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  1. It was a DDOS Attack.

  2. Looks like EA decided to extend the holiday season by seven days for those still needing more presents. As for me, I’m still hunting the elusive Claus Co. Building and Helter Shelter.

    • Mine still says my password is not valid! 🙁

      • hmm try following the forgot password method at origin.com.
        Hope that helps! 🙂

      • No luck. 🙁 it says it has sent directions to reset my password to my email- but alas, nothing.

        • No email or it didn’t work? I know sometimes when I request to reset a password that email they say they send takes a while to come across to me.

      • It has not appeared in my email, yet. I have checked the spam folder. Any ideas on what else I can do? 🙂

      • Bad news, I went to the ea page, and contacted them through chat yesterday. They reset my password, and now I have a new town. My game is lost. 🙁 I just finished another chat session and they said someone will look into it and email me. Does anyone have any contact information for them? I can’t find an email address or phone #.

  3. Christmas Evans on the 14th just had a update

  4. Erika Fournier (BraveElfgirl1994)

    Hurray!! My town is back!!! Now, I can set everyone to do 8hr tasks and finally get some sleep 🙂

  5. Apparently they found a fluff “bunny” fur ball in their server… Bunny, what have you done!? 😉

  6. I am in the game 7:12 GMT android user cheers everyone happy tapping

  7. Still down here 🙁 I wonder if they are gonna extend the event a day. I’m having serious withdrawals as well!!! Keep checking every five minutes even though I know I should be patient lol!

  8. It happens to me, so annoying!!!! I can’t play, hate it!!!

  9. according to polygon 30 minutes ago: “An online group or person going by the name DERP is currently attacking EA’s login servers, taking Origin down and preventing players from accessing the digital distribution’s services.

    DERP claims on its twitter account that it’s “directed the Gaben Laser Beam” at the EA login servers, taking Origin offline. At the time of writing players can’t log in to the service, play EA games on various platforms or make purchases through the storefront.”

  10. Bunny, have you been able to log in yet?

  11. i’ve had no trouble getting on, was just tapping about 10 minutes ago!

  12. I was guessing that origin was having connectivity issues hence why both hubby & I could not log into our games today.
    Regardless of the reason, hope it gets sorted out safe and smooth.

  13. I can’t take it anymore. I am jonesing something fierce! I just wish I hadn’t put everyone on measly 1-hour tasks before the connectivity issue. (p.s. I love your adipose 2D! It makes me smile when I visit the last couple of days.)

    • I know…I am getting BAD withdrawals. Was in middle of working on a post when it crashed. Lol. Now I just get to sit n wait with everyone else. Lol.

      And THANK YOU! 😉
      I have been letting my geek show lately. Loving it. Lol

  14. Derptrolling has tweeted that they are ddos attacking origin. Why?????

    • Someone always loves to get publicity. Awaiting word back from EA and Origin on actual issue. I prefer to get info from source. 🙂

      • Thank you! The Origin server status website i looked at shows all green. Will wait for your update….

        • Yah…in the past…I could be down for hours even after the all green. Takes time to transfer through all markets and coverage areas. Patience…HAHAHAHAHA ADDICTS HAVE NO PATIENCE…it will come back eventually. Lol 😉

  15. hey just searchin for anything on origin in the past hour and ur site came up. Here’s the deal, its not connectivity issues, well i mean it is, but the reason isnt the origin client. There is some pathetic kiddie scripting group called derp trolling and they have been DDOS attacking a ton of diff video game servers. Im not sure what the point is cause there not really proving anything, but that the deal.

    • Thanks for your info and welcome to our site 🙂

      It is an issue effecting all Origin accounts. It is in turn effecting connectivity too, regardless where it is coming from. I know that is current story being pushed…but I am awaiting response from Origin myself. I don’t feed into the frenzy. Lol. I prefer to get it direct from the source. 🙂

      If someone is indeed attempting to get in, they could be shutting ALL access down as protective precautions. 😉

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