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Why I DIDN’T Buy the Curvaceous Cave and Cave Girl Booberella

Let’s start with the fact that I realize that the content of this post may offend some of you.  Some of you are hardcore supporters of EA and everything they do. Some of you are hardcore KEM miners who can/will buy anything, just because you can.  And some of you are women, who hate seeing men objectify certain parts of the female anatomy.

Thinking about it…this post might offend ALL of the above-mentioned categories of players.  But, hear me out. I think I have some of the most valid reasons ever for passing on a Premium Buy, that most people (knowing my sadly “dirty old man” aversion to cartoon women in this game) may be shocked (or not, after I explain it) to read here.  I’m not proud of it…but it is…as they say…what it is!

Here are the THREE primary reasons I didn’t buy this combo…
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Premium Walkthrough: Booberella

Hey there tapperinos!

There are two very obvious reasons why the Halloween Update Rocks! Well, if you’re looking for BOOOOBS as the answer.  I think two of my favorite reasons are the social aspect of the event AND the fact that you’re here reading what the Addicts Team has to say about it.  Thanks!

I’ve had this walkthrough waiting for all you tapperinos as I couldn’t help but rush the quests (to enjoy the dialogue and witty satire of course),  figured I’d let all the boys settle down first.  OK… enough settling, LET”S GET EXCITED AGAIN

This is going to be a walkthrough about one of the rad premium characters EA gave us as a treat…. Booberella! For 100 donuts (kinda pricey but so worth it),  you can add her to your town.  As a lot of people have commented that their Springfields are very male dominated, while she may not be the best advocate for female Springfielder rights/intellectual respect, she is another lady AND a pretty one to boot.


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