Update: Hotfix2/Patch

Update Screen

Looks like EA is fixing more items. Hotfix # 2 hit. Still combing the files to see what has changed if anything…will update soon.

So far nothing too big stuck out. Still 150 for Gypsy/Maude Combo. Still change to Agnes/CBG task. Still Pokey in my game for a “Limited Time” (lol).

One thing I DID notice is Mindy no longer has the locked task stuck to Shop ‘Til You Drop.

For our overseas friends that had issues with change in donut costs, see if you notice any difference there and let me know.

So for now, just looks like random clean up for standard update glitches that may have only effected a small amount of players. I will keep diggin in the basics to see if anything there pops out, otherwise…KEEP ON TAPPIN’!


16 responses to “Update: Hotfix2/Patch

  1. I’m not sure about anything else, but when this episode tie-in update hit, I had characters in the ‘A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 13’ task, but when they came out of it it never completed. Said I had -56/10 done. I tried all the things on the site and nothing fixed it, but with this hotfix it’s been set back to 0/10 and I’m trying it agin.

  2. At least it didn’t fixed my empty notifications when friends visited town :p So no idea what’s different 🙂

  3. My krustyland bus stop changed. I now have a covered stop more like the older versions. Pretty sure that changed today…

  4. Hi guys

    I’ve found recently that the characters disappear under buildings and decorations when they are walking around my town. Does anyone else have this problem, and also is there a fix for this?

  5. I’ve noticed that with Manjula if Apu is walking the octuplets her walk the octuplets task is locked and says “required: Job.” I don’t know if this was a fix in these updates or if I just never noticed it before…. I thought I had them both walking the octuplets earlier but maybe I’m dreaming…

  6. I had the stuck, shop till you drop task for brandine as she was pregnant at the time. And she is again lol. So dont know if that has fixed

  7. I keep getting that my device is full and I need to make room. I know my device isn’t full and uninstalling works but I don’t want to do that every update. This has happened the last two times the first was the weekend update.

    • Yah, it is happening since January with my Samsung Galaxy S4. I have a 32GB external mini SD card. I highly doubt its full. Lol. I usually have to make sure it actually transfers to the mini SD card. I also tried this time instead of the uninstall/reinstall to just go to the Applications Manager in my phone, to the TSTO app, and just clear out all the cache and data. It actually worked this time that I didn’t have to uninstall. Took a bit to download it all again, but I am up and running fine on it.

      • You only have a small amount of space for applications, no matter you’re sdcard.
        Try to move some applications to the sdcard, or simply remove a few…

      • Like you I have TSTO installed on the SD card on my Galaxy note. But it keeps saying the device is full. I think you still need to have a minimum of 1.5Gb free on the device itself because that is where the download is temporarily stored during the updating process. I just clear the cache and uninstall the apps that Samsung keep forcing on me that I don’t want and all is okay.

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