Addicts Reader Hit & Miss: Premium Characters

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

A few weeks ago we asked you all to participate in a detailed reader survey, where we wanted to know everything about YOU.   Then last week we revealed the results during our blogiversary week.  However, while we revealed almost all of the results we did not share the complete results of YOUR favorite Premium purchases.  Instead we only shared the best and worst in the different categories.  So we thought it would be fun to share the full results in each category because who better then to help you make a decision about what to spend donuts on, then your fellow tappers?

A few days ago we broke down YOUR picks for best and worst Premium/Character combos, let’s pick things back up with YOUR picks for best and worst stand-alone Characters…

premium character favorite

Note: When I did the poll I forgot 2 characters (that I’m aware of) and they are Kearney & Santa’s Little Helper.  Sorry (especially to our good friend Shelfcleaner) for forgetting those two characters!  
Here are YOUR picks for your FAVORITE Premium Stand-Alone Characters currently available in TSTO (meaning not Limited-Time):
Rank Character Cost Percentage
15 Fiddler 50 donuts <1%
15 Fire Eater 70 Donuts <1%
15 Handsome Pete 80 Donuts <1%
15 Mime 40 Donuts <1%
11 Funzos 50-70 Donuts 1%
11 Itchy Mascot 60 Donuts 1%
11 Juggler 60 Donuts 1%
11 Scratchy Mascot 60 Donuts 1%
10 K9 45 Donuts 2%
9 Blue Haired law 90 Donuts 3%
8 Jimbo 120 Dontus 4%
7 Arnie Pye 85 Donuts 5%
6 Rich Texan 85 Donuts 10%
5 Sherri & Terri 150 Donuts 11%
4 Bumblebee Man 60 Donuts 13%
2 Dr. Nick 90 Donuts 15%
2 Hans Moleman 60 Donuts 15%
1 Squeaky Voiced Teen 30 Donuts 22%

So, as we saw in our result post last week, Squeaky Voiced Teen is your pick for favorite stand-alone character, and Moleman is #2.

Now here are YOUR picks for your LEAST favorite Premium Stand-Alone Character currently available in TSTO (meaning not Limited-Time):

Rank Character Cost Percentage
14 Itchy Mascot 60 Donuts 1%
14 Scratchy Mascot 60 Donuts 1%
14 Bumblebee Man 60 Donuts 1%
14 Dr. Nick 90 Donuts 1%
12 Fire Eater 70 Donuts 2%
12 Jimbo 120 Dontus 2%
12 Hans Moleman 60 Donuts 2%
9 Blue Haired law 90 Donuts 3%
9 Rich Texan 85 Donuts 3%
9 Sherri & Terri 150 Donuts 3%
5 Fiddler 50 donuts 4%
5 Handsome Pete 80 Donuts 4%
5 Juggler 60 Donuts 4%
5 Squeaky Voiced Teen 30 Donuts 4%
3 Mime 40 Donuts 6%
3 K9 45 Donuts 6%
2 Arnie Pye 85 Donuts 9%
1 Funzos 50-70 Donuts 44%

Again, as we saw in the results post, the Funzos are your least favorite Premium Stand-Alone Character with Arnie Pye a distant second!

So there you have it my friends the breakdown of your favorite and least favorite Stand-Alone Characters in TSTO.  What do YOU think of the results?  Any surprises in there for you?  Do you agree with the list?  What would YOU change?  Do you have any of these characters?  Any you regret buying? Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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15 responses to “Addicts Reader Hit & Miss: Premium Characters

  1. even tho i spoke of Arnie’s voice aka his insane laughter can be annoying at times, I have no regrets on buying him or any other character. On a side note, i love the XP and the greenbacks but i love the game more for its entertainment and creativity! Happy Tapping!!

  2. I don’t understand why Arnie Pye is so unpopular? I think he gives you the 2nd/3rd most XP boost (after squidport tiles and maybe Cletus’ farm)? Using him/CH6 (4,100$/2,100XP), SP and the farm should give you the best chances to gain donuts. Moleman (with stage) actually gives you only 1,100$ and 200XP. Or am I missing sth.?

  3. I love having Arnie Pye only because of the cool helicoper. His voice is annoying. Im glad i have squeeky voice teen. But his voice is similar to Arnies. Ha probably because they are both the voice of Dan Castellaneta. Ya think haha. My least favorite is Kearney. Hes just boring in my oppinion. Geez hes a father still going to elementry school. Wow! My favorite is ….. ugh … doh I have too many favorites to narrow it down to 1.

  4. Does anyone else find it strange that SVT is the favorite character but at the same time no 5 on the least favorite character List?

  5. Anyone else get freaked out by handsome Pete?

  6. i love Arnie but he needs Hibbert’s assist with his vocals, not Dr Nick,s

  7. Yea, Santa’s little helper would have been a closer second I think.
    Arnie rules! Traffic report heli task is one of my favs!

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