Where Did THAT Come From- Devil Flanders

Here we are once again to try and decipher just exactly where items in our game came from. In this edition, I will go over or neighboreeno Flanders and why on earth he is so devilish.

devil Devil Flanders

In Treehouse of Horror IV (the Devil and Homer Simpson), our panicked lil friend Homer is in desperate search of a donut after finding there are no more in the breakroom. Finding out that even his emergency donut is gone. He makes that classic statement of, “I will sale my soul for…”, in his case a donut. The Devil arrives to grant his wish. Devil Flanders to be exact (it’s always the one you least expect).

Homer gets the donut, but hesitates and stops to think before eating it all. He realizes (in a smart non Homer way) that if he eats it all, the Devil gets his soul. He taunts the Devil at this discovery. Not a good idea.

At home, Homer is half asleep and is in search for a treat. He mistakenly eats the last bit of the donut and Devil Flanders returns to get his soul.

Marge and the kids remind the Devil that Homer has the right to a fair trial. The Devil agrees, but Homer has to spend the night in Hell. Where ironically (it even says so on the door) he is forced to eat all the donuts in the world in the Donut Torture Device.

Homer donut torture device 1

They have the trial (thanks Lionel Hutz for running off). Marge brings in her scrapbook and informs the jury that Homer’s soul already belongs to her. Evidence by what he wrote on the back of their honeymoon picture. (They had their honeymoon in a hospital?)

A negotiation is made. The Devil still inflicts a punishment on Homer. The cops are happy about this. (He’s gotta come out sometime.)

So there you have it. The Devilereeno diddly do …yah…I better stop right there.


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  1. I just saw Devil Flanders in the film he makes about Able and Cain in episode S16e08. It was just on Swedish television.

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