Reminder: New Simpsons Episode “Specs and the City”

Hey… Don’t give us none of your aggravation,
We’ve had it with your discipline.
Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting, get a little action in.
I get about as oiled as a diesel train, gonna set this dance alight.
Cause’ Saturday Night’s the night I like,
Saturday Nights Alright..
Alright, Alright!

What’s up?  Man… I don’t know about you but I find there’s nothing like a little Elton John to start a Saturday Night and speaking of Saturday, there’s a new episode tomorrow!  What do that song and Elton John have to do with tomorrow’s episode of the Simpsons?  Click more to find out….

Absolutely nothing.  The only tenuous link Sir Elton might have to the episode is that he’s been in a Valentine’s Day episode (I’m With Cupid S10:E14).

Elton John

Tomorrow’s episode links to VD also and I wonder what we may see pulled from it for the 2014 TSTO Valentine’s Day Update.  Check out this promo video if you want to see a little VD teaser from “Specs and the City”.

The entire VD portion of the episode appears to revolve around Bart avoiding giving a Valentine to a certain bullying student whose name rhymes with Schmelson.

The rest of Season 25 Episode 11 is about Mr. Burns giving high tech glasses to all his employees so he can spy on them and the resulting shenanigans.  This is teased in this short promo.

Anyone else think of Oogle Glasses when they saw these?  There’s so much more I want to say about this episode but Bunny will be hopping by tomorrow after the episode for a full recap.  We’ll also have an open thread on the site tomorrow night for y’all to chat about anything you like from the episode, life, the universe and everything.

Will this episode make fun of Sex and the City also?  Will you be watching?  Mad about the Elton John joke at your expense?  Let us know in the comments below (you know we love hearing from you all!)  TTFN… Wookiee out!

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7 responses to “Reminder: New Simpsons Episode “Specs and the City”

  1. What is the song that plays while Homer realizes that Marge needs her “Wednesday Reset Buttons” in the form of a montage? Anyone??

    • I am not sure on the name. I believe it is just another symphonic piece put together by the orchestra team that does a lot of the Simpsons music. I am looking for a name for the piece, but no luck…yet. 😉

      The Orchestra is the Alf Clausen Orchestra. The other that could have put it together is Sam Spence.

  2. This episode is hilarious

  3. Hi, a little off topic here… But has anyone else witnessed their elf homes flipping their lids and shooting out beams of light. I have seen it happen twice now!! I can’t see that anything changes..just two seconds of a light show!!

    • When the elves used to pop out, that happened, remember?

    • I haven’t seen my actual elf home do this but there’s a texture glitch that I managed to catch with this effect. (Dropbox link:

      • Lori (ziegenhl)

        Stephanie, yah, I do remember that, except there are no elves when it happens now– it happens on all my little houses all at once. I don’t even touch them. I play the game a lot but I dont think I have lost my mind yet!!!! Joyce, I looked at your screen shot, an that is preety weird too, but I am actaully watching the roof flip up on hinges and then beams and sparkles come out..just no elves. I have seen it twice now,usually as I am scrolling past….. then it is gone.

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