IT’S A CELEBRATION!!! (or at least it should be)

April 19th 2014.  27 years ago, a 6-year-old Wookiee sat in his living room watching Sunday night entertainment with his family.  As often happened, his grandparents had chosen to watch the Tracy Ullman Show because they liked the comedy.  Little did this young Fuzzball know, but his life was never going to be the same again.

“Good Night, Son”

Three simple words from a yellow cartoon father (first dialogue ever) to his son followed by a great little clip of a Mom and Dad saying good night to their children only to discover that the things they say to us often don’t give us sweet dreams.  The first clip of the Simpsons (Good Night) set the tone for what we’ve come to expect. Loving parents doing the best they can with their three kids. Sure everything doesn’t go perfectly but that’s what life is all about.  As a kid without a Dad… I liked seeing one who cared even if he blundered at it.

As for their sweet good nights… Bed bugs?  What the heck are those and how can I sleep when they might be biting me.  The baby fell out of the treetop?  I know I’m not in a cradle but that’s not bueno Mom.  As for Homer’s quote about mind over matter… priceless.  If you’re wondering what I’m rambling about, it’s all in this little short that resulted in a show that continues to strike a chord with its viewers 27 years later.  I’d love to show you a video but I couldn’t find one that wouldn’t violate copyright.  Trust me when I say you can find it online.

The Simpsons celebrates 27 years today and I for one am stoked.  The “No. 1 Greatest American Sitcom” (according to Entertainment Weekly) and “Best Show of the 20th Century” (according to Time Magazine) has gone on to win a Peabody Award, 28 Emmy Awards, 29 Annie Awards, five Genesis Awards and seven Environmental Media Awards.  It spawned a hit movie, postage stamps, more merchandise than any geek could collect and its own themed land in Florida (as well as one coming in Hollywood).  As a Southern California kid, I also have to point out the show even garnered its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

walkoffame 2 walkoffame


Let’s all take the time to realize that its so cool we all bond over a game having to do with the longest running sitcom in television history (take that Bonanza!). Crack open your beverage of choice and raise a toast to these funny yellow characters.  Here’s to 27 more!

Hope every one has a great weekend and y’all stay classy.  Keep whacking those wabbits and have fun.  TTFN… Wookiee out!

15 responses to “IT’S A CELEBRATION!!! (or at least it should be)

  1. I remember seeing that I must have been 10 at the time ……ahem.

    They are still funny as was Tracey Ullman.

  2. Now I really feel old, thanks Wookiee 😉

    Here’s to another 27 🙂

  3. I too fell in love with the Simpsons from the shorts on The Tracy Ullman Show. In your honor I changed my avatar to that original family animation. HAPPY 27th….🎉🎉🎉🎉

  4. I too remember the shorts on The Tracy Ullman Show, they were crudely drawn & their voices weren’t matched up right but I knew it was going to be a Big Hit!! Happy 27th Anniversary Simpsons & Cheers to many more!!

  5. Wookiee…!!!…don’t make me do math in my head on a Saturday night!!! What year was it???… 🙂

    Happy 27th 🙂

    • 1987 Big Guy….👍

    • Hehehe love all the different 2D Freak, happy 420 2u2 😉

      With that being said I’m getting worn out with all the exercise watching my wifi going in & out, so I will finish my visiting & say goodnight to all & Have a wonderful Easter.

  6. Does anyone know if anything special is happening tomorrow on Easter itself??

    • If there is…it is hidden in there well. I see a few things, but not til later. So I am anxiously awaiting to see if a “mystery file” unlocks on the Holiday. EA likes to keep us all guessing. 😉

  7. I’ve heard people say that they want the final episode to end with a reprise of the “Good Night” short, with Homer and Marge tucking the three kids in again. That’d be a nice ending to the show.

    27 years…quite the accomplishment.

  8. I was very upset when they started showing The Simpsons shorts. I really loved the original Dr. N!Godatu shorts which The Simpsons edged out. Oh well, I grew to also love The Simpsons 🙂

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