Tapped Out Walkthrough: Level 35 For the Love of Marge,Career Aspirations & Up in Smoke

Hello Tappers!

Level 35 is here!  And as many of you know by now Homer gets this started!  So let’s get right into it…

For the Love of Marge Pt. 1
After tapping on Homer

2013-09-12 10.05.31 marge1 homer1
Homer:  Ooh, my favorite dinner – pork chops!
Marge: Not only that, but I wrapped some so you can snack on them when you go bowling.  And the wrapping I used is bacon.
Homer: What’s going on?  Am I dying?  If I am, you have to tell me!  And make me bacon-wrapped brownies!
Marge: You’re not dying.  Although with your cholesterol, every day is a gift.  But the reason I’m being so nice is to thank you in advance…..for letting-Patty-and-Selma-live-with-us-because-they-have-no-where-else-to-go.
Homer: (as can only be described by the speech bubble)
I’ll build them an apartment building.  I don’t care how much fake money it costs!
Marge: Homer, you’re so thoughtful and generous!
Homer:  Yes. I am.  Though..you know I would abandon them in the woods if that were an option, right?
Marge: Yes, Sweetie, I know.
Build the Spinster City Apartments-
Spinster apartments

New Character Unlock!
2013-09-12 10.07.21 2013-09-12 10.07.18 2013-09-12 10.07.27

For the Love of Marge Pt 2
After tapping on Patty

2013-09-12 10.07.39 2013-09-12 10.07.49
Feels good to exist again, eh, Selma?
Selma: I don’t know – the TV here only shows the later MacGyver episodes.  They’re all post-mullet.
Patti: What a godforsacken hellscape.
Selma: Hey, I know where we can find a half-dead whale that we can jab in the blubber for laughs,
Patti: You mean Homer?
Selma: Our secret twin language still works.
Make Patty Visit the Simpson House- 24hrs
Make Selma Visit the Simpson House-

For the Love of Marge Pt. 3
After tapping on Patty

Patty: Hey, Boba-Fat, could you trundle a few steps to the left?  I can’t see the TV.  In fact, I can’t see that whole half of the house.
Selma: And put on a hat.  The screen’s catching a glare from your chrome-dome.
Homer: If you need me I’ll be doing an exterior quest.
Make Patty Watch MacGyver at the Simpson House- 8hrs
Make Selma Watch MacGyver at the Simpson House-
Make Homer Play with his myPad (x3)
– 45s (don’t forget you’ll have to do it 3 times)

Keep Homer free when complete

For the Love of Marge Pt. 4
After tapping on Homer

Homer: There, you’ve watched your stupid show.  Now leave!
Patty: Ahh, a good episode of MacGyver is like sex.
Selma: ‘Cause there’s sweating and jerry-rigged contraptions?
Patty: That too, but I meant it makes you want a cigarette.
Homer: If anyone needs me I’ll be in the bathroom vomiting forever.
Make Patty Take a Smoke Break-24hrs
Make Selma Take a Smoke Break-
Make Homer Be Sick
Keep Homer free when complete
2013-09-12 10.15.59 2013-09-12 10.16.20

Career Aspirations Pt. 1
After tapping on Homer

Homer: Don’t you she-trolls have anywhere else to be?
Sorry, Chunky Cheese.  There’s no DMV anymore, so we don’t ahvhe jobs.
Selma: That’s right, so we’re just going to hang out all day and – Hey, where’d he go?
Patty: There, through that Homer-shaped hole in the wall.  Weird to see the Crisco Kid move so fast.
Selma: Yeah, it’s like watching a walrus juggle.
Patty: I wonder what he was in such a hurry to do.
Build the DMV- 24hrs

Career Aspirations Pt. 2
After Tapping Patty

2013-09-12 22.05.53 2013-09-12 22.05.59
 Back at the DMV. Let the slow dying begin.
Selma: Hey, there were parts of this job we loved. Like that time the line stretched out the door while you stood at your window stapling papers.
Patty: I am pretty proud of that.
Selma: Everyone in line was fuming! You wouldn’t even make eye-contact.
Patty: I ran out of staples in the first minute, but I “stapled” ‘til my lunch-break. That was pure sense-memory acting.
Selma: A lot of people don’t realize — a big part of this job is mental.
Make Patty Work at the DMV- 8hrs
Make Selma Work at the DMV- 8hrs
Keep Homer free when complete
Patty: Next!
Smithers: Finally! This line is so long! Let’s get this done quickly – Mr. Burns is already gonna kill me.
Patty: This is gonna be a goooood day!

Career Aspirations Pt. 3
After tapping Homer

2013-09-12 22.37.14
Marge! Where’s my driver’s license?
Marge: How would I know?
Homer: Because you know where everything is. Remember when I couldn’t find my sandwich last week?
Marge: I happened to see it in the soap dish when I was cleaning the shower.
Homer: Please help me find my license! My wallet feels so naked without it.
Marge: Sure. It’ll give me an excuse to take the couch pillows off and put them back again. It makes me feel like I work in a couch pillow factory!
Homer: We all have our little fantasies!
2013-09-12 22.37.45
Make Marge Look for Homer’s License- 12hrs
Keep Patty free when complete.
Marge: I found your license, Homie, but it’s expired. You’ll have to renew it.
Homer: Eh, what’s the point? Nobody drives here anymore.
Marge: Well, you’d need it if we were at a bar and wanted to order a– Hey, where’d he go?
Homer: Now there are two Homer-shaped holes in the wall!

Career Aspirations Pt. 4
After tapping Patty

2013-09-12 22.40.23
Selma! Look who’s stumbled into our web!
Homer: I’m here to renew my license.
Selma: You were right, Patty. Combining our birthday wishes made it come true!
Patty: He’s ours to torture for as long as we want!
2013-09-12 22.41.55
Homer: Will you two Lady Shreks just get on with it.
Make Homer Take Driver Training- 4hrs
Selma: Congratulations, Fat Boy Fat, you’ve passed your four hour road test.
Homer: I’m pretty sure the officially sanctioned road test does not include driving back and forth in front of your ex-boyfriend’s house.
2013-09-12 22.43.03
Selma: You should be glad that I give extra credit for throwing rocks at his window because you suck at parallel parking.

Career Aspirations Pt. 5
After tapping Homer

Homer: Finally out of that car! Both of you blowing smoke in my face… *coughs* I think you gave me asthma. Great. The one thing I had going for me was my sexy, clear airways.
Patty: Relax, Lard Hamilton, I’ll show you how to fix that. Cross your eyes. Now let your mouth go slack until a little bit of drool dribbles out… Perfect!
Homer: What was that flash? You took my license photo?! C’mon, take a non-drooly one!
Patty: Sorry, it’s time for our break.
Make Patty Take A Smoke Break– 24hrs
Make Selma Take A Smoke Break- 24hrs

Up in Smoke Pt. 1
After tapping Homer

2013-09-12 23.05.01
 Gross and Grosserer won’t get away with treating me like that. I’ll take away something that brings joy to their lives… which is hard to think of, because their lives seem pretty joyless.…except for one thing.
Make Homer Lobby for Tobacco Control- 24hrs
Keep Quimby free when complete

Up in Smoke Pt. 2
After tapping on Quimby

2013-09-12 23.08.20  2013-09-12 23.08.24
Ms Springfield:
 Hey Joe, there’s papers and petitions all over your desk and that’s where we usually “do it”.
Quimby: Er, uh, Miss Springfield, might I remind you that I am in the middle of a press conference!
Ms Springfield: Oopsie!
Quimby: What the young lady meant by “do it” is, er uh, respond to constituant concerns.
Ms Springfield: Oh Joe, you’re so sexy when you’re mayoring!
2013-09-12 23.08.50
Make Quimby Ban Tobacco -12hrs
Keep Patty free when complete.

Up in Smoke Pt. 3
After tapping Patty

2013-09-12 23.14.08
 I can’t believe it. That giant, talking skin-tag actually got a law passed to ban tobacco.
Selma: This can’t be happening. I’ll run to the store and buy every pack I can get my hands on.
Patty: And I will, once again, explain to Marge why she should slowly poison Homer to death.
Make Patty Point Out Homer’s Flaws –6hrs
Make Selma Buy “Lady Laramie 100s” –6hrs
Keep Herman free when complete

Up in Smoke Pt. 4
After tapping Herman (what do you know, Herman finally gets in on a task!)

Herman: Times of prohibition can often prove to be quite profitable…Especially to those with flexible moral standards and access to firearms.
Make Herman Import Contraband Tobacco- 24hrs
Keep Wiggum free when complete

Up in Smoke Pt. 5
After tapping Wiggum

Wiggum: No tobacco? Every teacher, beatnik and ballerina is gonna be going through withdrawal. With everyone feeling so bitchy I’m gonna have to work twice as hard to keep the peace. I swear the public treats me like I’m some kind of servant.
Make Wiggum Patrol Springfield- 8hrs
Keep Patty & Selma free when complete

Up in Smoke Pt. 6
After tapping Patty

Patty: It’s been three hours since we ran out of cigarettes. I’ve never gone this long…even while sleeping!
Selma: Here, I rolled some tea in a piece of toilet paper. See how it smokes.
Patty: Ugh, it’s awful! Even kids at home wouldn’t want to try it.
Selma: Someone in this town has got to be holding.
Make Selma Buy Contraband Tobacco– 12hrs
Keep Wiggum free when complete

Up in Smoke Pt. 7
After tapping Wiggum

Wiggum: A lot of ex-smokers seem to be taking an interest in military antiques these days. Eh, it’s probably nothing. Although if I go home, I’ll have to help Ralphie with his homework. And then it’s dinner and bathtime and – if only there was something that could occupy my time for the next twenty-four hours.
Make Wiggum Go on a Stake Out– 24hrs
Keep Quimby free when complete

Up in Smoke Pt. 8
After tapping Quimby

Quimby: Oh Miss Springfield! Cabinet meeting, hot tube, now! Swimsuit optional. Aaaah! What happened to you?!
Miss. Springfield: Without cigarettes, I had to turn to a substance I don’t normally partake in – food! But what’s an extra 30 to 40 pounds when you got a love like ours, huh, Pookie-Bear?
Quimby: Er, uh, I want to get my Pookie-Bear some cigarettes. Let’s job over there now!
Make Quimby Buy Contraband Tobacco– 12hrs
Keep Marge and Homer free when complete
Wiggum: Hey, Herman can I use your bathroo– OH MY GOD! Crime! Put your hands ub!
Herman: Don’t you mean, “Put your hands up?”
Wiggum: Is that what it is? That makes soooo much more sense. Oh, hey, Mayor Quimby! I mean, Mayor Quimby! Uh, none of this happened and isn’t happening now, right?
Quimby: Er, uh, basically.

Up in Smoke Pt. 9
After tappng Marge

Marge: Homie, this tobacco ban has been really hard on my sisters.
Homer: I know. I’m pretty stoked about it too.
Marge: It was the one thing in their lives that made them happy.
Homer: Woo hoo! It’s official then — I win!!
Marge: It’s just… I can’t be happy, if my sisters are so unhappy.
Homer: *sigh* Okay, I’ll try to get the law changed. I guess I can take comfort in the fact that they’ll be getting closer to death.
Make Homer Lobby for Tobacco Legalization- 4hrs
Keep Quimby free when complete
Homer: Remember how I said I wanted you to ban tobacco? I changed my mind.
Quimby: Whatever. I already decided to lift the ban. It made my girlfriend, er uh, blimp out.
Homer: Great! But could you say it was kinda my idea? It would score me some “hubby-points”. That’s like the premium currency of our marriage.
Quimby: What?! And have you be fully responsible for any repercussions that may arise from this rash about-face in policy? Oh, all right.

Up in Smoke Pt. 10
After tapping Quimby

Quimby: Good people of Springfield, acting on the advice of my newly appointed cigarette czar, Homer Simpson, I am hereby lifting the ban on tobacco. So remember, I only did it because Homer told me to do it, unless it turns out great, in which case, it was my idea first. Thank you. And smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.
Make Quimby Re-Legalize Tobacco- 8hrs
Keep Patty and Selma free when complete

Up in Smoke Pt. 11
After tapping Patty

Patty: Homer, as much as it pains us, Selma and I have come to thank you.
Selma: We appreciate your getting our cigarettes back. Patty and I have vowed to stop calling you things like: Chubba Gump…
Patty: George Plumpton…
Selma: Fat Stevens…
Patty: Whale Rogers…
Homer: Okay, I get it. If it means that you two will finally stop abusing me. I guess it’s all been worth it. See ya.
Patty: What are you talking about? We’re staying for dinner.
Homer: You are?
Marge: I’m so glad you guys have made peace. It means that Patty and Selma can spend a lot more time with us.
Homer: Oh. Goodie.
2013-09-12 23.40.55
Make Patty Visit the Simpson House- 24hrs
Make Selma Visit the Simpson House- 24hrs
Make Homer Be Sick- 24hrs

Congratulations you’ve officially completed Level 35!
As always here are some quick stats about the Level 35 Main Quest Line..
20 total parts
WIthout using donuts it takes approx 322hrs (about 13 and 1/2 days)

Hope you enjoyed Patty and Selma!

Happy Tapping Friends!


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