There’s Donuts In Them There Friend Points!!!

Hey there Hoppereenos. Bunny jumping on in here for a minute to confirm that YES, after you hit that max level of Friend Points or FP…you do INDEED start to accumulate FREE DONUTS! Now how many/how often I am still trying to work out.


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Here is the difficult part, unlike during past events (like Halloween) I did NOT see an actual donut pop out as I was tapping away. I thought at first I was losing my mind or miscalculating when I would max my XP and get a chance at more donuts. (I also just purchased a ton of new items for St. Paddy’s, so I wasn’t keeping close track.) So I hadn’t noticed that extra donut or three sneaking in. I didn’t think to check my counter.

After we started getting more and more confirmed free donuts from our readers and not just me, I tried testing it out again. I found this…IT IS RANDOM! Lol. At least for me it was. So how do YOU know you are getting these free donuts? Well you need to watch your donut counter in your town. You know, that amount that shows up in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. Under your XP. Next to your in game cash. (Or keep an eye out for a pink sprinkly sweet to pop up with that $$$ & XP.)

free donuts

To test mine out, I took a screenshot of my donut count and headed off to my Neighboreenos. After tapping through 19 towns (the 20th had nothing to tap), I headed back to MY Springfield. Sure enough, I had ONE FREE DONUT!! WOOHOO!!!

I am still playing around with this as I am going crazy trying to figure out if there is a formula (the info in the files was so vague, nothing to go off of other than “Donut: 1”.) Sneaky sneaky EA.  😉

This is from our reader Safi
“…But switching desserts from pie to donuts, at FP level 6, I am not only getting $94 per action, but also got a donut from two neighbour’s yesterday and another one from a neighbour’s today. Got $56,400 and 3 donuts visiting neighbour’s last two days. Hurray!!!”

Short story long…KEEP ON TAPPING THOSE FP AFTER YOU GET STAMPY!!! Who in their right mind does NOT want free donuts??!!!

Have YOU gotten any FREE DONUTS yet? If so, how many have you got by now? Did YOU notice when, where, how often? Is the calculation driving YOU insane too? Lol. Sound off in the comments below.

UPDATE 715 PM EST: Bunny here…I still keep getting donuts WITHOUT seeing a donut when I tap. Lol. Glitch in my game I guess. Oh well, at least I still get a donut. For those of you lucky to see it, grab a screenshot and link it to us or send it to FREE DONUTS!!! WOOHOO!!! 

THIS is why I love our readers. I ask for something and YOU overwhelm me with emails. LOVE IT!!!! Here are some of many of the submissions you sent me of the donuts you are getting as you tap through your neighbors towns. THANKS!!! I am still hoping to get an elusive donut or 3 to show in my town.

Tony P.

Tony P


saramary3 donuts

Kathy K.

kathy k






ant44lbs 1



So there you all go. The pretty pink sprinkly sweeties are at your neighboreenoes…SO GO GET ‘EM!!!

HOPPY Tappin’


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  1. I don’t seem to get these donuts. I maxed out about a month ago, got a donut the first day after but no more since then. I have visited all 60 or so friends at least 10 times, plus 10-20 most other days, so probably around 2-3000 clicks and no donuts. Has the game broken or is it random and I’m just really unlubky?

  2. I just maxed out friends points yesterday. Visited a lot of neighbours today but got no donuts Does it still work when there’s an event going on like Halloween.

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