Episode 91- 10 Year TSTO Anniversary Special- Flashback to Stonecutters (feat. Brooders from ToUk)

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The Addicts Crew is back again with an all-new episode of Addicts Live! Join Alissa and Safi as we celebrate 10 years of Tapped Out! (can you believe it’s been 10 years?!) In part 2 of this multi-part anniversary celebration, we take a trip in the TSTO time machine with Brooders from the ToUk Community! We talk Stonecutters, the Casino Event, good and bad changes in TSTO, and how EA could make things better! You don’t want to miss the fun of this episode!

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Show Notes:

You can find more info about the Stonecutters Event here.

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14 responses to “Episode 91- 10 Year TSTO Anniversary Special- Flashback to Stonecutters (feat. Brooders from ToUk)

  1. My apologies to Safi and Brooders for not visiting your neighborhood (like you’ve said EA hasn’t given me enough incentive to do so)

    I don’t loosing any points for cleaning up Graffiti .. kinda Glad Brooders hasn’t visited my town in some time :p

    Brooders I miss that white-doggy face you had as your profile image,

    Anyway; yeah 10 years; Someday I should make a new post for this community or something but my free time is lost to other social media, so no promises for anything soon. But maybe some day (just don’t hold your breath as you wait) 😛

  2. You can join us at the ultimate face boob if you want? http://www.tapped-out.co.uk #offtopic

  3. TOUK is like a 24/7 Open Thread – a great community, a lot of fun and the occasional TSTO post 😊

  4. I see there’s a lot of love for Springfield Heights grinding !! 🤪
    When I started my B town a couple of years ago I was gutted to discover you didn’t get to use the 8 hour quests until you got Paris Texan – Boooooo !!

  5. The event with the cameras, and criminals in different costumes was superheroes 2015 wasn’t it? I remember they had clown wigs.

  6. The latest “shift” for me is the “Cars on Roads/Buildings on Water” which is having me redesign my towns for the first time in months.

  7. I am guessing that they got rid of Krustyland and limiting neighbors interaction because of the load on the servers.

  8. What might be cool is to tap on a clown to throw a pie into its face.

  9. I remember starting my extra games so I could use the free donuts for different premium items (mostly characters) in each game. (Also to help with neighbor tasks).

  10. I have the whole Complete Series on Blu-Ray, plus the movie, & the two more recent animated films. Also, all the comic books, a Puzzle, the LEGO Batcave, & several Books.

  11. ’66 Batman is still the best show ever! IS WAS & ALWAYS WILL BE !!!

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