A Tisket A Tasket A Bunny Basket

Hey there Hoppereenos. Bunny here. Well…BUNNIES EVERYWHERE!!! Lol.

I know…I am having FAR too much fun in this event. But getting great enjoyment out of it too. So, HELLO!!! You all having fun yet? Getting great enjoyment outta being able to Zap a Bunny? Come on now, I KNOW some of you are having fun doing it too. Lol.

In this post, I am gonna go into a LOT more detail on those Pink & Blue Easter Baskets. So get that plastic grass and those plastic eggs ready…

pink basketblue basket


There is a HUGE reason we warned to not purchase them just yet. Here is why. We wanted you to completely understand just all the ins and outs of the game, how to collect eggs, etc before you started using those precious/hard to come by pink sprinkly things. Not only that, we wanted you to be well aware they are a ONE TIME USE ONLY item.


Yes, these quick way of getting 400 egg donations to your town disappear the moment you gather the eggs when they’re filled up. GONE! POOF!! So you will want to think VERY wisely and carefully before spending 10 of your precious donuts to get them.

First, let’s look at how they work in the game. It will be best to know if you are a BLUE or a PINK player. Not sure? Just check out this post Alissa did earlier. It explains it all.

Blue Bunny

If you are a BLUE player, you will gather mainly BLUE eggs  as you progress through the event. (Notice the egg color in task and FIRST egg shown in line up at bottom.)


Blue Player Homer Blue Player Town


Pink Bunny 1

If you are a PINK player, you will gather mainly PINK eggs as you progress through the event. (Notice the egg color in task and FIRST egg shown in line up at bottom.)


Pink Player HomerPink Player


So what does this have to do with the Easter Baskets? Well, the way I look at it is that you want as many of the eggs as you are NOT getting. That way you have more chances of getting the color box you need to get the additional prizes you want. Short and sweet… BLUE players will want to find a way to get PINK eggs while PINK players will want to find a way to get BLUE eggs. Making sense? Or did I lose you?

Just think of it as you want the OPPOSITE color baskets in your town then your player color as you will earn less of that color. (We will have a LOT more info on egg collection coming in our “Math” post. I suggest to wait until you read it tomorrow BEFORE you spend any more donuts. )


WARNING!!! VERY IMPORTANT!!!! With the new quick feature item placement that EA has now put into our games to make it easier, you need to make sure your CONFIRM DONUT SPEND is set to ON. If you don’t, a quick tapping finger could give you a ton of baskets in the blink of an eye. If you do have it on, it will ask you to check if to “Don’t Warn Me Again”. DON’T CHECK IT!! It will turn the Confirm Donut Spend back to OFF.

Confirm Donut SpendDonut warning




Give 100 of YOUR eggs. Get 50 of opposite color back from the game “bank” (NOT your neighbors stash).

K…now with that part out of the way. How do the Easter Baskets work? Well you go into your Items Menu (Hammer and Saw), over to the Easter Items Basket (or Homer Buddha), and locate the Easter Baskets for 10 donuts each. Tap on the color that you want (the color eggs you need most) and then get ready to place it in your town. Again…ONE TIME USE ONLY!!!

Once you find a spot and put it down, you will NOT be able to store it. The item is there to stay.

Basket dialog


Now when your neighbors visit you or you visit your neighbors, you will see something like this if it is your first time visiting.

If you are looking for a neighbor that can help you by having the opposite color as you are, feel free to use our “EGGS-EXCHANGE” area to find the right neighbor for you. 

Donate Egg

Egg Next







There will be an icon in the top right corner that works similar to the Next Friend arrow buttons. If you click it, it will take you to the next available basket. So if you want to find a BLUE basket to put BLUE eggs in so you can get PINK ones back, you can keep hitting the NEXT BASKET icon in the top corner until it takes you to the one you want to fill.



Next Basket Icon


Exchange Eggs Pink Neighbor Basket


As you can see, the icon above the basket tells you first what color  of 100 of YOUR eggs you will put in and second what color of 50 eggs you will get back out. So if you want BLUE eggs back, find a PINK basket.


Blue Neighbor BasketHere is what a BLUE IN – PINK OUT basket looks like.





So if you have 100 extra eggs you wanna swap for 50 of the opposite color, just keep an eye out for the “Next Basket” icon in the corner of your neighbors town and swap away.

NOTE: For those of you actually placing these…PLEASE KEEP COLORS SEPARATE! It is really difficult when you have two different color baskets stacked side by side for you neighbor to give you the RIGHT color they want to drop off. See keep your blues separate from your pinks please.


So what happens in YOUR town with the basket. Well each one can accept a total of 400 eggs, so as each 100 is dropped in…you will see one egg in there to represent it.
1 egg=100
2 eggs=200
3 eggs=300
It is when you get to 4 eggs (400) that an egg icon will pop up above your basket. You click it and POOF, basket gone. Egg icon appears. You can tap it and it will collect to your 400 eggs, or you can just let the game collect it for you.

empty basket  Empty Baskets


Full Basket Full Baskets


So is it worth buying these? That really comes down to just how many donuts you want to use up for this event. The baskets DO come for free from both random pop ups during Bunny Zapping…

Basket n Eggs from Bunnies


Once you get one from the bunny tapping, it is placed into your inventory. So if you are tappin n zappin n just hoppin on by…you may want to check your inventory (lil brown cardboard box) now and then to see if you picked one up. You may have not even noticed it. 

Free Egg Basket Blue


…as well as a Random prize in the Gold Boxes. After you win Hugs the Bunny, he will be replaced by a Blue Basket you can win. Shary Bobbins will be replaced by a Pink Basket you can win.

2014-04-16 20.13.44


The event goes until May 13th, so plenty of time to wait and figure out if you want to use the baskets… unless you want it all RIGHT NOW!!! To me, the baskets are more there to help out your neighbors, but then you need the extra eggs to give them to only get half back. Weigh the options.

That’s about the jist of it all. What do YOU think? Worth spending 10 of your precious donuts on? FYI you can get MORE eggs in a crate with 15 donuts if you really just want to skip the whole…place, wait to be filled, collect stuff. So if it is instant you are going for or just one color in particular the 15 donuts may be a better option.


Until Next Time…























167 responses to “A Tisket A Tasket A Bunny Basket

  1. U have blue egg basket but unlike my other previous baskets it isn’t being filled and I’ve had it now for the past week. I tried using my other profile to fill it but even the symbol above the basket isn’t there so I was unable. Any ideas?

  2. Has anyone else been receiving any more baskets anymore? It’s been over a week now since I have received one.

    • Yes. It hits off and on. Remember, they are random. Some had hardly any for a week and now are finally getting some. It switches back and forth. While you got many, some got none…now you have none, and others many. So many variables.

    • I haven’t received any baskets since I finished the Easter quest. I just want to win the blocko store (I’m a blue egg) so as much as I’m enjoying the event, I’m also worried I won’t get this building. A pink Basket would really help me now!

  3. A few days ago i noticed that my baskets had a couple eggs and them and now all of a sudden my baskets are empty… What happened to the eggs? Has this happened anybody else? And also I’ve noticed sometimes when I visit a neighbor, they have baskets but I cannot trade eggs…

  4. Bonnie ( oatleybonn569 )

    OMG EVERYBODY !!! Thank U so much with the eggs !!! U guys rock 🙂 I had like 8 baskets n u guys filled them all ! Woo Hoo ,,,, Bummer part is still didnt get Shary or anybody …… So i”m gonna keep trying n get some more baskets !!! Still got time 🙂 add me PLEASE oatleybonn569

  5. Bonnie ( oatleybonn569 )

    WOW !!!! Not sure they r going to see this ( wish i could talk to u ) exdro2 How did u get all those eggs ?!?!?!?! WOW !!!!! Help 🙂 Thank U for neighboring me ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Bonnie ( oatleybonn569 )

    Where is the unfriend button ??

  7. Bonnie ( oatleybonn569 )

    How many neighbors r u allowed to have ? I have like 35 or 40 n its saying that i cant have anymore : ( But i see that some people say the have 100 !!! 🙂 Thank U

  8. There’s something I’m wondering about.
    Suppose, I make a deal with one friend. She is a pink player and I’m a blue.
    Suppose I’ve got 400 blue eggs, 0 pink and 0 gold. She has 0 blue eggs, 400 pink and 0 gold.
    If I fill one Blue to pink basket in her town (4 times 100 eggs), I’ll have 0 blue eggs and 200 pink eggs.
    If she does the same at my town, but fills a pink to blue basket, she’ll end up with 200 blue eggs, 0 pink eggs and 0 gold ones.

    BUT my question is: how many pink eggs do I get when I empty the basket in my town? And how many blue ones does she get when she empties the basket in her town? I thought I saw 200 pink eggs adding in my town once, but I’m not sure, that’s why I’m asking. Because if that’s true, that would mean that I’ll end up with 400 pink eggs for 400 blue ones and she’ll end up with 400 blue ones for 400 pink ones.

    If that’s the fact, then egg exchanging is 1 for 1 in the end and not 1 for 2. Do you get my point? Is this correct or am I making a mistake here?

    • For every 100 you get 50 back. You’ll get a total of 400 from each basket. If you only saw 200, just re sync your account and the other 200 will show. Just hop to a few neighbors or Krustyland. You should each should end up with 200 from trade and 400 from basket.

      • Oh, that’s even better!
        So giving 400 eggs of my main colour will give me 600 eggs of the other color (200 from the trade and 400 from the basket in my town) if my friend gives me 400 too?

      • What do you mean by “resync your account”? I only get 100 eggs or zero eggs from a basket. My egg generator also gives the wrong color eggs.

        • As I said above…to re sync it’s just a simple travel to your neighbors and /or Krustyland. You’ll see that “Synchronizing” pop up. 😉

          As for you only getting 100 eggs from a basket full of the 400 eggs or egg generator that’s a glitch. Each full basket should produce 400. The MK1 is main color. MK2 is non dominant color. If they’re not working, contact EA.

  9. I also therefor don’t have any friends besides other Springfield which doesn’t even give you eggs and they don’t have a basket either

  10. I have tried for about a month to make an origin account but every time I say yes this is my origin account is says cannot connect to server but it will still let me go into tapped out just not login

  11. Has anyone had the problem of your friends not being able to give you eggs even though the baskets aren’t full(mine have absolutely none in them)? My boyfriend plays and when he visits my springfield he is unable to exchange eggs. Any thoughts or should I contact EA?

  12. I play several times aday and it has been several days since I got a blue or pink basket, I’m a pink. I know it’s suppose to be ramdome but this is very frustrating. Any tips, other than spending doughnuts?

  13. I found my first “unsportsmanlike” behavior and just deleted this person…this guy has his baskets hid in trees and bunched inside a circle of other eggbearing items so that it’s not easily seen…That’s wrong in my book and he’s gone from my list…I’m down to 97 friends and still can’t add anyone else… 🙁

    • Good for you Freak! I fail to understand why some have to use unscrupulous means to play. I had posted my info on the friends wanted list, and have never had a problem keeping my neighboreenos list at 100 since. I’d be your neighbor, but I’m already putting up with you 😉

      (you’re a great neighbor btw)

    • Figured this out. They count friend reguests that haven been replyed to as well. Delete some of those and friend me. I play everyday.

  14. I am not being credited for my filled baskets. It has the egg icon over the basket and I tap it the basket goes away but I’m not credited the 400 eggs. I thought it was happening so the last two times I watched & sure enough nothing. Has anyone else had this problem?

  15. I have only been playing for about 5 months, so this is the first time that I have seen the icon for locating the baskets (but it sounds like it’s been used previously for something in the Halloween update). What I’d REALLY like to see is an icon like that for locating the Krustyland shuttle in each neighbor’s town. I prefer to visit Krustyland between ‘events’ to rack up tickets (especially since I am at the max FP again, so there’s a bonus on the number of tickets that are collected). Since the Krustyland Shuttle can be placed anywhere in town, they’re sometimes hard to find. Especially as my neighbors progress to higher levels and expand their towns and constantly “remodel” things. I’d love to be able to find the Krustyland Shuttle in a single click, just like the basket finder. The technology exists, obviously! 🙂

    Overall, I am not too pleased with the egg swap. I like the concept of trading with friends to get the different colored eggs, but it’s not working out very well for me; not enough people want to swap or even have baskets available to swap with. I’ve also almost exclusively gotten fences from the prize boxes. D’oh! I’m not too keen on the design so now I can only hope that I end up with 50 so that I can exchange them for donuts!

    • I completely understand on the KL Shuttle. It would be cool if it was easier to find. My suggestion, go back to the old way of visiting neighbors. Use the main neighbor screen. If you click on their KrustyLand in the image, it takes you right there. It may be a lil tedious as you have to back out each time and go to neighbor screen, but in my experience…it was a heck of a lot quicker then trying to locate their shuttle.

      I personally do not like the baskets at all. More so do to the glitch issue and people are missing out on collecting them. It was a great concept…just a lil poorly executed. Overall a fun event. I just would have liked a lil easier method to pass along eggs to my neighbors.

      Makes me wonder if they did this to curb those that “alter” their games from just dumping a bunch in others towns. I get that, but I would have liked it different.

      My best suggestion…tell EA what you think of the event. Look at all the changes they have made just in a few short months to our games due to our responses and requests to them. 🙂

  16. I have received no baskets and I am a constant player. I am starting to wonder if I am jinxed.

    • It’s pretty random. Others are experiencing the same thing. We had one tapper tell us they hadn’t found a basket from a bunny the whole update then just yesterday 2 baskets. It’ll happen 🙂

  17. Bunny, why can’t I seem to get any pink baskets? I only have blue, any my colour is blue. Is there a chance I can get a pink one, and If I can, why don’t I have any? Tsto name : chiboo23

    • It is all random. No way to tell when or what you’ll get. I am a pink in my A game and have gotten blue ones.

      Only way to get a specific one is to spend donuts. But they’re one time use only. Once full n tapped…gone

  18. I have been playing frequently (ok… I’ve pretty much tried hopping on about every 1-2hrs…. (Hi, my name is Ace1735… And I have a tapping addiction…..). I have only won 1 basket so far… :/ Do you all know what the chances are? I know it’s kinda rare, but only 1? Really?!? Hope my ouch improves! Cause even though they disappear, they’re still an awesome way to get eggs you need…..

    • And by ‘ouch’ I mean luck… Not sure why my phone autocorrected luck to ouch….. Maybe it shares my disappointment of my bad luck… Lol!

  19. Add me, play daily 🙂 laura199023

  20. If you accidentally click on an egg exchange and don’t mean to, there’s no option to cancel, which is kind of annoying. However,if quit your game without clicking okay (and I cleared my app cache in the settings on my android game to be sure, but I’m not sure how to clear app cache on iOS… its not in the main app settings like on android), the gift doesn’t register. I saw a post on another forum advising the strategy of placing the baskets in front of earning buildings to take advantage of the innacurracy of specific tapping and “steal” eggs from neighbors. Not very neighborly 🙁 With friends like these, right?

    • Yea that is pretty messed up. Not endorsing that strategy AT ALL!
      That being said I like the tip about how to make the gifts not register if you hit it by mistake. I’ve added this to the list of Reader tips i’m putting together. 🙂

  21. Hey Bunny!
    That’s a lot of comments to go through, so I do hope you forgive me if this has already been answered.
    To get the baskets for zapping the bunnies, do you have to zap them manually? Or does it also work if you use the Bunny Stunner?
    Thanks (and love the name!!)

    • No worries. Ask away. Love to help. I use the zapper as my town has a ton of decorations they hide in. I get baskets just fine. 😉

      And thanks! I kinda like the name too. 😛

  22. Okay, I am a little confused about the baskets. I earned two free baskets and placed them in my town. Earlier today it appears as if I had two eggs in one and one egg in the other however now the both are empty. Is it possible to accidentally collect from them before the are full? Is there away to know if they are still “active” if you do not have a B town to check? Or do the baskets disappear once used?

  23. Ok I might be dense but of my 25+ friends, not one of them has an Easter basket. Do i have to look for the baskets in their town or would it pop up in the corner like the gremlins in the Halloween update? I have one blue basket out and nothing has shown up in it either.

  24. So… When I last left my game I had 3 eggs in my blue basket but when I returned, the eggs were gone but the basket was still there empty. What just happened? (P.s. I’m in the blue group if that matters)

    • That is VERY odd. Try logging out, restart, and logging back in. If they are still missing…contact EA. This is not a good glitch to have if you are losing eggs.

      • I already did try logging out and back in. Everything is the same (ie. My money, donuts and current egg counts are the same) but still no eggs in the basket that I saw before. T_T

        Guess I’ll try to contact ea. Sigh*

      • I’ve contacted them and they sent me to post on a forum about it. It seems to be happening to others as well, except now the empty basket that used to have the eggs can’t be filled. I’ll let you know when/if I hear of the solution.

        I’ll need to test it out with my other account to see if I can add the eggs to the basket that used to fill (don’t have enough eggs to test yet)

      • P.s. If anyone has an excess of blue eggs and wants to help me test this out, my origin ID: hangryhippo

        The basket in question is the one on the right side of the easter float.

        (Bonus is that I’m a pretty good neighbour, but just don’t vandalized me later if you keep me as a neighbor.)

        Thank you!

    • So I tested it and can now confirm. The TWO baskets I had previously are empty (one that used to have eggs plus another) and can not receive eggs even though you can locate the baskets there is no “swap” icon. So I placed a new basket down and that one is the only one that can receive eggs as it has the swap icon.. so weird. And egg limiting!

    • This happened to me too 🙁 but oddly enough it was only after I put out a pink basket and clicked on it to collect and after that my blue basket was empty :/

      • I also remember clicking on my full pink basket to collect the eggs before too!! But I still had eggs in the blue basket. It wasn’t until I logged in after that I noticed my blue eggs disappeared.

  25. some neighbors only have one egg in their whole town and some neighbors have no eggs even though theyve obviously done the update does anyone know why this is?

    • It just depends on how fast they are clearing the handshakes and whether or not they are clearing TOO much and leaving nothing for their neighbors to tap. If you tap on all the dollar signs and menus in your town, you will leave nothing for anyone else to tap. So I suggest to ONLY clear handshakes in your town. Leave the rest for the neighbors.

  26. Add me Noushi1999 I have pink and blue baskets and will visit your Springfield! Also have the lemon tree hehe

  27. I just logged into my daughters game to play and went to her inventory and found three baskets. Put them out in her town and as soon as I put the pink to blue out it was full. She only has seven friends and no way they did that. It had never been out of her inventory. How did that happen? She got the full 400 eggs from it

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