has, maybe, decided to stop doing major events all together, and that is something that I do have a problem with, especially if my suspicions about what EA is doing are right. I know that event crafting can be very tedious, especially when its duration does not last through the entire event, but that doesn’t mean that event crafting should be completely removed from the game. It should, instead, be made less tedious with easier to achieve event crafting goals that can be reached faster, and any crafting currency left over when an event ends should get converted into game cash, or, preferably, donuts. I also miss the event specific friend actions, because I could still complete those actions without having to worry about whether or not my game friends are active.

    If EA has decided to stop doing major events, I would like it if they would, at least, occasionally, bring back event crafting and event specific friend actions to some of these multi-events now & then.

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  21. Darn… no update yet.. Tuesday 8:58 MDT.


  22. Prizes seem decent
    Hopefully item limit will be addressed in update

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  23. Gotta fire up the old rat trap delivery trucks now.

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  24. I hope the dialogue is good because I don’t feel any excitement for the new event theme, characters or prizes. The extended lull without any hints from EA about new content has really jaded me. I have almost 4000 donuts and 730million in-game cash so of course I’ll get the new premium content. I’ve already emptied the Yearbook. My only goal for the game has become maxing out in-game cash and finding the maximum for donuts.

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  25. Any sign of Golden Goose?


  26. Not stupid Flanders

    Has the update still not hit apple devices?


  27. Neil Cadwallader

    How long do you suppose the 4th of July Mystery Box will be available?


  28. TallSpiderCandy

    Sweet!!! 😁

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  29. Multi event format again…UGH


  30. Bye bye 560 donuts. 😦

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