Level 35: What We Know So Far

Level 35 was released just about 2.5 hours ago now!  And Nick is back at college and busy with classes during this update, so I’m going to attempt my best to do a “what we know so far” for Level 35!  That goodness I can look back at his older posts!

Here’s what we know about Level 35 so far:
level 35 gil gunderson
-As you can see from the Level 35 Level Up! Message, our pal ol’ Gil gets the honors this time and leveling up comes with 2 donuts!  Level 34 also came with 2 donuts, so this is a change in EA’s usual pattern of 1-2 donuts on Level Ups!

2013-09-12 09.42.18
-Homer starts things off with his love of Pork Chops!


Spinster apartments

bouvier family
-After Homer has his panic attack about Patty and Selma coming back, you’ll be prompted to build the Spinster Apartments.  They’re a 36hr build and will set you back $391,500.  But the apartments do unlock TWO characters, Patty and Selma! (unlike Sherri and Terri, Patty and Selma are two totally independent characters)

-The Springfield DMV is another, in game cash, building that has been added with Level 35.  It’s  unlocked via the Career Aspirations quest and costs $240,000 and will take 24hrs to build.

2013-09-12 09.41.47
-Two new in game cash decorations have been added as well.  Popsicle stick Disco Stu & Patty and Selma.  Each one will set you back $8,300 and give you +vanity rating.

New premium items have been added as well.

disco stus

-For those who have been waiting, Disco Stu FINALLY has made is appearance in the game!  Stu comes with his own building and will cost you 180 donuts!  I’ll be doing a full premium guide post on him soon!


jub jub
-Another pet has made his grand appearance into TSTO with Level 35.  Jubjub is here!  He comes with the Springfield Pet Shop and only costs 90donuts (he also is the first pet to have a task, I guess EA heard Tappers complaining!)  I’ll break down Jubjub in another premium post as well.

2013-09-12 09.41.47
-One new premium item has made its way into TSTO via level 35 and that’s the DMV Limo (another car for Wookiee!).  The Limo is 50 donuts and adds 2.25% bonus to all XP and jobs!  Again I’ll break the DMV limo down in another post.

I think this just about covers everything there is to know about the basics of Level 35.  Don’t worry though the Addicts team has you covered, and we will (as always) provide you with FULL coverage of Level 35 as details unfold, and we play the game for ourselves!

Enjoy Level 35 everyone!

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