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Note from Alissa: (I promise I won’t be hijacking everyone’s posts from now on) Just about 11 AM here on the East Coast of the US and no update to report of yet.  Thought for those of you enjoying the bright, green Springfield again you might enjoy some design ideas for your TSTO Houses.  Check out this great post from Wookiee and share your designs with us on our Flickr page, in the comments below, on Facebook or via email ( and you never know…you just might be featured in our next Springfield Showoff post! 

Hello Addicterinos!

In the TSTO Blogosphere, there is a lot of information out there for all to enjoy.  While Addicts has you covered with lots and lots of words, there are some amazing folks out there covering all this amazing Simpsons game stuff with video blogs containing lots and lots of words lol.  My favorite of these VBloggers is the one and only Adipose.


You may have seen Bunny’s 2D made just for him.  He’s a really entertaining commentator from Great Britain.  I frankly love listening to his cadence and jokes and have said time and time again (to those who will listen) that I’d probably listen to him talk about couch cushions.  Fortunately, I get to listen to him comment on my favorite game.

There are a lot of great videos on his YouTube channel.  You can check them out here:


Adi’s content includes a lot of different games to include TSTO, Battlefield 3, Fallout 3, Dr. Who Legacy and much more.  Below is the direct link to his Simpsons Tapped Out channel.  There you can find some great videos to include premium reviews, gameplay tips and level reviews.  Nothing wrong with 79 videos to pass the time and feed your addiction, right?

In addition, he does a livestream every Saturday at 9 GMT on (4pm on the US East Coast and 1pm on the US Best Coast) where he covers town designing.  So far, he’s covered 12 different things since he started on 2 Nov.

–          Krusty Burger
–          Town Hall
–          Buddhist Temple
–          DMV
–          Bachelor Arms
–          Springfield Downs
–          Springfield Penitentiary
–          Pow-Wow Casino
–          Clausco
–          Christmas Decorations
–          New Year’s Celebrations
–          Residential Areas

Adi highlights some tappers designs that he likes and then designs his own town.  If it sounds like your cup of tea… you can find the stream on  To participate in the live chat, you can get a free twitch account very easily.

Twitch theadiposetv

I love watching these whenever I can and as an added bonus, quite a few TSTO bloggers frequent his streams.  For any folks who can’t make them, Adipose posts them on his YouTube channel very quickly.  A special thanks to Adi for featuring my town during the last livestream about the Residential Areas.   Because I’m a shameless w**** for attention and my daughter says I’m officially “TSTO famous”, I wanted to share the link for anyone wanting to see more of Wookieetown.  If you fast forward to 23:35, it’s all about my Springfield for about 10 minutes.  I highly encourage you to watch the whole thing though.  Adi is hilarious throughout.

Well, I hope you’ll check out his awesomeness.  Yes that is my origin ID in the video but unfortunately my friends list is tapped out just like the game.  Thanks for stopping by and TTFN… Wookiee out!

P.S.  I’m a proud member of the “Give Adi Chocolate” campaign.  It’s a great “charity” and proudly supported by the insane minds at Wookieecorp (ripping arms out of sockets since 1977).

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  1. Fat tony is giving us a land grant? WOOWOO, how to we get it? Love this game!

  2. The link to the Flickr page does not work.

  3. This is awesome, now I have a new source to get ideas for decorating my town! 😀 Also he is another Whovian. 😀

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