Troubleshooting 101 – THAT’S NOT MY GAME!

Bunny here. Putting on my glasses, getting out my pocket protector, and getting my magic fingers and thumbs ready to type those zeroes and ones. Basically…it’s Nerdy Time!!

For whatever various reasons, our game likes to frak with our minds and heads and nothing seems to quite go right. We panic. Throw our device. Scream. Yell. There may be many tears as well.  Just slowly take your thumbs/fingers off the device or you may crack the screen. Lol.  It’s ok. I am here to help. All of us are. Promise.

Sample 2

So there you are…happily tapping away. A new update hits. WOOHOO!!! You go through all the steps to update, install, and then log back into your game…but…wait a minute…THAT’S NOT YOUR GAME!!!

DON’T PANIC! This has happened before (as rare as it is), it most likely will happen again (not necessarily to you).

Now what to do? Well it really is quite simple for the most part. Just think of how you would hope someone would treat YOUR game if they hopped in it by mistake.

Step One: DO NOT PLAY THE GAME! No matter how cool you think the town is. Even if you have an idea to spend their hard earned donuts (not cool at all…seriously). Or think it would be fun to mess with their town. DON’T!! Exit back out of the game immediately.

Step Two: Shut down and restart your device. Hopefully this will help to clear up any glitch as it is commonly used for majority of any issue on electronics.

Step Three: When it finishes loading everything back, return to The Simpsons Tapped Out. Pay close attention to the name in the middle of the bottom on the welcome screen…“Welcome Back, _______”. If that name is NOT you. Use the “Log Out” icon to the left and make sure the game is logged out completely (I would suggest restart again after logging out if this is the case). If the name is YOURS…then go into your town and make sure it in fact belongs to you.

***Note: you may have to restart MORE than once to trigger this. I would try several restarts.*** (see article from EA

None of this helped? Then Contact EA. They are the ones with the availabilty to access your game and assist in retrieval. Open a help ticket with them so they can work with you to resolve issue.

Back to my basement to drink some more water, eat my macaroni and hot dogs, and see what trouble I can cause this week.


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13 responses to “Troubleshooting 101 – THAT’S NOT MY GAME!

  1. I’m pretty sure someone got access to my town today. *very sad face*. I had nearly 2 million of in game cash and about 1200 donuts I’ve been saving up. I had been visiting my neighbours towns when I returned to mine suddenly I had all these Easter prizes I have not won yet, and 2 premium characters I have not purchased. Also acres and acres of land and sea (hmm not acres in the sea, but you know what I mean). More importantly no donuts and hardly any cash – I’m pretty sure whomever it was spent all my donuts on extra goes at the Easter lottery. They had also sold off some of my buildings like the Muntz house who I had busy raiding nests.

    I’ve done the usual trouble shooting things and have lodged a ticket, but I’m somewhat disturbed to see the comment above about not typically refunding donuts.

    This is just a general vent post to people who will understand my pain 😥

    I also had a live chat with support today who said it was ok to keep playing the game, but I’m bamboozled how they could possibly identify what is legitimately mine and what was someone else’s doing.

    I was enjoying this event prior to this.

    Imagine the saddest face…..ever….that is me.

    • That is awful and the WORST glitch out there. Not to mention how awful people can be when it comes to respecting other peoples games when it does happen.
      When you contacted support did they give you an option for calling? I know a few other people who have experienced the same thing and fortunately (despite it feeling like they just had their home broken into) EA was able to roll their game back to a point before someone caused the mischief.
      Did they say how long it would take to restore your game? They should be able to roll it back right then and there.

      • Thanks Alissa, you are quite right, I do feel violated! It’s silly really because it’s just a game, but ….. Trolls suck! Hopefully karma will sort them out in due course.

        Support did not give me an option to call, but as I live in New Zealand I doubt this is an option for me. I’ve only had the auto response to my (somewhat desperate – lol) email so far. I have no idea when or if this will be resolved.

        I’m clinging to the hope that it will be sorted as they were very good at replacing my donuts when Disco Stu and his disco vanished during a server issue. Also, you mention you’ve heard of this before and it did get sorted. I’m working diligently on collecting eggs, but I will have lost all that time on fence collecting 😃

        Oh well, I’ll see what happens today – it took 3 days to get my last problem solved.

    • Just thought I would post that finally, after nearly 7 weeks, I have resolution to this. In the end I phoned support in the UK because I was just going round in circles trying to get support from live chat (I live in New Zealand).

      My game didn’t end up being rolled back but they did credit me 1000 donuts and $1,000,000. I probably had closer to 1100 donuts but I can live with this solution.

      I now have a bunch of npcs I would never have bought but I quite like the Rich Texan and Lugash which the invader bought for me.

      Anyway, patience is a virtue they say. I hope I never have to go through this again because it was quite unpleasant.

      • I am grateful it was resolved. It is one of those things that you just never know on the time frame. Glad to see you back up and running. 😉

  2. Hello. My name is Delilah Winters. I have been trying to log on to my friends since 2/17/14 and I continue to get an error message of “unable to connect to server. Hit retry”. I missed out on the valentines day prizes and I can access the new ones. What can be done to fix this? I have tried rebooting the system as well as the game and still no results.

    • If you have already tried all the basic troubleshooting methods with no result…the next step is to contact EA. There may be a bigger issue going on. They are pretty good and helping out our readers. 😉

  3. This did not happen to me, but it did happen to my Springfield.

    I had saved over 90 donuts and $900k, then discovered most of my in-game currency had been spent on several buildings. I’m still waiting on EA to address my escalated ticket. It’s been over three weeks now. #sadface

    • Awwww sorry to hear that. I saw this glitch just once a long while back. I just backed out. I could only imagine what would I would do know if someone got in my game and messed with it. To me it is a matter of just common courtesy. I hope they resolve it soon. If not, contact them again. Call them if you must. Make them aware you are still there and waiting. That’s what I do. 😉

      • Thanks, I tried all those and contacted EA, nothing worked.

      • Good news!
        An EA Specialist finally responded to my ticket, addressed my problem, and (most importantly) refunded my donuts! He stressed that this is not something they do in typical circumstances, but made an exception when they believed it was due to compromised account.

        He also explained there is nothing to gain from hacking a TSTO account since there is no way to transfer or gift currency. I guess he’s not familiar with trolls.

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