If you only read ONE post on TSTO Addicts make THIS THE POST! Β We’ve just received word that EA is cracking down on hackers and SHUTTING DOWN THEIR GAMES!!

Today many Tappers who play on hacked accounts are reporting seeing messages like this one in their games:

shutdown gamesOf course here at Addict’s we don’t endorse/play/promote hacked games BUT if you’re in a situation where you may or may not have gotten donuts or items via a hack there are some steps you can take to avoid having your game suspended:


Did you really think we (of all people) could let today go by with out playing a joke on our favorite Tappers?!

Special thanks to tappr on Reddit…which is where I saw this originally posted.

My apologies to anyone we sent into a panic…but YOU SHOULDN’T USE HACKS!

Hope you guys have a great rest of the day!!

-Alissa, Bunny & Wookiee

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  1. Why on earth doesn’t EA do this?? Seems like it would be easy enough to crack down on people who hack the game.

  2. That was pretty hilariously creative. Good show.

    I’ve always wondered about hacking. Not that I would do it because I can’t fathom giving someone else control of my stuff (if that’s what it entails), but how does it even work? Maybe I’m just not tech savvy enough, but since I started reading about it I’ve been curious. I see some neighbors with premium things galore. Sometime ago I had a bunch of people adding me that seemed like they a lot of donuts (or were just wealthy and/or spendy in real life) and I deleted them for fear of somehow being hacked (again…if that’s what it entails). ********* comes to mind. Don’t know if that’s the scam artist you censored earlier, but I’m super curious.

    Great resource/community you guys have going on here.

    • I think you have your answer on that question. Lol. πŸ˜‰

      A lot of us have been playing over a year and even since it was launched in 2012, so many do have a lot of items. For the Addicts, we invest in purchasing donuts to help us provide the best and most accurate information as it allows us to buy and test out all items as well as speed through quests to get any hidden details the files just don’t show. We LOVE Gil Deals. Stocked up on this last go round. I know during Halloween I made a LOT of free donuts. I got to 150 and stopped counting, but the free ghost popping donuts kept rolling in. My freemium A game was stuffed full of cool premium stuff after that.

      Many people invest real money in the game. I figure a simple night of dinner and movies can run you 70$+, so it’s not a hard thing to invest that “entertainment” money into having a fun game to play.

      As far as the “altered” games…it’s a personal choice and risk, one we won’t take. My communications with EA have been amazing and I’d never jeopardize those relationships. Know too many people there that would be unhappy with me. Lol. Just not worth the risk involved.

      I’m glad you found our silly lil blog. We love doing what we do. Wouldn’t change it for anything. Welcome to the madness that is the Addicts. πŸ™‚

  3. My game is playing april fools jokes on me lol
    I had to share πŸ˜€

  4. I like bunny’s avatar up there.

  5. We’ll played! Lol!!

    I live in Alaska and have been telling everyone that there’s a huge snow storm coming (mind you, it’s spring time here and the sky is blue as hell, yet folks are still eating it up like candy). Then again I may have jinxed us.

  6. Now how did I see that coming?

    “Use this reference number: 2014 04 01 APER FUZ RDIT”

  7. LOL! Thankfully I don’t hack, but that was good!!

  8. Ohmeohmyso420

    I should have known that this was a joke. Really thought it was true for a minute, oh well. You got me and we’ll played.

  9. EvilKitten812

    So I was visiting my neighbors and sideshow Bob popped up unannounced. But just as I was about to tap him, he did some sort of head stand thing lol. First time I ever saw it and way to quick for screen shot. Just curious if anyone else has seen that happen?

  10. I wish it was real. πŸ™‚

  11. dirtywhiteboyy

    I think I got it!! Haha thanks 😊

  12. Dirtywhiteboy

    That’s awesome, I’m glad to hear EA does help in those situations and are not that difficult to get ahold of!!
    Couple of questions,,I know you (bunny) have some awesome designs from what I’ve seen posted here. But how would it could I be able to see your whole town(s) knowing that you are all full on the friends list!!
    …and second how do I make a profile on this site!?

  13. Dirtywhiteboy

    I would love to get donuts and premium items but I don’t know who to trust and who not to!!! I’m on this site all the time reading and looking for tips and tricks. I’ve found a lot of helpful information and love the site but donuts are just so delicious and there are not enough to go around!!….so to speak

    • Well, enter our contests. We give out gift cards so you can purchase donuts. πŸ˜›
      Make sure you got your Jebediah Statue and bonus donuts. Outside of that, it’s a matter of leveling up and getting those bonus levels.

      • Dirtywhiteboy

        I will one of these days!!..haha. I’ve thought of it before and do have quite a few “caption this” pics lined up! 😜
        I’m on level 39 and have got the statue!! 😊

      • Dirtywhiteboy

        I had got hacked a few months ago (not voluntary) and ended up complaining to EA. Whoever had hacked my game had used ALL of my donuts I had saved. With a little time and back and forth with EA I got my donuts back and then some. I wasn’t TOO greedy but I did say I lost close to a hundred and they gave me a hundred back! 😊

        • They have been pretty good to us on the Addicts team and generous in compensation for issues. Poor Wookiee got shut down completely twice with bad glitch issues. In the end, they were really great at making sure all was back the way it needed to be and items he missed were put into his game. I’ve seen how good they are to our readers too. It may take a lil time, but they do all they can to make it right. πŸ™‚

  14. I hack mostly in the morning when I first get up…I blame all the years of smoking…

    I was waiting to see what y’all’d come up with… ::)

  15. Good one! I also don’t hack. Hackings dum.

  16. OH NO!! That’s the only game I like to play (except Governor’s of Poker). I was about to start playing when I read your warning. Whew!!

  17. OH, that was really good.

  18. Hope it chastened some of the more reckless players

  19. Nice one! I wasn’t worried because I don’t hack, but I fell for it!

  20. I bought scam donuts from – dare I say it – *********, before I found out it was actually a scam. I bought so many in fact that I still have some leftover to this day. You scared the living crap out of me! #fooled

    • The site that shall not be named. Lol.

      • Its actually censored! HAHA! I can laugh now but I wasnt when I found out I got fooled. As long as they dont shut my game for being stupid that one day πŸ˜‰

        • Lol…WE had to censor it. Every time the name shows up on our site, it draws hundreds of trolls…so we protect our site and readers by just avoiding that disaster. πŸ˜›

          So far, I have notified EA of the issue many times. Many of our readers have spoke to EA once they learned of the scam and let them know we were trying to get the word out too. EA understands what happened and is punishing the correct parties appropriately, not those that were taken advantage of. I think it’s why they even poked fun of them in one of the dialogs shortly after. Lol.

          EA pays more attention then people give them credit for. Especially in a huge issue like that one.

  21. ok you all are just EEEEEEEVVVVVIIIIILLLL!!!! i was gonna post its about time!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!

  22. I have been fooled. Shame on me.

  23. Good one! Bet some people had to change their underwear.

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