Happy Valentine’s Day! Log In to TSTO for a Little Love from EA!

Hey Howdy Hey Heart Breakers!

Well it’s after 3am here on the east coast…and that means the something we’ve been waiting for has hit the servers and what a something it is!

So log in to your game for a free gift from EA but be sure to do it in the next 24 hrs or you’ll miss out!

Want to know what the free gift is?  Details below the fold…:)

Here’s you’re free gift Tappers!

ico_vday_choochoo_mdIt’s a bummer it’s not donuts but still a pretty decent gift.  It does award a 2.25% bonus multiplier on all cash and XP..not to shabby.

UpdateWe’ve heard from Peter in the comments below that this will clear the wheel for you if you have yet to unlock the train.  So if you’ve been struggling to get that last item, and if that last item was the train, this gift from EA will also unlock the Tunnel of Love for you.  Well that makes it at least a little better. 🙂

Do we wish it was donuts?  Yea…especially when the first line of the Valentine’s Day gift looks like this:
2014-02-14 03.02.32

But hey at least we were treated to some amusing dialog right? Between Homer and EA :

2014-02-14 03.02.39 2014-02-14 03.02.46 2014-02-14 03.02.50

Ok Tappers…that’s in from me for tonight…today??  I dunno it’s late, i’m tired…i’m finally going to bed.  I’ll see you in a few hours 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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90 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day! Log In to TSTO for a Little Love from EA!

  1. On an unrelated topic, has anyone else had any issues with Shauna’s 8hr task? I keep sending her to tease them poor ducks and when I come back to my town she’s wondering around with no duckies. (Maybe its because I’m too much of an animal lover?) I already gave up on sending Legs and Louie on their 1hr task for this reason, but Shauna has so few tasks available…

    • Interesting. This is the ONLY task I have been sending her on lately. Hmmmm. I will try again to day and see if I have the same issues. If it does continue, you may want to give a shout out to EA just to make sure they are aware of the issue and can document it.

    • I put Shauna in my inventory for about an hour and set her free again. So far it seemed to do the trick 🙂

  2. I don’t know if anyone else has already brought it up but I had expected Comicbookguy and the asian chick (sorry) to make their love official today…she didn’t even get any cards…otherwise, being a short event, EA sorta did alright…got lotsa rose arches for sale…

  3. Both my son and I got our final spin item tonight. Wonder if they lifted the wheel “hex” as another VD gift. If so, Thank You!

  4. Having nervous breakdown. The train was not the last item I needed and my wheel is clear with my town overloaded with multiples of everything but the fountain

  5. I’ve won 6 trains and 6 heart ponds. Running out of places to put them. My Springfield is extremely festive, guess I will have to hide a few after VD bc I love the multiplier! Maybe EA has something else up their sleeves for later today? Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

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