Wooking for Love in Alderaan Places: VD 2013 Recap

Hahahahahahaha… I’ve been waiting to say this line since I first started thinking about Valentine’s Day.  Seriously though, my romantic life has definitely been quite a sordid affair but rather than bore you with my successes and failures with the opposite sex, I thought I’d spend a little time talking about Valentine’s Day (aka Zombie Eat Your Heart Out Day or S-A-D: Singles Awareness Day according to Bunny) for The Simpsons Tapped Out.

TSTO Valentine's Day

A lot of folks fully expect a return of this event in 2014 and I’m looking forward to it, mainly because I really want to see the return of all the décor for all my tapperino friends who didn’t get them last year.

Valentine’s Day 2013 came to us on the 30th of January.  The 2013 Holiday Event concluded on January 10th and ioS tappers everywhere were stuck in a 20 day hiatus with snow and no direction.  TSTO received Level 25 with Smithers on 11 January, but I wasn’t far enough in the game to know this.  As a new tapper and not knowing there were TSTO communities or blogs to take up this time, I just kept tapping on and started my second town redesign.  VD 2013 was a neat little event coming on the heels of Christmas.  The explanation screen promised tappers the following:

–       Visit friends and tap on their buildings to send Valentine’s Cards

–       When you receive cards from friends, tap on characters to gain Hearts

–       Spend Hearts on new limited time Valentine’s buildings and decorations

The event ran for all of February.  I think I loved this one so much because it offered a social element while giving us almost all the new content for FREE. With the exception of the Shauna character for 90 donuts, all the buildings & decorations were able to be obtained by collecting hearts (the event’s form of currency).  I thought it might be nice to show you all the goodness.

Buildings: Phineas Q. Butterfat’s, Howard’s Flowers and the Sir Putt-A-Lot’s.

Valentine's Day Buildings

Decorations: Valentine’s Tree, Rose Bush, Love Planter, Valentine’s Pond, Cherub Topiary, Cozy Hammock and I Choo-Choo-Choose You Train.

Valentine's Day Decorations

Character: Shauna (check out Bunny’s post on this toughie here)


I loved this event and still have the decorations up in my town.  Even if Valentine’s Day is an event that only happens once a year to make money for the greeting card industry and flower shops across the globe, I like using all the décor at Howard’s Flowers, located conveniently close to the Hospital for well-wishes.

Howard's Flanders

I think this stuff works year round as long as you use it all right.  Of course, I’m the Wookiee who left his Christmas lights up for a whole year as well as all his Halloween decorations, so I’m probably not the right guy to give an opinion on this.

I think my favorite thing about the event had to be the I Choo-Choo-Choose You Train.  This was basically the grand prize of the event and cost the most hearts.  It is such a great item that came straight out of Season 4, Episode 15: I love Lisa.  Ths train graced the Valentine’s Day card Lisa gave Ralph after feeling bad for him when he didn’t receive any cards from his fellow students.

I choo choo choose you

What follows is a classic example of a silly boy chasing after a girl who’s really not that into him.  I can relate.  Whenever I feel a little down on love though, all I have to do is look at good old Homer J.  Despite any shortcomings, he landed a great lady in Marge and that gives honest schlubs like me hope.

Hopefully this year’s Valentine’s Day event includes a return of all the previous content for game currency or whatever they pick to replace the hearts.  It should also come with some awesome new stuff and I don’t just mean KBBL radio.

KBBLMonster Mash… Soooooooo Romantic

The other main addition I’d really like to see is the simple wedding chapel where Marge and Homie’s whirlwind marriage began.  Nothing says classy marriages like chapels next to casinos, especially one named Shotgun Pete’s.

Wedding Chapel

Well, that’s it for this ramble.  I hope all you tappers have someone special for this event and of course I’m referencing a good neighbor or two.  The romantic stuff is your business.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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18 responses to “Wooking for Love in Alderaan Places: VD 2013 Recap

  1. This will be my first SAD in Springfield, can’t wait! I’ve been playing since June 2013. Also love your title Wookiee. 🙂
    Also wanted to say… is it just me or is that train kinda super uber creepy. lol
    Cute, yes. I want it, yes… but creepy nonetheless.

    • I definitely think it’s slightly creepy. Makes me think of Blaine the Mono from the Dark Tower for some reason or at least it’s cousin Charlie the Choo CHoo.

  2. Here’s my ideas for Valentines 2014:

  3. The Lizard King

    Preeeeeeetty sure you mean VD 20133333333333333333, Mr. Wook. TSTO wasn’t around for VD in 2012. 😉

  4. LoL you forgot the romantic heartgrinder that turned hearts into $ 😛
    My first event and I loved it!
    VD this year will be awesome! First time in over a decade that I got someone on Valentines 😀 I don’t want any stuff – I just want Drew…

  5. I’ve only been playing since about summer, and I had no idea that Phineas q. butterfat’s, Howard’s Flowers, and Sir Putt a Lott’s were valentine’s items! I thought I just hadn’t gotten to them yet. I’ve been wanting those more than anything else so I hope they bring them back! The ice cream parlor would go great near the beach.

    • I so want them to return. Sir Putt-a-lott’s was brought back with Level 32 so it’s in your future. The ice cream parlor does go great down by the beach. Fingers crossed for you and every other tapper.

  6. As an addict who didn’t discover the amazing game until September 2013, I too hope that this event is brought back. The recent Christmas event has made me into even more of an addict as I have been able to become complete collector as well.

    Personally, I cannot get enough of the game and look forward to the way ahead.

    Furthermore, this site and its contributors are phenomenal. Expert-level analysis and always providing spectacular insight and making the playing experience that much better.

    Thank you for all that you do.

  7. Should come with or will come with?

    By the way romance shomanceif youcan only show your love once a year what kind of love is it an way.

  8. I’d love to see Shotgun Pete’s, would work well next to my Indian casino. Would have to rework krabappel apartment in near that though lol. I really need a larger screen to do redesigns with lol

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