Friday Filler – I Think My Math Killed the Game…Sorry!

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

I don’t usually take much notice of conspiracy theories…unless I am the one who is spreading them.  However, I think I may have taunted “Bob the Part-Time EA Programmer” into actually killing the game out of spite.

The fact is, I’ve been calling the programming lazy for months. And on top of it, I have bragged that I just Donut Farm between events to allow me to save enough donuts to pretty much rush the entire event.  It’s pretty basic…even though I am a “Casual Donut Farmer” as described in Safi’s posts.  I farm just enough to keep my cash pretty much static, or slightly growing.

That of course all changed, when the “Wailing Wall Glitch” hit and we were able to boost the holyfreakinshirt out of our Bonus % ratings.  I went from around 800% to a little over $1250% before the ITEM LIMITS stopped me from going further.

I think that is where the trouble began. And now…I think that Bob is gunning for me, and perhaps taking you all down with me.  BUT THERE IS A SOLUTION!

Let’s backtrack a bit, so you have context.

As I have said before…I maxed things out as far as the ITEM LIMITS over a year ago.  Since then, I have had to be very careful about what I place…and how many of what I CAN place.  In order to get a bunch of Wailing Walls to boost my Bonus %, I actually had to get rid of a ton of the river road work and bridges I had in my town. Didn’t make me happy…but it had to be done.

I only farm 66 Kwik E Marts…which with my percentage, garners around 35 donuts per 4-hour cycle.  That worked great… UNTIL THIS EVENT!

Without boring you with the math…this last Act calls for 1975 points collected.  I get a total of 82 points from almost every 4-hour cycle of the character tasks. Each cycle costs me 28 donuts (14 characters x 2 donuts) That is 675 donuts minimum to rush the event to conclusion (more like 700 with the tasks that don’t earn points). There were 4 acts that ranged between 1975 and 2000 points each…that is a TON of donuts to rush!! (at least 2800).  I didn’t have enough time to farm that many donuts. Not even close.

Long story short…It was taking me 4 hours to get almost exactly as many donuts, in order to rush the event, as it took me to just wait from the EARNED points from the characters.  In other words…. Bastid Bob figured out how to mess with me and my system…and then made the damn event longer, to torture me!!! 

So…I did what a lot of you do.  I spent a bunch of cash, on Rat Trap Trucks, instead of farming the KEMs…and racked up a TON of donuts in less than an hour.

But first…I had to STORE a TON of my Wailing Walls…because of the damn Item Limits.  I couldn’t place a ton of Rat Track Trucks if I was going to just keep topping out the Item Limit at a handful.

This did cost me some Bonus % points.

I went from 1282% to 1060% in a heartbeat with the reduced wailing walls. But, it worked out fine.  It allowed me to buy and drop a TON of Rat Trap Trucks!

Each Cycle of Buying/Placing/Selling Rat Trap Trucks brought in between 40 and 85 donuts.  The difference being, if the cycle got cut short by the BART SCREEN OF DEATH…which I also think is part of LazyAss Part-time Programmer Bob’s revenge.  But, even with the delays…it only took me a half hour or so, to collect 500 donuts. Even with disruptions. So, 45 minutes…compared to 45 hours or more? No brained. RTTs kick butt!

When I was done…I took another half hour to rush the entire Act 4…and read the dialogue in it’s entirety, as well as start the process of playing all of the Premium Characters I bought.   And then… replenished my donut supply with another 1/2 hour of Rat Trap Truck cycles. BOOM!!!  IN YOUR FACE, BOB!!!

We still have the damn Item Limits.  But, I don’t care anymore.  I know with RatTrap Trucks and an abundance of game cash, I just don’t care.

So….what did I think of the last Act?

I have to be careful…because as we found out in the last episodes of the Simpsons…Disney is NOT a Fan of SPOILERS!

But, I will risk it…knowing that this extremely long, and repetitive event is finally coming to an end for everyone…not just those of us who RUSHED it!

There were some pretty darn funny bits of dialogue. 
The writers poked fun at their “former owners” (it is convoluted, as far as FOX entertainment, Disney and FOX NEWS).

And then there was this. Yeah…nothing says “crap wages” like slavery!

And then, just when it looked like things were going to be cool in Springfield in the future…

I think the only really troubling part of this dialogue, is that it is pretty much a ripoff of what is going to happen in HBO’s West World this season. The clones are going to get pissy, and get revenge on the humans.  But, I don’t want to SPOIL anything for a network that actually ISN’T owned by Disney! (HBO is owned by the other corporate media mega-conglomerate, Warner Media/Communications).

What does the FUTURE of TSTO hold? I think Wookie is right (which you’ll see in the next edition of Addicts Live…just a day into the future).  I think this episode telegraphed the Future Of TSTO…and it has to do with Disney’s newest, biggest, franchise (besides $20 churros)…The SUPER HERO UNIVERSE!!

They telegraphed it on last week’s Simpsons. 

Spoilers or no spoilers…end of TSTO or not…I have planned by not planning.

The fact is…Bob is doing the best he can.  We should not expect anything more from him. And we can likely count on yet another SuperHero event…but, at least we’re all still here. Right?

DO YOU FARM KEMs or RAT TRAP TRUCKS?  BOTH LIKE ME? Or do you BUY donuts??  (Please tell me you don’t buy donuts! It just encourages Bob!).


61 responses to “Friday Filler – I Think My Math Killed the Game…Sorry!

  1. I see everyone taking about doing or having too much of one thing will cause the Bart screen for you. I get that screen multiple times a day and I have a small town with nothing special at all. I’m level 29 xp, have 200 donuts (purchased from xmas money) and save money just to build what’s next on my quests. So I don’t think the Bart screen comes from anything specific, just crappy servers, too many on one, etc.

    However, I have noticed that half the time when I get the Bart screen, when my town loads back up, a neighbor has visited. So I was thinking it cant handle two people in one town.

  2. Chris from YVR

    I (luckily) bought up several thousand(?) wailing walls and boosted my %bonus to 7100% (now sitting at roughly 7300% with other item bonuses). I was getting the screen of death when placing 10-20 RTT, so now I just learn to place 5, collect the bonuts, then sell and rebuy another 5. With my bonus %, I can get about 18 donuts per truck.
    If I activat that super finger thing, I get in about 8 rounds of bonuts before the SoD, so I never activate.

    I do have a question though….the other week I logged in late at night just before going to bed and there was a window that popped up with a picture of a van (like a moving van) with the back door open and boxes in it. The window said something about unlocking content, but because I tend to rush though dialogue and close windows, I didnt catch all that it said. I looked through inventory and through the stores but can’t find anything more about it…..

    …any idea what the unlocked content or what the thing was?

    • I think it’s the truck with monorail tracks in the back saying you collected some. Do you have Lisa’s Recycling Building?

      • Chris from YVR

        Ahhhhh…yes I do have that (through the Yearbook Mystery Box)! Darn thing doesn’t really do much – where can you use blueprints?

        • The blueprints make monorail tracks and donuts.

          • Well that’s just great…? Except I never build the monorail and with my %-bonus at 7300+%, I can make dozens of donuts whenever I want via RTT.

            Well maybe one day I’ll spend a few hours and build the monorail around my land…? If only I could zoom out enough….

  3. I use rat traps when needing to top up as I sit at cash limit now kem makes no sense. Each truck earns about two boxes so doing and my 8/12 hour tasks pull about 15 mil a day. As long as there is proper warning of app shut down I will liquidate my game cash and finally clear the yearbook which is all I really have left

  4. Game ruined……..

  5. “Rat Trap farming. I do five at a time which gives me about 30 donuts” – LynnZ

    How is 30 donuts possible doing this?

    • You need to have a high bonus %. I have a 5225 bonus % and get 45 donuts with 5 Rat Trap Trucks. I don’t farm donuts anymore, I don’t need to. I have over 107 thousand donuts.

    • Yes, what glenn said. It’s more like 27 (I just counted) for me. I went crazy with wailing walls when they were accidentally on sale.

      • What’s best way to simply add XP?? I’m all good on Conformeter but can’t seem to add to my XP% now no matter what I do.

        • I raised my bonus %`by buying hundreds of Mr. Burn’s mystery boxes for 6 donuts each. You get 2% for News Vans and 1% for I&S billboards. You get a lot of junk items but you also get some donuts in return. As with money it takes donuts to make donuts.

          • Glenn how do I buy those mystery boxes? Can’t find them in store.

          • Glenn where can I buy the boxes in-game?

            • Go to the store slide arrow to right tap Homer Budda icon scroll. When I first started Rat Trap Truck farming I would turn on my XP Collider for 24 hours and buy as many as I could. Then save money to do it again another day. It helps if you are at the max level as you can get a chance for 3 donuts.

        • XP comes a lot from purchased items. I have and entire section with tons of wailing walls, jet bikes, and tennis courts. The mystery boxes can be purchased in the store under the golden Homer Budda. Scroll and you’ll see Mr. Burns holding a box.

        • Is it possible you’re sitting on a lot of % points in your inventory and don’t know it? You can go through your decorations category and tap on the letter i in the upper right corner to find out if it has a bonus % and place it. Also if you have stored SH buildings, they have a hidden bonus % [I saw no change in % when storing the exclusive resort]. Hope that helps. Happy Tapping!

  6. There are times when I don’t know if Bob / Barbera is overworked as EA’s only rep working on TSTO …. or if Bob / Barbera is now using a Bot to do the work for him / her (might as well fool us into thinking someone is at the controls while preparing to find a job elsewhere).

    I do take the time to thank EA when they deserve it ….. and if EA is getting more heckled then thanked? Then that’s on EA (for the record – I never take my frustrations out on a Customer Support Staff – they can only do so much to help you via the only resources available).

    I have taken note at the @EAHelp Twitter account the continuous Network and Origin Account problems globally effecting Mobile Games, PC Games, Console Games (the angriest by far are those who’ve spent $70 on a Console / PC Game and they have no access to their game play).

    In fairness, I don’t expect any Network to run 24 Hours a Day – 7 Days a Week – 365 Days a Year without needing downtime for maintenance (the problem is EA does a poor job using their social networks to communicate if a technical issue requires downtime for maintenance – like an advance warning).

    TSTO truthfully was just a virtual Zen Garden (a pleasant distraction from the real world, a brief time to take a break from reality). Less time is now spent tapping away on TSTO not just because the game play isn’t improving …. it’s because real world issues require more of my attention (ie I live and work in a resort town where we recently spent over a week retraining on how to keep this place extra clean in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus – but you can’t prevent the inevitable from happening even when trying to reassure guests that “it’s safe” and that isn’t accurate).

    If I’ve exploited anything within TSTO to my advantage in order to obtain more 🍩’s ? That’s only because EA made it available as you Leveled Up, obtained more Characters, increased your Bonus %, etc.

    TSTO has lasted as a Game App longer then most that are similar in Format (build a City / Town, fill it with Characters, Buildings, Decorations). TSTO goes to a higher Level than any I’ve tried (an exception is if Levelling Up isn’t part of the game play). TSTO is loaded with Content (some recent are “meh”, yet still more Content than most). But, every Game App has a shelf life …..

  7. I’m not sure if I’ve missed this question or not, but I’d like an opinion. Should i buy the Jay G bundle for 225 donuts or save my donuts to use during the event and just get it in the yearbook chest later? It looks like the 225 donuts come with a pool, but is it really worth it?

    • Moor, save it

    • I can try to answer your inquiry with –

      If you want to obtain the Jay G Bundle (Character + Mansion + Pool + Pet Goose NPC) and you have the 🍩’s ….. spend away.

      If you know this bundle is available in a Mystery Box costing less 🍩’s to obtain? There is your better choice.

      Did I care for the bundle? it’s not my favourite, but it completed a Character Bracket for me (I guess you do become a Completist eventually).

      Happy Tapping 😊

    • I was wondering the same.

  8. Was only doing rat trucks but the Bart screen pushed me to kems, with mabe 10 trucks at a time, wouldn’t mind 1 more super hero event if its done right but definitely think its coming to an end, 😎stay cool

    • I guess I am lucky. I’ve been able to do close to 70 at a time…mostly.

    • Same here. I no longer KEM farm since it’s too time consuming. I log in max 2 times a day (occasinallymore). I finished the yearbook some time ago, and now there isn’t much to spend donuts on. Unless speeding a boring event like this, or if you want to go to an insane high multiplyer. I am at 1700 now and that’s rather fine. If i RTT now, i have the Bart screen very often. About 20 max, then the screen. Anyway, I keep my donut amount around 2000 now, if i go lower i farm some more.

  9. I farm rat trap trucks, 3 rounds of 12 every time I play. I rush pride crosswalks and am trying to rainbow every but of road in my town. So my cash grows slowly but does grow since getting God. And I only spend the doughnuts I farm. I accumulate the rest which is about 20 every time I play.

    Personally, I don’t get rushing it. I don’t check in every 4 hours, only when I feel like it. With no rushing, all premium characters and casual play, I’m halfway to the second prize of the last act. Only in the last few hours will I spend doughnuts to get everything. This might be the first event in a long time I’ve had to do that.

  10. In my 1st Springfield, I’ve turned off the Collider. I have 2228%XP and I clear the businesses twice a day. I send Lisa on the Eliminator task, Launch the Rocket, find Maggie, play Sideshow You, play the Go-Kart, Springfield Downs and collect from Lisa’s Recycling Plant. No one else goes on tasks except for events. In my second Springfield 2335%XP, I also farm 40 KMTs (I’ll stop doing that in 2 days after the Collider runs out). I have 11,500 and 7,349 donuts respectively. I rush tasks when I just need less than 3 characters to finish the level and buy all premium characters.

    I like reading the dialogue, but the game mechanics have gotten soooo tedious. I spend more time on other games. I won’t be too sad when TSTO ends. It seems like it’s been over for a couple of years. We need a mind challenge, not a time constraint challenge.

    In other news:
    I completed all the missions for Futurama WOT. I’m just collecting the last characters from the mystery box. It’s a shame they let that one die. The events were fun, but leveling characters and the same characters in costume was a little much and the Nixonbucks cap of 500,000 really slowed down progress. There hasn’t been an event for a year? Two years? But now and then they’ll release another character.

    Anyhoo, Enjoy the weekend!

  11. At 3 billion in cash, I’ve switched from KEM to Rat Trap farming. I do five at a time which gives me about 30 donuts, and I only do this about three or four times per log in to avoid the Bart Screen. I only rushed what I had left on this last act today because I wanted my weekend free, and I also only repeatedly rushed the characters with 8 as the payout.

    I still like the game, and I’m glad that it’s still going. Even if it’s not going strong.

  12. Patric I think you need to start being nice to poor old Bob who is doing many jobs to keep his family fed and clothed!

    We need to give him a bit of credit for what he does in between his pizza deliveries and it might spur him on to coming up with something better.

    Come on Bob and Patric, shake hands and be friends and maybe we might get back to the good old days when we had proper events like Stonecutters!

    Wishful thinking but we can only hope!

  13. Everyone was talking about the downtime and lack of updates over the last year. You, Alissa, Safi and many of us mentioned it was likely because of the transition from Fox to Disney (among other issues). So here we are in the present and the dust has mostly settled. For better or worse looking forward to what comes next. Hoping for better..

  14. I don’t farm. I actually enjoy the game as it is… A Game… I play when I can and don’t feel I have to get it all, so no pressure. I love to decorate my town and do so as I can . For me it is good. I have purchased the donut factory and the Cosmo, I recycle and play the Maggie game so I usually have enough donuts for what I want but I will occasionally buy some. If there is something in the game I don’t like, then I don’t do it… that’s it… plain and simple. I try to keep it entertaining for me, since I play this game for my entertainment, I don’t want it to become a chore. I have not reached item limits, but then I guess that is because I don’t farm… well, that’s my two cents worth…

  15. Jozef Vissers

    Tiki Bar because it is easy to find

  16. MangoFusion01

    1) might I suggest group storing some trees or flowers instead of the wailing walls? Then you can put back the group stored stuff exactly as you had it in seconds and at the same time maximize your XP.

    2) I try not to do too much farming. I do it when I need to, that is when something is a limited time offer and time is running out.

    3) for this event, i do the grind, but a relaxed grind. I get through as much as i can, but I try to do it at a leisurely pace. Maybe checking in 3 – 4 times a day. Then near the end of the act / event, I will accelerate some tasks to clean up the prizes (farming as I need to). This minimizes the time on the event as well as minimizing the donut spend.

    I have over a billion in in game cash, and I keep the XP multiplier on at all times. I get about 20-30 donuts a day without too much effort.

    My multiplier is at about 1500%. Since I don’t like spending too much time farming, I don’t bother with the kwik e Mart (yes, I know that is the most efficient method when in game cash matters, but I think the rat trap trucks are most efficient when we consider the value of our time).

    So, in short,

    I grind at a slow pace, accelerate near the end of the event to save donuts and I only farm when I need to.

    By only farming when I need to, it means that I am not rushing through the game too much, I still have a bunch of items in the yearbook mystery box. I get one or two when I have the extra donuts.

    • I do exactly the same as you.
      This has been the most boring event ever in my opinion so I have only played as much as I need to collect event currency.
      I have found I have had so much more time to deal with things in the real world so maybe it’s not such a bad thing after all!

  17. I farm Rat Traps… but lately i have only been able to do 4 at a time.. if i do more than that i get the Bart Screen… Sometimes i feel like there is a limit PER log in session… once you reach that limit it crashes… at least that’s what i feel like in my game… still with 4 RT i still get 12-15 donuts.. so if i do that 4-5 times every hr. i get anywhere from 48 to 60 donuts per hr.. Also i have alternated the donut rushing.. i rushed twice per task.. and the other 2 times i let it go the full 4hrs.. it saves some donuts.. specially for prize 4 (the token) i won’t rush it for that stupid prize. for prizes 2 and 3 i only rushed it once.. we already have them prizes.. or similar ones… lEAzy… so.. yeah… that’s my take… long and boring… but thnx for noticing.. 🙂

  18. justjenniferblog

    I do quite a bit of donut farming. I have managed to get everything offered in the various boxes.

  19. I have GOD and earn TONS OF CASH from his 24 hr task… so I farm RT for donuts! I love it and thinks it is a lot easier than KEM farming!

  20. The only KEMs in my town are for decorations. At about 6000% bonus (I use the Waling Walls for mazes) the Finger produces enough donuts for most items things (keeping the collider running, occasionally fast forwarding, most premium items). I am at the cash limit so when I buy RTTs I just store them. Buying more than 4 usually cause a crash. To speed up time, I just take 2 donuts if it is first. – There are times when I can’t switch games, so I may RTT to speed up the game I can get it.

    –Again a useful hint for Pat he will ignore. Group store your decoration. Bring out your premiums when RTT farming, then swap again. You have plenty of land to experiment with and you don’t shouldn’t need your KEM farm if you send God out on 777,777 tasks to earn cash for your RTT farming. Between storing your premium items (walls) and getting rid of KEM farm, you should have more items to design with. Just make sure you design to can be easily group stored and returned.

    • Ahhhh. It’s the king of excess!
      So much. Too much. As always.

      • Excess, Yes, but I can play 5 games in less time it takes you to play one.

        • Why would you want to? Again. Excess.

          • Why would anyone want to paint more than one painting? Climb more than one mountain? Hike more than one trail? Watch more than one football game? Grow more than one tomato plant or rose bush? Play with only one lego set? Have more than one car? Have more than one beer?

            You like to design, why wouldn’t you want more than one game to design in? Wouldn’t it better to have two games than nuking one? Do you have only one way create your parks? Design your town? Even the show moves buildings.

            It took you some time to get into KEM farming, and now you are into RTT farming and increasing your bonus, soon I suspect you will see the advantage of having more than one game.

            • Lol! We’ve covered this before.
              Because I have a life.
              Because the game is boring and mind numbingly repetitive. I have a far broader pallet of interests. OK?

              • “Because the game is boring and mind numbingly repetitive.” Then why play at all? You complain about item limits, why do even care if the game is boring. You can’t use the extra buildings and what to the extra characters do for you. Maybe you should just stop until it becomes less “boring and mind numbingly repetitive”.

              • I have a commitment to Alissa. And the dialogue has been good…especially if you rush and read it like a comic book in one sitting.

              • Rusty Shackleford

                I’ve been rushing the event to read the dialog—mainly because I forget things in between and then I don’t appreciate all the humor.

                I used to like decorating my town, but now the prizes just aren’t that compelling. Maybe it is time to move on…we will see. I guess we will see what Disney does with this. They are probably negotiating with EA right now.

              • My guess is that the negotiations are long done…hence the disarmed bomb under the bed. Like telling the world…”OK. We’ll let you live for a while longer if you don’t mess with us.”

  21. I bloodmobiled a pretty good store of sprinkles for premiums and then some. I’m only rushing my premiums if I just need a small amount of currency to get to the next prize. As someone in the Coronavirus epicenter being asked to stay inside, I’m grateful to have this tedious update stretch out as long as possible. Is it time to go on-line yet and order more beans? Nah, sorry Herman, looks like we’re good for now.

  22. Good post !!! Enjoyed it.
    I do a bit of both, rat traps now & again, say to pay for a premium character & KEM farm a couple times a day to keep the donuts ticking over.
    When I do rush an act, usually only partially, I only use those characters that give 8 items, not those that give 5.

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