Mischievous Bunny’s Guide To April Fool’s Day

Hey there Hoppereenos. You know what today is. YOU DON’T???  Ahhhh, yah got me there. 🙂

Well because I love a good laugh, am mischievous,  and love a good prank…I wanted to show you some fun things to do today (or to watch out for. Lol.)

Here are some great ideas of silly things to do. (I may have been a part of a few of these myself.)

Read on …if you dare. Lol.

nothing special

Huffington has a great grouping of ideas people have tried before (and are probably attempting to do right now, better watch your back.)


Hey Fuzzball, you trying to get a bunch of people to call me today?

call wookiee

Even the internet is getting in on the fun. Here’s a list of what other sites are up to today. Some are pretty frakkin hilarious. WARNING!!! If you click on ANY of the links from here and go to the actual sites, you take full responsibility for what you see/do. So if you stray from our page…be careful. Lol

Google Maps wants you to update and go POKEMON. It is fun, I went to my Google Play market…updated…and started the search. Now I am hunting those lil pokemons. Gotta catch them all!! Lol.

Google Maps 1 Google Maps 2 Google Maps 3


GMail is also getting in on the fun. I got a weird pop-up this morning asking if I wanted to make a “Shelfie”. What the frak is a Shelfie? Well, this may explain it.



Google Plus too wants to add a lil more Hasselhoff into your life. LITERALLY add him in to all your pics.



Need to find a place to take a nap? Google Naps has you covered. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know if I want to take a nap in the middle of the ocean. (Unless it’s a secluded beach somewhere.)

Google Naps



Don’t have enough Emojis in your life? Need more? Chrome is having some fun too.


Hate not having climate control on your flights? Well NEST and Virgin are solving that problem.


Want more out of your HTC one? How about the Gluuv?



Found a cool place on Google Naps? Want to go take one but not sure what to do with your desk while you are gone? Airbnb’s Airbrb has the perfect solution.


Need to shovel MORE food in your mouth? Mouth not big enough? Well the creator of the “sadness bowl” has the answer for you. KFC’s Mighty Mouth Expander.



Tired of that boring old regular stuff? Prefer to go PRO? Try out Tumblr Pro. Just go to Tumblr and upgrade fro free. (Adds top hats to all your avatars on your dashboard. Lol.)



I know a bunch of our readers may frequent Reddit. Want to browse it without your hands? Well there is an answer for that too. Introducing Headdit. Using your cams, the system reads your facial features to determine whether to upvote or downvote something. (Kinda Skynet-ish, don’t you think?) Be warned, if it detects a lil kitty cat wandering around by you…you get rocketed to a page full whole lot of cats.


Ever wondered if the planet Mars is really full of Men. Some factory they are created out of. Well better hurry up and grab a cool seat on Southwest Airlines before they sell out. It’s a steal at only $9,999


WiFi not what you want? Want it no matter where you are? Why don’t you give Fli-fy a try?


Can’t get enough of that Cheesey Poof smell? Want it surrounding you around 24/7? Are you a giant Fuzzball in the attic? This could be for you. 🙂


Are you a geek or nerd like me? Want some cool new Gadgets? Want to travel in time? Here is some items you WISH you could have. (Me too!)


Our reader Cguy went took a LOT of time and effort to create a really amazing image just for the Addicts Team.  He really put a lot of work in both his Springfield AND Krustyland. (Though I think it was more a fond hint to me, Bunny). You really need to check out his work here.

And Here.



So have some giggles, have some fun, and make the most out of a silly lil day.


HOPPY Tappin’

Bunny Icon 2







15 responses to “Mischievous Bunny’s Guide To April Fool’s Day

  1. No, fraking way!!! I thought it was an april fool… how cool is the google maps

  2. Anyone see google nose?

  3. Be afraid – be very afraid.

    • Uh huh…I have that in there. Towards the bottom. 🙂

    • Seriously laughing. I keep trying to tell the Lady Addicts how sexy my Cheetos really are and now I have proof (because everything on the internet is true, right?). Quick hint though to all the readers. If you can’t get the cologne, just eat a bag (or two of Cheetos, I recommend the jalapeno ones) and then dab your cheesy fingers in all the normal places for cologne. Free Cheetau for everyone.

  4. Bun-bun – have you visited my Springfield today yet?

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