Episode 76- Sweet and Sour Lasagna Burritos. Foodie Fight Quick Reactions

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The Addicts Crew is back again with an all-new, episode of Addicts Live! Join Alissa and Safi as we talk all things Foodie Fight! We give our quick reactions to the brand new mini-event to hit our pocket-sized towns, share our thoughts on why the Golden Goose still hasn’t come back, and give our secret recipes to a Sweet and Sour Lasagna Burrito! You don’t want to miss the Foodie goodness of this one, so join us for the fun!

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7 responses to “Episode 76- Sweet and Sour Lasagna Burritos. Foodie Fight Quick Reactions

  1. Also, overall this event is ok. I like the BBQ festival the best, disappointed the pig rockets don’t launch or even move. Don’t remember this episode or the characters so it likely will be a forgettable mini event. I would grade it a C (the BBQ festival raised the score for me.)

    • There’s an animated task for Homer at the Rocket Pigs called “Make a Meat Angel” which launches the pigs. It is a pretty funny task but I won’t spoil too much of it to you.

      • Yep , that Visual Character Task by Homer Simpson at the Rocket Pigs is 😆 (that Hot Dog Maker may end up in Storage, but overall?. Foodie Fest has been great because it got me to create a new section of Springfield – I haven’t done that in 2 years!)

  2. I wish they would put the Golden Goose Realty in the permanent store. I already have it but I feel like its not fair to newer players or those that couldn’t afford it at the time. When it is the only mechanism to get land beyond a certain point, I don’t think it is fair to not have it in the game permanently.

    And I would love a cooking Addicts Live! That would be a fun format for a change. When are you going to advertise for guest addicts to join an episode?

  3. Saturday Smiles 😀

    My choices for Foodie Burritos

    Safi = Shrimp Burritos With Simple Avocado Crema


    Alissa = Sweet Potato And Black Bean


    I guarantee neither tastes like cat litter (I had the equivalent to both from a local Food Truck, and a Food Truck was probably the only New Content missing from this Mini Event!)😅

    I encourage all Tappers to please watch the YouTube video and Comment (please don’t forget where to go online to deal with EA if you are still experiencing the ‘Login Code Glitch’ !) I did thank EA for offering up a very consistent Prize selection this time (even the $9.99 Building w/132 🍩’s is consistent with Foodies, as are the returning Buildings). Could this be my favourite Event for 2021? I got the last Prize (Scotty Boom) yesterday, he’s Voiced – no more spoilers and I will do the Questlines Monday. 🤔

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