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Hey there tapperinos!

There are two very obvious reasons why the Halloween Update Rocks! Well, if you’re looking for BOOOOBS as the answer.  I think two of my favorite reasons are the social aspect of the event AND the fact that you’re here reading what the Addicts Team has to say about it.  Thanks!

I’ve had this walkthrough waiting for all you tapperinos as I couldn’t help but rush the quests (to enjoy the dialogue and witty satire of course),  figured I’d let all the boys settle down first.  OK… enough settling, LET”S GET EXCITED AGAIN

This is going to be a walkthrough about one of the rad premium characters EA gave us as a treat…. Booberella! For 100 donuts (kinda pricey but so worth it),  you can add her to your town.  As a lot of people have commented that their Springfields are very male dominated, while she may not be the best advocate for female Springfielder rights/intellectual respect, she is another lady AND a pretty one to boot.


For all the uninitiated…  Booberella is obviously based on Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

Elvira has been around for quite a while (she may be in her 60’s but man she’s sexy still) but just this year has made a resurgence.  Besides showing up on Face/Off on the SyFy Channel, she has her own live show at Halloween Haunt this year in Buena Park, CA (I live 10 minutes from here and if you guys want can’t talk all about it after I see it on Friday).

boobarella elvira

 I’d seen the beautiful temptress there in my teens but wonder if her new appearances on TV and Halloween Events sparked Booberella’s appearance in the Best. Game. Ever.?


Anywho… once you purchase Booberella, she starts off her quest line (The Girls Just Want to Have Fun Parts 1-5).


Booberella:  I used to host “The Matinee of Blood and Commercials” at Channel 6. But they canceled my show because I used my catchphrase too often.

They are such BOOOOOOBS!

Pardon me, Cletus. Do you have any work around the farm?

Cletus:  Um… you could milk the cow.

Booberella:  I see.  Pray tell, what about me made you think of milking?

Cletus:  Well, you ain’t dressed for stabbin’ possums.

(Boobarella is prompted to “milk Cletus’ cows” for 1 hr.  Keep Comic Book Guy free for the next quest.)


CBG:  Miss Booberella, you are almost as attactive in person as the life-sized Booberella figurine I have in my bedroom.  Almost.

Would you like a job bending low to reach things?

(Boobarella is prompted to “Work at the Dungeon”.  This task is 2 hours.  Dialogue continue immediately once she’s done “working”.)

CBG:  Tell me, Booberella, who is your favorite Cosmic Wars character?

Booberella:  That would be Patmi, the princess of NaBOOOOOB.

(Boobarella initiates the next bit)

Boobarella:  If you want to get ahead in the world, you have to start your own business.

That’s why I’m here with my new “Street Cart of Horror and Peanuts.”

Goobers for sale!  GOOOOB-ers!

(After placing a Peanut Cart for $520, Booberella sells nuts for 8 hours.  Keep Apu free to keep moving along after she’s done.)


Apu:  Chief Wiggum!  A lawless gang of teenagers just attacked my store!

They stole the candy and Squishees and read my magazines without buying a single one… just as if I were a library!

Wiggum:  Sorry, Apu, I’m dealing with something much more dangerous… an unlicensed peanut vendor.

Booberella:  Please, Chief Wiggum, it’s a mistake any vampire-themed horror hostess could make.

Wiggum: I’m sorry, but I have to throw the boob at you.  I mean throw the book at boob.  I mean boob the boob boob boob.

(Booberella must now “Serve Time for Unlicensed Peanut Vending” which is a 24 hour task.  Dialogue starts immediately when she’s done.)

Wiggum:  Boobarella, you’re free to go.  I’ll just get these handcuffs off you… Darn it, why do they always stick?

Booberella:  Maybe they need some LUUUUBE.

I think Booberella’s stay must have left it’s mark because even Homer remembers her when he spends his time in prison.  Maybe this is why he’s not in my town?

boobarella homer

(The last portion of the quests is kicked off by Booberella)


Booberella: Great news!  I have a new show — “The Bloodcurdling Hour of Children’s Educational Programming!

(Boobie is off to “Host a Children’s Show” for 4 hours)

Booberella: Today’s show was brought to you by the emotion “fear”, the animal “snake”, and the geometric shape… CUUUBE!


I really enjoyed this questline.  Other than the tasks you do above.  Booberella has 6 total tasks.


Only two of these tasks are outdoors (Sell Peanuts and Burn at the Stake) but since they are the 8 and 12 hour tasks (common ones picked by tappers), I’m still super stoked!


Well Tapperinos… hope you enjoyed this walkthrough.  I know we all can’t afford the premium items, but if you’re gonna splurge, this would be my choice and not because I’m a chaveunist pig lol.  If you can’t spend the money, hope this post let you tap vicariously through me.  Until next time, you stay spooky and keep on tapa-tapa-tapping them ghosts!

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