Friendship Level 6: Unlocking E.A.R.L

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

How are my favorite Addicted Tappers doing this hump day?  Making your way nicely through Level 39?  Racking up those FP’s by visiting your neighbors?  Just a reminder, remember to help out your fellow neighbors and clear those handshakes!  Are you in need of more Tapping Friends?  Remember you can always find friends on our Add Friends Page (and here for ones who pledge not to vandalize you)…the best (and only way) to submit your Add Me requests on TSTO Addicts!

So with the introduction of Level 39 EA also gave us a 6th Social Currency Event Prize…E.A.R.L Lighthouse!  So now my friends let’s break down this 6th…and final for now (at least until EA decides to add more)… Friendship Prize.  Just want to remind you all with this update it’s important to remember to SLOW DOWN.  There’s no rush to get the FP’s, so take your time and enjoy it!  🙂

Anywho…E.A.R.L is unlocked once you’ve unlocked Stampy AND earned an additional 5,000FP…so many of you should be unlocking it sometime in the next few days (depending on how many friends you have).  So what happens when you unlock this Lighthouse?  Does it do anything?  Or does it just sit there?  Where can it go?  Is it going to take up MORE land in Springfield?  Well let’s answer all of your questions by taking a closer look at E.A.R.L…



Once you’ve completed Friendship Level 5 and earned an additional 5,000 FP you’ll unlock E.A.R.L and you’ll see this message popup:

EARL Unlock

You can also unlock this via Donuts at a rush rate of 10 FP/donut.  So for every 10 friend points you need…it’ll cost you 1 donut.  So 500 donuts if you need all 5,000FP, 300 donuts if you need 3,000FP and so on.

Once you return to your Springfield you’ll find E.A.R.L in your Inventory.  It’s a new decoration for your Squidport, and once you add it to your town you’ll see a little bit of dialogue appear between Homer and the Sea Captain:

Homer: Hey, remember that time I went crazy and made your ship run aground
Sea Captain: Arr, I do.  The nightmares still haunt me every night.  Sometimes I think it would have been better if I had died.
Homer: Yea, good times.  Well, it’s been great catching up!

So, now just where can you put E.A.R.L?  Well…E.A.R.L is a WATER ONLY decoration.  Meaning it can only be placed on the water (so you’ll have to unlock the waterfront in order to place it).  Of course this only makes sense because it is a Lighthouse!  It’s actually a neat little decoration.  It comes with it’s own little island so you can place it anywhere in the water and it makes sense being there.

EARL water

It also has some animation to it.  Since it IS a Lighthouse it does light up!  When you tap on it light appears and flashes.  Here’s how it looks in my B town:

EARL lit up

Now that you’ve completed Level 6 and gotten your last Friendship prize, what’s next?  Well it’s onto Level 7.  What does that mean exactly?  Basically the same thing it meant before only a level higher.  You won’t accumulate more points (no FPs will pop out of buildings when you visit friends, or when you clean spray paint in your town)  instead EA has come up with a different way to encourage you to keep visiting your friends:


Yes, that says TRIPLE the money.  Which means…you’ll earn $90 per friend interaction when visiting neighbors, or $270/neighbor.  Talk about a good way to earn some extra $$$.  If you have 100 neighbors that’s $27,000/day you can earn JUST from visiting your friends!  Pretty sweet huh?  Before you know it that World’s Largest Zirconia will be all yours! 

Well that’s in my Friends.  What do YOU think of E.A.R.L?  Have you unlocked it yet?  Did you earn it via FP or did you spend donuts to get it faster?  Were you excited they added it to the game AND to FINALLY have a decoration that can go in the water (and not take up precious land space)?!  Sound off in the comments below…you know we LOVE hearing from you!

112 responses to “Friendship Level 6: Unlocking E.A.R.L

  1. I love this! I love the Morse Code when it flashes. Goes like . .- .-. .-.. /// This translates to EARL hence the same probably! Haha

  2. What does E.A.R.L. stand for??? Please n Thank you

  3. I unlocked E.A.R.L a few days ago and couldn’t find it in my inventory and since then I’ve unlocked goofball mascot but I still cant find my lighthouse anywhere. I’ve logged out and logged back in and I’ve reinstalled tapped out and still don’t have it, I don’t know its worth getting I’m contact with ea over it?

  4. Dang, I thought that the Lighthouse was the one from Bioshock: Infinite. Thanks for this post, was wondering where EARL came from.

  5. Im wondering with this Easter update, will we still get a chance to unlock EARL after Easter is over? or do we lose this chance all together?

    • Not sure what you mean. The Social Event has not stopped. It is still in play. You even get MORE FPs now from most the buildings in your town your neighbors tap. 1FP each. NOT just vandalism. 😉

  6. The pop up that I received E.A.R.L came up then i busted another neighbor before returning to my town collected the FP and then it said I unlocked that duck looking guy. I went back to my town and the e.a.r.l wasnt in my inventory! Do Homer and the Captain have to available in order for me to see it in my inventory? Am i the only one who had this problem?

    • This is the first I’m hearing about it I’ll have to investigate it a little further for you. But I do know Homer and the Sea Captain do not have to be free for it to show up in your inventory. It should be there once it’s unlocked. Have you tried the basic troubleshooting methods to see if that triggers it back first?

    • Exactly same problem!

  7. I play at least every other day. BUT I CAN’T KEEP SPENDING $$$ ON DONUTS! Please add me: alifreneau01

  8. Hi Bunny. I love it. I think it a great addition. I love that it lights up. I’m not quite there yet. I have another 300FP until I get it. I keep falling asleep and dropping the phone on my face😂
    Not good. Lmao.
    No rush as you said. I’ll get there.
    *rubs head in pain*

    • Heheheh. I think ALL of us (whether we want to admit it or not) have “head wounds” from our tapping devices. Myself included. 😉

  9. I don’t see EARL when I visit my neighbors. I know at least on of my neighbors should have EARL by now. Have you seen EARL when you visit your neighbors?

  10. I have E.A.R.L!!!!!

  11. Who is FRENK and how does he get away with tagging my town? He isn’t even on my friends list! How can I delete him?

  12. Some of the detail that EA puts into individuals and things adds so much to the game; things you would never miss ordinarily -(not to mention certain people and their gas issues.) LOL

  13. Erika Fournier (BraveElfgirl1994)

    Finally got E.A.R.L. and now I am getting $101 and 2xp per friend interaction = $303 and 6xp per neighbor = $30,300 and 600xp daily total!!

  14. Bunny, did you notice that when you tap EARL the light you see is morse code sending the letters
    E dit
    A dit dah
    R dit dah dit
    L dit dah dit dit
    Watch closely !

  15. I got E.A.R.L. and started tapping for the 3x monies, later when I logged in and went to friends, the 3x was gone? is it supposed to be permanent?

  16. CONFIRMED…There be sprinklies after earl… 🙂
    Just got one an hour ago near the end of my list…Woohoo!!!

  17. I got the lighthouse…wOOhOO!!!!!!!…would you believe I just kept on tapping???…well I did…had to visit Caveman and the Wookiee Monster…and Seapeach, Runic, and Stevecttw…didn’t see any donuts though.


  18. Ohmeohmyso420

    I’m sorry bunny 🙁 please forgive me.
    I have carrots and open fields with fresh funny water.

  19. Sweet, finally got E.A.R.L. this afternoon. My water area is now complete (until they release more Boardwalk tiles, 151 not enough).

    Best of all, when I had maxed out FP lvl 5 I used to get $94 per action which took 7 taps to collect ($50+$25+$10+$5+$3+$1+2XP). Now that FP lvl 6 is maxed out, just two taps to collect a stack of $100 per action and the 2XP. Think of the time I’ll save with 1500 fewer taps each day. Looking forward to collecting an even $30k each day visiting friends!

    • You don’t actually have to tap the items to collect them. The system will automatically collect them for you. So you just need to tap the three buildings/items and then you can tap the arrow to move onto the next neighbor. Your totals will automatically increase for whatever items you received – FP, XP, money, donuts.

  20. wildthornberry88

    Oh darn it I’ve been spending money building squidport tiles as I thought it would go on there XD

  21. Ohmeohmyso420

    So I just found something online regarding another game of similar sorts. Felt like I had to share (can’t keep secrets sometimes lol) Not sure if it should be mentioned here though. I left a comment on a post that was done about it.

    • Is it Age of Empires???…I’m dying for that to be released!!! 🙂

      • Ohmeohmyso420

        I’ll just go ahead and say it. It’s the family guy game.
        Btw I just painted your town, which btw is very cool, that pyramid had me like whaaaaat…. And then I went to Krustyland and died laughing at the tunnel of love,… Seriously probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen before in this game. Lmao 😀

        • Yah, it is ok to mention it…just this once I will let it slide. 😛
          In the future, we want to keep the two sites completely different. We want to focus on TSTO here only. (Especially due to the more MA content that Family Guy Game has.)

      • …yep…dat dar k-y’ll git ur dun…*spits* 😉

  22. Why does the worlds largest zirconia disappear when you tap on it and I little note comes down and then you get your zirconium back?

  23. Is it just a decoration, or any chance it will give us any bonus multiplier?

    • Just a decoration. If you are ever unsure what the item gives, just store it into your inventory. Then you can go into it and see the lil blue italic “i” that will give you all the information on the item itself. Bonus, payout, etc.

      • Too bad. That’s a lot of tapping for a decoration with no multiplier.

        • It is cool to look at. I don’t mind the tappin, you get a free item in your Squidport that has animation (which is rare) not to mention a chance at getting free donuts as you keep tappin round you neighbors. WOOHOO!! 🙂

  24. i think i’ve seen that Zirconia in a friend’s town. I expected it to be larger than that but i still want it! 🙂

  25. Well, come on Freaky. Too bad there’s a 24 hour wait between visits.

  26. Will we be collecting random donuts will pop up visiting neighbours once we’ve completed FP level 6?

    • Still trying to confirm. My town didn’t show any the first time. Trying to see if it does this time. The odd “donut: 1” code is still in the files…so I’m hopeful

    • I’d just like to confirm that after maxing out FP lvl 6 this afternoon, I have again resumed seeing the sporadic donut show up as a bonus to the $100 and 2XP I am now getting per action.

  27. I am sadly disappointed that there is no mention of hot pants. that could have made for a great joint task for Homer and the Sea Captain. I can totally envision them strolling up and down the beach picking up hot pants.

    • I mention it in my WDTCF. Keep an eye out for it. But it would have been a great task to see Homer sporting some along the beach. Lol

  28. You didn’t mention the donuts we’ll be hunting!!! I’ve had a really good April so far…won the 200k dograce for the 12th time yesterday and just leveled up(should be on level 70 by now)…the sprinklies were in the center box as usual…!!!…and I’m about 600 FP from getting earl!!! WOOHOOOO!!! 🙂

    • Oh yeah…everybody tap your freaking town…I’m coming…to paint you… 😉

      • Good! Hardly anyone vandalized my town. C’mon, neighbors, paint my town asunder. I want to see paint dripping from whatever device I’m using.

      • I already visited you I believe…and Alissa…who is pretty punctual! 🙂

      • You’re one of the rare few that actually vandalize me, freak. Thanks a million!!! Now, if only I con Alissa, Bunny, and the Wookinator into become my neighboreenos.

      • My origin ID is the same as my name on here. I’ll still definitely shoot an email your way.

      • I’ll give you *pinky to chin* 1 million donuts!

        Okay okay, I don’t have a million donuts to give. I can, however, grovel while chanting “I’m not worthy. I’m not worthy”. Did I really just go from an Austin Powers reference to a Wayne’s World reference? They both star Mike Meyers too! Totally unintentional. I guess the only card I have to play is my amazing sense of humor.

        • What is this “sense of humor” of which you speak? Lol. 😛

          Just had some people drop off my A game, which is a disaster right now while my focus is on B. But I also have others wanting the spots too. You guys are awesome. It is nice so many people wanting to be my friend. Lemme figure something out. 😉

      • I believe I got Wookiee so he could keep an eye on me…or maybe that’s what Alissa is doing…my parties are still PG-13 and when I do get a tad obscene, I try to use some tactful way of carrying it out…matter of fact, I have a tactful obscene sign to go make… 🙂

      • I can’t find you’re email addy. Either I’m blind or very unobservant. The jury’s still out on both.

      • Okay, one random almost tactful obscene message is done in my town…where “Afraid” was… 🙂

      • Friggin awesome town, Wook. I finally got to see your prison and chewy in the flesh… Er… In the pixel…

        All the sudden I’m embarrassed about my town.

    • Ohmeohmyso420

      You got me beat by a couple hundred. Some of my neighbors are being lazy collecting those handshakes.
      I like those messages in your town freak 😀

    • *if only I could con. Proof reading. I’m doing it wrong.

      • I think I got to Bunny first when I said that I look exactly like Brad Pitt, but different…LOL 🙂 Honestly, I first complained and ranted in the comments until Bunny turned me…I still rant and complain but hopefully now everyone knows I’m just all bark…they block me when I should be… 🙂

      • HATE???…wwwaaaaaaaaaaa…waaaaaaaa… *catches breath*….WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA… 🙁
        …yeah…she’s right…I was an obnoxious prick…but Bunny didn’t show her hatred, on the contrary, she was/is quite professional ! 😉

        • You HATED us. Lol 😉

          I turned your frown 🙁
          Upside down 🙂

          Hate became love. Now you can’t get enough of me…errr…us. 😛

      • …yeah…warm and fuzzy feeling…but I didn’t hate you guys…I was angry at this “pay to win” format and seriously thought you guys were an extension of EA…SORRY I TOOK OUT MY FRUSTRATION on you guys…you all are awesome and even EA has proven to ease up a tad on their greed. 🙂

        • Lol. I know. I am just pulling your leg…as usual. 😛

          That is why I took it so lightly. I know you were just venting. 🙂

      • Now now, people. I wanna see less arguing, and more tapping. 😉

  29. Ack, I thought it was land-based, had a good spot for it too where it probably would’ve been permanently. Oh well, I won’t be putting it down for a while – I’m saving Squidport for last, so right now mine is a sorry collection of lemonade stands and coffee carts, save for the houseboat and one store. Since I haven’t spent $33K on water property to build the next $47K store just yet, I’m not going to spend it to place a free lighthouse either, no matter how awesome it is (and it is). I need coffee.

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