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Need a break from Gremliween? How about some Monstrous 2D?

TSTOAddicts 2D

Happy 2D Tuesday everybody! Hope every one’s weekend went well. The image above is a little craziness I experienced last week while editing images late at night. Poor bunny seems to have been run ragged by Alissa the Slavedriver, errr, I mean Amazing so I made this tribute to the both of us. I must admit this made me laugh so hard, I felt I had to share.  It’s also an homage to The Simpsons Movie if you didn’t catch that reference.  No excuses for the madness, just felt I had to prove I could do something creative that didn’t involve my tapping fingers lol.

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Where Did THAT Come From- Devil Flanders

Here we are once again to try and decipher just exactly where items in our game came from. In this edition, I will go over or neighboreeno Flanders and why on earth he is so devilish.

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