Mega Mono or Mono Mono…It’s Your Call!


In the world of TSTO, there are clearly those who don’t really understand the excitement around the return of the Monorail, and those who think, “The Monorail is the BEST UPDATE EVER Because It Keeps on Giving and Giving and Giving!!!”

I think it would be safe to say that I am in the latter camp.

From the earliest days of my youth, back in a time when you had to make your own toy building blocks out of the tree that you had to cut yourself, after walking nine miles barefoot into the woods, I have enjoyed building things. It would be accurate that the “building things” and designing, and redesigning, and tweaking your design, is the very reason I tap.

Yes. I love the Simpsons. Yes. I like the dialogue. Yes. I think Maggie is “oh, so, cute!”  But, the real reason I play, is that TSTO gives us so many ways to build, and decorate, and create. This aspect of my personality came out early in life when I began model railroading.

I’ll let that settle in.

Yes. This CrankyOldGuy has boxes of HO track, rolling stock, and buildings, ready to set up at a grandchild’s notice. I like building things…and then watching them run.

Which is why the MONORAIL IS THE BEST UPDATE TO EVER… Oh. Wait. We already covered that bit.

But, even for those of you who are less than enthusiastic about grinding for track, there is a HUGE reward!!

Even before the recent revamp and retread of the weekly Monorail Track Offering, there were Five Bonuts (bonus donuts) for those who completed the entire challenge in 7 days. It took a TON of tapping, to pull it off. You had to collect 70,000 points to get the Bonuts.

After the revamp, while we don’t get Bonuts every week, we DO get something of value for just 25,000 points. CAKE!!!

And this week…when you complete the tasks, you get 20 BONUTS!!!

But, for me…the coolest (and meanest) new addition is the Tunnel that allows you to extend or connect your monorail(s) together. Very cool. With one minor exception. They have only offered ONE tunnel so far…and it may be weeks until we can get a second. If you really want to do a loop, you need to have two. Unlike the world of Model Railroading, there aren’t any cross tracks, or merge tracks…so you need two tunnels. It’s OK. I’m patient. I can wait.


And yes. In typical EA fashion, the tunnel forces you to make some adjustments to link two existing monorails (what is the plural of monorail…duorail? It’s confusing…). And yes…all of us that have been collecting since day mono, have WAY more curved track than anyone should ever have to store. But, again…I’m fine with the tradeoffs…because of the fun, and because of the bonuts!

For those of you who missed the monorail the first time, this is your chance to “join the monorail community.”  I know what you are thinking. Do you have to wear a funny hat and meet in a team member’s basement on Tuesday nights to discuss the virtues of HO Gauge over S Gauge track?  No. Sadly, there are no hats yet.

But, you WILL get the fun of having something in your Springfield that runs…and can tour your town from a “close-up train perspective,” which is a GREAT way to see a neighbor’s town as well.

I hate to admit how much time I have spent “riding” the monorails of my friends and neighbors. There are  some AMAZING layouts out there…  Mine is fun. It isn’t a single loop….and in fact, if you start at one station, it takes more than 6 minutes to run the full  cycle back to the station. I know. Huge…right??

But, as a special bonus…for those of you who are Model Railroad enthusiasts…let me introduce you to the REAL definition of HUGE. The “Largest Model Railroad Layout In the World” is just minutes away from Alissa’s home town in New Jersey. How big?  How about 1.5 MILES of track in a single building?

Now…THAT is HUGE!!

Before I finish this up with some pics from Northlandz, I want those of you who are “less than excited by monorails” to give it another try. It takes time. It takes planning. But, the result is so rewarding. Hours of “riding” without leaving the comfort of your own home! And LOADS of BONUTS!!


NOW…Here are a few shots from NORTHLANDZ!!


Their Site doesn’t really come close to making the point JUST HOW BIG this thing is…more than 1.5 MILES of track!!

NthLandz-2 NthLandz-3

Every single piece of the countless bridges and trestles is hand built…stick by stick. AMAZING…

NthLandz-4 NthLandz-5

One Solution for too many curved tracks!

NthLandz-6 NthLandz-7

You can look down canyons that are as long as 100 feet long…HUGE!


And just when you think you have already seen the LARGEST LAYOUT You Have Ever Seen in Your Life…you see a sign that reminds you that “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!!”

NthLandz-8 NthLandz-9

Humor is part of a true “Model Railroader’s” version of a “perfect build.”  This suspension bridge is no exception.


Don’t laugh! I have seen a ton of TSTO towns that look something like this!!

Rod and Todd would get lost on this Putt Putt course!


Another solution to the “too many curved track” problem!!

NthLandz-12B NthLandz-13

And…just in case the Largest Indoor Layout isn’t enough…you can ride the full-size, narrow gauge train in “the backyard” at Northlandz!

So. Cool.  This one was definitely on our bucket list!!

119 responses to “Mega Mono or Mono Mono…It’s Your Call!

  1. Several years later and I have TONS of track. Why can’t we sell it?!

  2. I’ve been getting 5 donuts per week from the monorail tasks but my BFF whom also plays is getting 10-20 donuts. What gives?

  3. I have been enjoying the monorail build since day 1 but have run into a hiccup. I have 3 tunnels for the monorail but not a fourth. I got the 3rd tunnel in August & rerouted my entire track layout for a fourth tunnel – well it’s been 2 months & no 4th tunnel?! Does anyone have any knowledge as to when we can expect to earn a 4th tunnel?

    • The third Monorail Tunnel must be a glitch.

      • Yes, I agree that it must be a glitch. I have also been playing since the beginning of monorail, and I only have 2 tunnels. I got both of them at the beginning of the monorail promotion for new players earlier this year. But I don’t ever remember seeing any way you could get a 3rd or 4th.

  4. I have a giant track going all through my town, and have finally gotten to the point where it will connect together. But where it connects, the pieces are off by one block in each direction. Does anyone have any tricks to compensate for being off by one block (since the pieces all seem to be in 2 or 4 block sections)?

    • The best option you have, is to use the S tracks if you can somewhere to shift the two together… but, other than that, you are forced to move, adapt one of the sides. Poor design feature…for sure.

      • The S-tracks are quite useful for the makeshift switches I made. Having parallel tracks is also possible. I just made a three way switch using two S-curves and a straight.

      • Thanks for your help. I realized my mistake was placing my stations and then trying to connect them together in the middle. I just assumed that they would meet up with each other. So once I moved one of the stations and all the attached track, they now line up. It would be WAY easier if there was a 1 block section of track.

  5. I have a “complete” mono rail, and now with the tunnel update, I can’t link to it! it’s like a half piece off! Do I have to redo my entire rail??

  6. Sorry to disappoint, but the largest HO model railroad is the so called “Miniatur Wunderland” in my beautiful hometown of Hamburg (Germany).

    1,300 sqm compared to 800 sqm at Northlandz.

    But Northlandz is still a very huge model railroad,…

    Greetings from Germany and keep tapping for those monorail tracks and bonuts!

  7. The Monorail is the BEST UPDATE EVER Because It is monorail simple.

    My secret pleasure is trains preferably of the steam variety and every holiday we ie swmbo and i seem to get at least one trip she likes the scenary so we are both happy.

    Model ones are cool I am now planning how to persuade swmbo to go to NJ next holiday.
    Good to see you back COG.

    • There are a ton of operating Narrow Gauge railroads in New Mexico and Colorado. I have them on our next trip “Must do” list! All Steam…yes!!

  8. I’m curious to know when the tunnel rail comes available as tbe entire time I have done all the tasks for the yard and almost near the end of making the yard better…. is that when we get the tunnel option ???
    Also talk about ripped. No donut offers with my rail so far !

  9. I only just got the monorail since I missed it last year and while I love it I hate that stupid tunnel lol

    I hope they give us a second tunnel soon or I’m just gunna store it since it’s just a pointless dead end.

    I got 10 donuts from the monorail and I heard people used to get 6, now that’s it’s only 25k needed I guess the premium characters that help with the monorail aren’t worth buying unless you like the look of them.

    Always cool to see a new fresh face on TSTO and I look forward to more articles from you, great article and cool pictures!

    I hope I get a chance to get 20 donuts soon and where’s my cake 🙁 😂

    • While I understand the desire to make a loop, having only one tunnel is not a “pointless dead end.” When your monorail reaches the end of the track, it just reverses direction. So, even with only one tunnel, your monorail can easily go back and forth between Springfield and Springfield Heights.

    • Patric has actually been running and authoring another TSTO website (I with its own POV and philanthropic activities), TSTO Friends, since about the same time TSTO Addicts started. It’s really nice to see the TSTO community coming together!

    • You are the first person here to call me a “fresh face.” More like “old and seasoned” face. But, thanks!!

  10. does lisa recycling plant bank the blueprints ??

    • It does not

      • Hi Alissa,
        so.. If I visit a neighbours town, and the Lisa Recycling Plant has the blue prints ready for them to collect, and I click on it for them, does it help their building to start regenerating the blue prints the same as the other money buildings? (sorry if this is a silly question) :-/

    • No.

      • oh.. 🙁
        Thank you Sandra,
        Oops, I have been tapping on it in my neighbours town/s
        thinking it was helping them..

        • Well, it kinda does help them….it helps them earn cash and XP when they collect your thumb, which is better than just blueprints, if they’ve finished their rail yard tasks for the week! 🙂

          • That’s true, XP points and the cash helps them too. 🙂
            But I just thought it was helping more so by helping the blueprints to regenerate.
            But I guess every thumb helps 🙂

  11. I really wish there were “Y” or “T” shaped pieces so we could connect lines together more easily. Also, maybe a 2nd tunnel for Springfield Heights, although even just the 1 is awesome! And any news on Krustyland? Seems like a waste 🙁

    • Krustyland just continues to “exist” until they remind us that it is there, with a Daily Task. But, I am with you on the Y or T tracks. It is rumored that we will get another tunnel in Week 5 of this retread. I hope so…otherwise the concept of a continuous loop between the two sides is impossible.

    • I have made two makeshift switches with a straight and a curved track. I switch those, by the tap-hold method, to change the direction of the train.

  12. Near me, between Dayton and Cincinnati, OH, is a place called EnterTRAINment Junction. It is an indoor model railroad display with over 2 miles of tracks. It is really cool! The entrance, when you first walk in, is built like a 1930’s railroad town. As you walk through the display, it takes you through the history of locomotives. At one point, it takes you to the top of an 11′ waterfall that provides the water to the entire display. It is a very cool place! You would love it, Pat!

  13. Hi Patric. Thanks for this post, I really enjoyed reading it. I already had three stations before the revamp. I had the main station, the tetanus terminal and the mall o rail. I think there was also a christmas station, but not sure if it was premium or a prize. Also, do you have any idea what happens after the fifth week? Does it then go back to the 5 bonuts per week for 70,000 points, like before the revamp? Your post seems to indicate otherwise, but i may have misread that part. The reason i ask is that i am considering buying jesse grass and uriah to help shorten the grind each week, but if there are no bonuts then i dont want them. Thanks again!

  14. Do you think we could get cross tracks\merge track
    Pieces that would be awesome

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