12-13-13: In-Game Update…Glitch Fix?

Hey Howdy Hey Gift Grabbers!

Looks like we just got hit with a minor in-game update.  My guess is it’s a glitch fix for the complaints outlined in Bunny’s Post here but I have no true way of verifying this via our own games.  Currently all of the TSTO Games run by the Addicts staff are not experiencing the glitch.  So we need your help!  If you’ve experienced the “zero gift dropping glitch” in your town, let us know in the comments below if this update has corrected the issue for you.

We know Bunny has magical powers with all things at EA, but we can’t be certain it’s fixed until we hear from you.  So be sure to let us know! 🙂

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121 responses to “12-13-13: In-Game Update…Glitch Fix?

  1. After the current update my town is completely different. Nothing is where I’ve placed it and items missing that I’ve built such as the escalator to no where. I’m not sure why it’s like that. I have the correct login and password but it’s just not my town. It was there, I did the update, logged back in and now it’s just not the same. I’ve been playing almost a year. Is there anything I can do to get it back?

  2. Character finder not worki g on my game either, it stopped working after the new update to get rid of the xmas springfield.

    • hmmm this is the first I’m hearing of this specific glitch. Have you tried hard closing your app (via tasks close app) and restarting it? Sometimes that triggers little glitches like this to work right. If not, I would suggest contacting EA and letting them know. This way they could send out a patch to correct the issue. Hope it helps! 🙂

  3. Any luck… My chatacter finder stopped working about a week ago

  4. Character finder has stopped working. Not sure why. Mission book is open, and I have deleted and re-installed with clean update downloads with no interruption. Every thing else is working fine. The finder shows exclamation points when a mission is due for a character but when tapped on the screen no longer snaps to that character necessitating a scroll fest to search for the mission subject. Is this a known issue for folks or is it just my issue? Best to wait for the next update and hope for the best or is there a fix for this?

  5. *Huge* problem. One day when I opened my game, the first gift card I got from a present gave me the unlock message for every item I didn’t have. When I checked my gift cards, it had reset to zero. At first I was overjoyed, but upon placing the snowplow, the game froze and crashed. When I reopened the game, I no longer had the items, but the trophy screen said I had. Upon getting more cards, I realized I can’t unlock anything anymore, and don’t even get a spin token every thousand. What do I do?

  6. It’s been quite a few days since this happened and I can’t recall if there’s been a mini-update but this one time (during the christmas event of course) I got logged into another person’s account! It was such a shock because I never pay attention to the “Tap to Continue” screen and I just move my finger on the screen and look elsewhere, and behold – IT’S NOT MY TOWN. Then for next two days I got push notifications for things I never even did in my town. Although now it doesn’t occur.

  7. Hiya,
    For some reason both the Snow Plow and Coddingtons were awarded before I was due. In a oner! Then as soon as I got told I had them the game froze and I lost them again. The down side is that now I am entitled the game won’t give them to me 🙁

  8. i recently reinstalled tsto after gitting a new phone. i started it up. it said installing updates blah blah blah then it asked for my age i typed it in and then the app shut down and it when to my home screen. i relaunched the app and the same thing happened. does anyone know what to do

    • Sorry about that…try the basic troubleshooting steps like log out completely, restart your device, then log back in. Also try uninstall and reinstalling it. Just to make sure all the updates hit. Also, remember…you must be at LEAST 13 to play. So ensure you are entering your appropriate age. 😉

  9. I have 1 of my characters glitched off the map so I cannot do anymore missions??? I reset game but he never comes back? How do I fix this ??.

    • Since your other comment indicated it was the Sea Captain…try storing your House Boat (which is how he entered the game) and replacing it. That should help pull him back to shore! 🙂

  10. also without GC

  11. I’m playing this on my iphone.
    I just got the elf house and placed it in my town. Then I closed the game down by hitting the power button on my phone. When I went back to the game the elf house disappeared. I looked all over my town for it and no trace.
    I tried restarting the game and restarting my phone, but still no house. It shows that I got it on my trophy screen and I know I didn’t accidentally delete it. Did the game possibly do that? Help.

  12. Had over 33,000 gift cards and now I’m down to zero????!!!???? Is this gonna get fixed????

  13. I still can’t drop gifts 🙁

  14. Same thing has been happening to me no gift bags for 3 days now.

  15. I can’t drop gift bags in neighbors’ towns. I have plenty to give but can’t drop any.

  16. I haven’t received any gift bags in three days. All the presents have been gift cards. I asked others playing but this is not happening to them. Dunno. Hopefully wait for the next update.

  17. I didn’t have the glitch
    Then had the in game update and the glitch started so can’t drop any presents

  18. I have a holiday glitch were I can’t see the personal prizes or community prizes does any one else have this problem?

  19. Please help-I still have cards but I’m not getting any of the unlocked items to go with it (i.e. I have about 23000 cards and I didn’t get Ned’s Xmas suit) 🙁 Please tell me what to do and how to resolve the issue! Thanks!

    • Are you sure you’re not getting them? Are they in your inventory? Usually when you unlock a new item it goes to your inventory and does not get placed in your Springfield. As far as the skins (ie for Ned) try tapping on Ned, usually if he has more than one skin you can toggle between them. Check to see if the Santa costume is in there. 🙂

      • I didn’t explain it right… I know all the items go to inventory and I got all of them until Ned’s costume and it’s nowhere to be seen. Also when I tap on the trophy none of the items are in the shade-the remaining ones and I didn’t collect all the cards just as I said,about 23000. So it looks like I’ve collected all of them and I didn’t. Ned’s costume is missing and I’m afraid I won’t get the remaining two objects as well (the truck and the building with a new character) 🙁

      • I am having this exact issue. Let me know if you have any luck.

  20. Not receiving gift bags from the presents. They were there in the beginning but have disappeared over the last few days. Also the trophy has disappeared. Unable to see the upcoming gift from the gift cards.

  21. Tappy xmas everyone! My gift bags go missing, all day I’ve been unable to log in to my ‘main Springfield’, but WAS able to log into my smaller other Springfield, from where I visited my ‘home town’ to leave gift bags and also spotted other gift bags having been given to me (thank you, who ever you are), but alas, now that I’ve finally been allowed in, the gift bags are all gone? It’s been about 8 hours since I left them/saw them, and puff! Any one else tried this? Is it like the gremlins, do they disappear after a certain amount of time? Or is it a glitch? Any way to fix it, if that is the case? (childish as it is, I feel cheated…)

  22. I am still stuck on too much of a good thing pt2. It says I completed the task of collecting 10 presents and gave me elf house which is in inventory because it says I must complete task. I cannot give giftbags in other towns and I have no community button to see what prizes are. Help please!!

  23. Happy Holidays fellow tappers! I seem to be having some issues since the latest Christmas Updates as well. But mine is frustrating me so much. I play off and on MANY times a day and night! (Yes addicted) but now after I first log in , start collecting everything, when im almost finished it crashes. But the worst part is while im collecting things the game almost freezes continuously and jolts the screen shots and doesnt allow me to do anything until it finally snaps out of it for a sec. %#%××#GRRRRR. I see it alot more when I visit those friends town that must have spent billions cuz they have EVERYTHING in multiples. (Ha rich right haha) It always immediately freezes and either almost crashes or does. Very frustrating. But I havent checked if im losing all the $$ im collecting when it does crash. Ill check now.

  24. I ran into a new glitch after the update. I only have a couple of neighbors and I visit them all at the same time (one after another) and all of a sudden after visiting them it changed the time to revisit. A couple of them have the right time of 19 hrs before I can revisit, but then others changed to 7 hours before I can revisit (which isn’t the right amount of time.) Sounds good that I can visit them sooner right? Not so fast, all the ones that have the wrong time will no longer let me drop gift bags. I’ve asked the people of these towns if they’ve already picked up the bags I’ve previouy dropped and they’ve said yes. So unless you have to wait the full 24 hrs to redrop the bags, I am unable to do so now. And if you do have to wait 24 hrs the times would still be messed up. I logged out and hard reset my phone and it’s still messed up. I’m using iPhone 5

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