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Mega Mono or Mono Mono…It’s Your Call!


In the world of TSTO, there are clearly those who don’t really understand the excitement around the return of the Monorail, and those who think, “The Monorail is the BEST UPDATE EVER Because It Keeps on Giving and Giving and Giving!!!”

I think it would be safe to say that I am in the latter camp.

From the earliest days of my youth, back in a time when you had to make your own toy building blocks out of the tree that you had to cut yourself, after walking nine miles barefoot into the woods, I have enjoyed building things. It would be accurate that the “building things” and designing, and redesigning, and tweaking your design, is the very reason I tap.

Yes. I love the Simpsons. Yes. I like the dialogue. Yes. I think Maggie is “oh, so, cute!”  But, the real reason I play, is that TSTO gives us so many ways to build, and decorate, and create. This aspect of my personality came out early in life when I began model railroading.

I’ll let that settle in.

Yes. This CrankyOldGuy has boxes of HO track, rolling stock, and buildings, ready to set up at a grandchild’s notice. I like building things…and then watching them run.

Which is why the MONORAIL IS THE BEST UPDATE TO EVER… Oh. Wait. We already covered that bit.

But, even for those of you who are less than enthusiastic about grinding for track, there is a HUGE reward!!

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It’s Coming!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Remember this teaser from last week?


Well buckle your seat belts because it’s coming!  Update is in the files…BUT it’s an app store update.  So it’ll be a few hours before it hits our app stores to play.  However, be prepared because the train is making a stop in Springfield!

What are your thoughts on the upcoming update?  How do you think it’ll play out?  Excited to see it?  Or nervously awaiting to see how it will play out?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!