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Should I Spend Donuts on the DMV Limo?

Level 35 is here and with it comes the DMV Limo, a new premium decoration for your Springfield.  The DMV limo marks the 3rd Limo we’ve received in TSTO, and if you’re asking yourself “should I spend donuts on this?” don’t worry we’ve got you covered!  So before you hit that confirm button, let’s break down the DMV Limo and if it’s worth your donuts:

dmv limo
Decoration: DMV Limo
Donut Price:
50 Donuts
Bonus % Per Donut Spent:
Conform-O-Meter Points:
Vanity +500
Where Can I Place It?:
On the main (grass or pavement) sections of Springfield and on the boardwalk. 

Final Thought: If you’re just looking to purchase a car for TSTO save your donuts and go with Chalmers (non premium) _ONDA.  However, if you’re a premium player this isn’t a bad purchase for you, especially if you missed the Limo from the Whiskey Business Promo last Spring.  50 donuts isn’t a bad deal, and you do get 500 vanity points.  However, vanity is one of the easiest areas to get points in, so don’t just buy it for the vanity points.
When it comes to bonus % per donut spent, the DMV Limo isn’t a bad deal.  At 0.045% it’s one of the higher percentages per donut spent, but if you’re looking for a better deal in a premium vehicle the Burns limo is 40donuts and offers the same bonus percentage (a rate of 0.050%/donut spent).

What do you think?  Will you be paying 50 donuts for the DMV Limo?

Tapped Out Walkthrough: Level 35 Part 3

If you missed the first two parts of the Level 35 walkthrough you can find them here: Part 1 and Part 2. When we last left off Homer had just completed his driver training course (after 4 hours!) and he’s finally able to renew his drivers license. Of course Patty and Selma don’t make it easy for him. We pick the walkthrough back up with Homer looking for a little revenge….

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Tapped Out Walkthrough: Level 35 For the Love of Marge,Career Aspirations & Up in Smoke

Hello Tappers!

Level 35 is here!  And as many of you know by now Homer gets this started!  So let’s get right into it…

For the Love of Marge Pt. 1
After tapping on Homer

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Level 35: What We Know So Far

Level 35 was released just about 2.5 hours ago now!  And Nick is back at college and busy with classes during this update, so I’m going to attempt my best to do a “what we know so far” for Level 35!  That goodness I can look back at his older posts!

Here’s what we know about Level 35 so far:
level 35 gil gunderson
-As you can see from the Level 35 Level Up! Message, our pal ol’ Gil gets the honors this time and leveling up comes with 2 donuts!  Level 34 also came with 2 donuts, so this is a change in EA’s usual pattern of 1-2 donuts on Level Ups! Continue reading