2022 Showbiz Showdown Event

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Here’s where you can find any and all of the Addicts Team Coverage of the Showbiz Showdown Event!  So be sure to check back right here for any of the latest details you may have missed on our main page!

Act 1 Starts August 10th (WEDNESDAY)
Act 2 Starts August 19th (FRIDAY)

Act 3 Starts August 28th (SUNDAY)
Act 4 Starts September 6th (TUESDAY)

Event Ends September 14th, 2022 (WEDNESDAY)

Pre-Event Info and Spoilers:
App Store Update

Updates and Rundowns:
Act 1 is Live!
Act 2 is Live!
Act 3 is Live!
Act 4 is Live!
Showbiz Showdown is Ending!

Act 1 Calendar
Act 2 Calendar
Act 3 Calendar
Act 4 Calendar

Turbo Tappin’ Act 1
Full Dialogue Act 1
Turbo Tappin’ Act 2
Full Dialogue Act 2
Turbo Tappin’ Act 3
Full Dialogue Act 3
Turbo Tappin’ Act 4
Full Dialogue Act 4

Premium Character Walkthroughs:
Polystar Executive
Moby Man

For Walkthroughs on Prize Characters, see prize posts below

Should I Buy?:
Polystar Executive & Polystar Pictures– 150
Airshot & Fractured Moon– 150
Hydrangea & Cosmic Wars Ranch – 150
Chinnos & Vindicators Base (Gil Deal) – 250
Moby Man & Ginormous Pictures – 150
Quetzelica– $9.99 donut promo

See this post for returning content

Mystery Boxes:
Showbiz Showdown Mystery Box

Act 1 () Prizes
Movie Light (Decoration)
Sands of Space Interior Set (Decoration)
Stage 4 (Building)
Black Voodoo (Character)

Act 2 () Prizes
Movie Camera (Decoration)
Sands of Space Billboard (Decoration)
Sands of Space Exterior Set (Decoration)
Robot Walker (Decoration)

Act 3 () Prizes
Sands of Space Costume Rack (Decoration)
Sands of Space Battle Car (Decoration)
Sands of Space Spaceship (Decoration)
Magnesium Man (Character)

Act 4 () Prizes
Film Director’s Trailer (Decoration)
Sands of Space Laser Drill (Decoration)
Tundra Hopper (Decoration)
Sands of Space Crystal Monument (Decoration)

Fun and Insight From the Addicts Team:
Springfield Showoff
Sounds of TSTO-Showbiz Showdown