TSTO Anonymous – Just who ARE you?

How does the Addicterino choose their way to tap
When thoughts of TSTO happen as tablets they do slap
They comment on a blog sometimes, some grumble, some exclaim,
What character? what traits? what names would describe their game play?

Well hello there Addicterinos!  How the heck are you on this foine Friday?  So, once again it has been a while since we had a meeting of TSTO Anonymous and right about now it’s about that time.  Valentine’s Day in real life is over (hopefully it was good for all) and the VD event is nearing what a lot of us hope is its completion (but not before every addict gets the Tunnel).


Whenever I’m thinking about ideas for these mettings, I first go off and read about addiction.  Let me just say, that’s some depressing stuff.  As blue as all that info is though, it brings me such joy that this site is full of addicts and still a happy place.  Sure some of that happiness is a little manic or strange (let’s face it… some tappers just don’t get us), but all in all we somehow together (meaning every last tapping finger that graces these pages) have created a positive place where we can all be us.

So cool… totes magotes even.  Y’all are cray cray adorbs (all of that said in my best Darth Vader voice).  So for today’s meeting, I wonder, just WHO…. ARE… YOU?

Alice in Wonderland question mark

SO WHO ARE YOU?  Other folks have gone so far as to identify all of us as completists vs realists vs fascists vs hackers.  I don’t get it.  Labels aren’t really my thing.  I like to think we tap more like the pixellated characters we love to bonk on the head (think bunny foo foo).  Sure we all have our own personal budgets and ideas about what we want in the game but this isn’t a site about divisiveness.  It’s a community of addicted TSTO tappers, dare I say a family even?

Have no fear, this is no big psychological survey of readers where we try to find your inner child and any underlying pathologic behavior.  It’s really as simple as which Simpsons character you identify with as you tap.  I’ll outline some of my ideas and then YOU get to vote at the end.  Cool beans?  So let’s all turn our lenses inward and figure this out.  Ask yourself, “If I was a four-fingered yellow character from the Best. Show. Ever.  Who would I be?”

Lisa – You have a social agenda.  Whether folks listen to you or not, you will have your say about all things TSTO.  You’re smart, maybe even a little too smart for your own good.  When tapping, you look out for all the plants and animals and want your personal “Mother Springfield” to be as beautiful and fair as possible.  Now when is EA giving you that windmill to reduce your town’s reliance on Rich Texan oil and Burns’ nuclear energy?

Bart – You have a devil may care attitude when it comes to your game.  Your goal is to create as much chaos as possible in every town you can.  Thanks to EA you finally have the Noiseland Video Arcade to frequent and Apu fears your arrival every day.  You are El Barto… bring on the graffiti!

Homer – This is a game?  Ok, you may be a little clueless sometimes but at least you’re happy.  Maybe you’re a little irresponsible at times with your game play but everything works out in the end.  You find yourself tapping drunk but the folks at the bar are at least there by your side for support.  If you gotta tpa… it’s best done the SMRT way.

Marge – Your family is addicted.  You see things that could be fixed or behaviours that could be corrected but the important thing is others happiness.  You don’t mind when the game sometimes seems like a chore because chores get done and then you can read whatever you want to.

Comic Book Guy – Worst. Game. Ever.  Nerd snark is the name of your game.  Sure, sometimes you laugh at the dialogue but if it was your game it would be so much better.  Some might call you a troll but those same people don’t even know the difference between a hobbit, elf, troll or ogre.

Frink – Not only do you know how the game can be improved, you’ve done it and Good Glayven is your game amazing.  All the donuts and gizmos and the tapping… yowza… Now if you could only decipher the donut theory for the space-time continuum and linear delusionality.

Smithers – You love the game in your own secret way.  Sure Mr. EA might be the boss some people have nightmares about but you are fiercely devoted and will go on with whatever the next agenda is.  Your flamboyant secretly with your true love for all things TSTO.

Cletus – What be that there boxy device folks get all grimey with their nose-picking fingers.  Sure looks mighty purdy and flat-like for eating some possum.  Maybe you’ll try yer hand at some of that playing but not before that finger gets put to some better uses.

Otto – Whoa…. This whole thing looks much better after puffing on a candy cane.  Look at all the beautiful colors and shapes.  The game is about the journey, not the rules.  You don’t need a license to play this do you?

Barney – Drunks don’t let drunks tap alone.  Has that wheel stopped spinning for anyone else yet?  After blundering through your game, you need a nap and a tylenol.

Burns – You have a secret evil plan to become as rich as possible.  The end is all that matters, forget the means.  Whether it’s hiding nuclear waste or shooting a baby or two, in the end you will be the most powerful and wealthy tapper of all.  Not sure who will die first, you or the game but it doesn;t matter as long as the levels are EXCELLENT.

Bumblebee Man – TSTO es muy bueno.  Sure English isn’t your first language, but it’s not about the words, it’s about the fun.  Plus, every one knows other countries speak and read English better than its native speakers.

Duffman – This game is a party… OH YEAH!  Sure it may have led to an estranged daughter but you’re the king of those getting down in the tapping department.  Your winning smile makes others enjoy themselves too.

Krusty – Shoot sidekicks out of cannons, walk monkeys, build new rides, smoke fat cigars and do everything to excess?  Who cares as long as the kids are laughing and you’re getting paid?  Anyone know a good line over at Springfield Downs?

Milhouse – Please somebody notice me.  Some days playing the game makes you feel breathless or beaten up by the bullies once more.  Has anyone noticed your lastest re-design?  No matter what, you know one day the game is going to come up you.

Willy – You like living in your own little shack behind the school.  More time to do the things you want to do plus it’s pretty great cursing at the game in Scottish.  If there’s a task that needs done, you’re the guy we can count on.  Thankfully it’s not Halloween though… stupid axes to the back.

Apu – Sure the game has shot you in the chest a time or two but duty to the work is important.  You’ll be around as long as there is a Kwik-E-Mart that will have you.  Sometimes you’re getting robbed, but sometimes it’s 100% syrup squishes.  Thank you, come again.

Snake – Righteous.  You like to go fast in the game with the top down and the wind blowing through your bitchin’ hair.  Some people think you’re just a thug but they don’t see the inner genius of your awesomeness.

Nelson – This game will be the way you want it to be even if you have to beat it into submission.  There are some things you are really in love with but expressing love is for the weak.  Those that don’t run with the bullies, get trampled.

Martin – Sure some people might pick on your graceful style of play but you know you’re ever so smart and in touch with your inner being.  As for TSTO? Excelsior!  The bullies can’t get you if you hide in the nerd lair.  Who needs to tap all day when there’s a good read a click away.

Well, there’s some ideas.  Have a character you’re just like when you tap that I didn’t list?  That’s what the other block in the poll is for.  Sound off in the comments with why you’re like one of the tappers listed or like one I didn’t get to.

Thanks for using some of your precious time for the latest meeting.  Have any ideas for future topics?  Like these semi-monthly get-togethers?  Think/know I’ve lost my marbles?  Got anything you want to share?  We end each meeting with the TSTO Anon Serenity Prayer.

“EA, grant me the serenity to accept the updates I cannot change, the courage to recommend the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Thanks for stopping by.  TTFN… Wookiee out!

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75 responses to “TSTO Anonymous – Just who ARE you?

  1. Think I’m a strange mix of Lisa, Otto ( 😉 ), and *cringe* Milhouse, with a bit of Mindy thrown in… But wish I were Bart.

    Yes, I think I might just have a split personality, which would explain a lot..

    Love the descriptions Wookiee.

  2. fat tony. if i don’t think something is rita rudner funny, i just put it in the “inventory.”

  3. Do you guys ever think you may have too much time on your hands:-D 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  4. WanderingCaveman

    I can relate to Willy. Plus the Bart screen can feel a little like an ax in the back (“Ach, not again.”)

  5. Homer with a little hint of Burns

  6. –>
    Need I say more? 🙂

  7. Mindy, because I’m a tomboy who runs around in a ball cap w/o makeup and can fish with the best of ’em but when I step, I step correct. Translation for non Southerners…I’m told I clean up good.

    Btw, a shout out to Alissa, Bunny, and Wookiee. This is the BEST.TSTO.BLOG.EVER, regardless of any other claims. Love the site, mean it! XOXOXO. Oh and another shout to Em and the UK folks. Just discovered last night and it looks exciting!

    • Awwwww well thank You so very much! We do it all for YOU! We as well adore the lil TOuk site and all the amazing people there. A great community. 😉

      • Well Bunny and Wookiee (and Alissa), y’all deserve all the praise in the world. You give unselfishly of your time to keep us informed and entertained. Now c’mon all you silent readers, come out of the shadows and join the fun. I know you’re out there. 🙂

        • Well now you’re just making me blush. 😉

          We really do get so much joy out of doing this. It isn’t a “job” to us. It is more …a hobby? Is that the proper word? Lol. This is my place to come and be happy and spread joy with two of the greatest friends I could have asked for. Toss into that the coolest readers and I am one happy fluffy Bunny.

          Thank YOU so much for being a part of this! 😉

        • Well thanks for mentioning me…I’m just the one making the moonshine…errr “water”….with Cletus out back! 😉

      • I think labor of love describes it best, Funny Bunny. And Alissa, you, dear one, are the glue that holds us all together.

        And now, to lighten the mood, let us all join hands and sing, “I’d like to teach the world to sing…”

        Did I just date myself? 😉

      • Alissa, you just reminded me of a hilarious Ren and Stimpy episode. I’ll let you research to figure out which one. 😉

      • Just this one particular episode. See if you can find and watch online. You’ll never say rubber again without giggling. You’re hint is “Help me”. 😉

      • Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner. Great for nose trimmings. Also the walrus, call the polissse….

    • TOuk is a great place. Good to know you clean up nice lol. Not a southerner but spent some of my youth all over the south. I can twang with the best of ’em. Thank you for the love. It’s really what makes us keep going and going (well at least Bunny lol).

    • Cool! My home within my home: TOuk! Im on the other blog as well but I DO love all the Addicts! Alissa is my favorite since she was the first of the Addicts on TOuk 😀
      any Qs on TOuk just let me know over there and I’ll do my best to answer (kinda have to as InternalSupport or Tim will yell at me).

  8. No offence ment to anybody
    Just having a laugh :-))))

  9. I’m Mr . Burns each time a save 100,000 dollar I use that money to buy white houses I don’t care about new buildings I just keep buying on the white house I don’t care about the tress or the community as long as I get my hand on those donuts… muhahahahah!!! EXCELLENT!!!lo

  10. Thanks for showing me the boundaries…
    Speaking of Willy, I tend to tap the characters that are or seem to be the loneliest…then other times I tap the cutest or weirdest…

    • Hey Freak. Missed your reply the other night. Congrats on your winnings. Love today’s work representing one of my top 5 bands.

      • That lil work cost nearly $400,000 in-game money…thought no one would recognize it because it was sooooo long ago!!!
        …notice I used a “wall”?

        • All we are is just another brick in the wall? (p.s. LOVE IT!!!) $400,000? Psssssh. Cake walk compared to what I’ve spent on designs. Lol. That’s why I wrote a post on it. My addiction made me go broke. My A town has NEVER been up to date on buildings or levels. I spend WAAAAAAY too much $$$ on playing around and designing instead. 😉

      • I didn’t mind how much I spent, I was just surprised to see how much I took from the nonexistent Springfield bank…still have 4 million and won the 200k dograce for the 7th time since Thanksgiving…woohoo…
        Hey Wookster…watched Episodes I & II lastnight…it had dawned on me that we got a widescreen tv last year and haven’t watched any StarWars on it!!!

    • I did notice the wall… I’m waiting to see several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving with a pict…

  11. Just really happy I wasn’t a cross between krusty and willy LOL
    Been in real trouble then LOL :–))))

  12. Willy. Scottish and ever so slightly mental! That’s me. 😉

  13. Got to be a cross between snake and willy lol

  14. Love the poll.y’alls website is so much fun.

  15. Awesome take on serenity prayer still waiting on that waterfall Ea ( I hear you singing back there Alissa “don’t go chasing waterfalls”)

  16. Duffman here to refill your beer, OH YEAH!!!!

  17. So great that you posted this because I just found this http://www.zimbio.com/quiz/rLuIu8LC2yD/Simpsons+Character
    last night and wanted to share with everyone! I suggest taking Wookie’s poll first and then seeing how it matches up with the quiz. Wookie, I LOVE how you captured every character’s personalities in the little descriptions! In your poll I’m a mashup of Lisa and Otto. The quiz said I was CBG.

  18. Great job Wookie!!! I’m a combination of several characters…but partial to candy canes…lol

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