Caption This Contest Winner & Shout Out Reminder

Hey there Hoppereenos, Bunny here bouncing in to announce the winner of our spur of the moment contest.

It was not an easy decision and we went back and forth many times. So many silly and great humorous captions. We finally widdled it down to one…

Congrats goes out to Cybersilly. His responses to the pics made all 3 of us (Bunny, Wookiee, Alissa) giggle. 


Here is what he came up with for each one…

1 mispandi flickr



2 cybersilly grumple kill barney

#2) While Barney sleeps in blissful “sedation”, Rabbi Grumplestein performs the bris.


3 Zappin Sideshow

#3) “Yeeesss, I agree! I do have an electrifying personality!”

4 cybersilly stampy stampin barney

#4) EA rejected Barney task idea #37:
Carry Stampy and Bart
Time: 12h
Reward 💵 300 XP 75

5 cyber silly ralphie wiggle bunny

#5) Little Ralphie chases the pretty orange “puppy” while Selma and Patty puff in the smells of spring.

I guess they lived up to the “silly” part in their name. Lol. So congrats again Cybersilly. You will receive a $10 Gift Card to get some sweet stuff for yourself.

Keep your eyes open, you never know when we will give away prizes or have contests…oh wait…we do have one going on RIGHT NOW!! But time is running out on that one so get your submissions in soon for Cross Blog Shout Out Contest.  If you want to be considered for our May Tapper of the month make sure you email your submissions to by 11:59pm EST on Thursday 4/24/14.  (remember Tapper of the month gets to be featured here at TSTO Addicts AND wins a $10 Gift Card!)

Til Next Time…

Bunny 4 tap


41 responses to “Caption This Contest Winner & Shout Out Reminder

  1. Congratulations Cybersilly! Hillarius Caption!! 🙂

  2. WOW so my comment didn’t get approved because I pointed out most of those pictures were taken by Cyber? I was not serious at all when I said “so he kinda cheated ;)” It was just to poke fun at him, I didn’t even enter the contest and I do not feel he cheated. Cyber still had to create the funniest captions to win. He is a friend and I’m happy he won it. I’m a little disappointed my comment was taken the wrong way and didn’t meet your approval. HE jokes about it being rigged and it is all right, and you post it. But when I did the same thing, it was found unacceptable.

    • It has been a LONG week, weekend, and nights here at Addicts. Most of us took time to rest over the last 24 hrs. Your comment is still there…still in moderation. A LOT of comments to go through. Sorry.

    • I sent you a request after Cyber vouched for you…you get it ?

      • You got me there, Bunny…I just can’t believe some of the ones you post anyway!!! LOL 🙂

    • Oh, and Pimp…they bump my comments all the time…don’t take it personal if they do and yeah, they are busy!!! Alot of our grammar doesn’t come with “tone sensors” and some jokes don’t always work minus hearing the tone and seeing one’s facial expression… 🙂 …if you can’t get into my town come back and let me know.

      • Hey now mister…there is a difference of a “filter catch” for key words used in spam comments…and then YOURS…mister deliberately pushing the boundaries past the PG realm. You write them KNOWING they are there to make us giggle…then go away. 😉

    • I can see why the other was filtered, for “cheat”. (I saw this one as I was in there when it hit.) I can also see why the other can be presumed a negative comment. This one of yours I think explains what you were getting at a lil better. 😉

      You were giving Cyber crap…like you all like to do…all the time. Lol. 😛

      Just watch those key “trigger” words. They are in place to keep the trolls away and the grumpy filter will get yah. 🙂

      • Lol…..”like you all like to do…all of the time.”…..I’m so upset now…..I’m lying in a fetal position, shaking….fake crying 😫😭😭…Misser Bunny….sooooo mean..😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😉😜

  3. Çongrats cybersilly! Such a fun little contest! Hello neighborinos!!!

  4. ..”THIS IS AN OUTRAGE….THE CONTEST IS RIGGED/FIXED….I DEMAND A RECOUNT……I…..what!?……what do you mean “I won”? I WON!!?……err…umm….like I was saying…hehe…um..”This is GREAT!”……”Totally legit contest….all fair and square!”…..
    But seriously, Thank you for this great site and fun contests. You guys treat us better than (dare I say it) EA does at times (actually, most of the time). I’m truly humbled. Also, Thank you fellow tappers for the kind congrats…(*slips Freak a few eggs*)….and finally (“thought this guy would never shut up”) Thank you fellow contest participants for making ME laugh with your clever/witty submissions.

    • LOL! **and** you were spot on about getting more help from Alissa, Bunny, & Wookiee (sorry, I know, always last LOL), than what EA gives. I feel like they are our “guardian angels” LOL

    • Best thank you ever! You rock!

    • Dude!!! Those were some lame jokes man…gotta step it up a notch next time!!! 😉 …glad you won and thanks for…breakfast!!! …gonna be a big omelet!!! 🙂

      • You got it big guy….and now I’m curious about the comments you submit that DON’T make the (bet there are some doozies!lol)

      • Bunny!!!!! …why the broken heart, sweetie??? 🙂

        • In my A bunny town game? I am gearing up for a new 2D. Just havent had a chance to get back in and get it really going yet. Downside to 2D art…clearing it ALL back out to nothing. Lol 😉

          • I’m getting used to it…I had no idea how I was going to do this last one and came on that afternoon and put it together in about an hour…I will try to make it look like a proper bunny hole…how bout that?…I’ll try…still learning!!! 🙂

  5. Congratulations Cybersilly! I think I loved your “bris” one the best right from the beginning LOL

  6. SO funny! The Sideshow Bob was spot on, I could hear it in his voice and it made me laugh really hard!!

    • Girl, I can’t drop you blue eggs with your blue basket surrounded by pink baskets… 😉 …separate them to swap with me… 🙂

  7. Congrats!

  8. Congrats Neighboreeno!!!! Excellent captions!!! 🙂

  9. Reblogged this on TSTO game.

  10. Woohoo!!!…lol…*puts out egg basket* 🙂

    • Freak I was gonna leave you some Pink eggs…but I don’t see any baskets!
      Just cleared my Pink Box out (pink was my dominant color) so now I’m on the hunt for BLUE!

      • Aaaaw, somebody out there wuvs me…lol…honestly, I have several baskets waiting until I have depleted my pile…was anxious to hear the basket glitch is over…with the way my Easter began, I don’t want more problems…after reading about granmamadar’s problem, I’m ascared to tap the school when Skinner is done hunting eggs tonight…thank you sugar!!!

      • what happened with GranmamDar?

      • …notice how I didn’t make a crack about you pink box…lol…
        * dodges stapler* LOL 🙂

      • …and I can’t drop you blue eggs without your blue basket, Alissa…(I couldn’t hold that pun in, sorry)… 🙂

        • lol…yes well that would require me to win one 🙂
          I’ll let you know when I finally have one out…in the meantime I’m perfectly willing to GIVE pink eggs for 50 blue lol

          • Thanks for not hitting me…I put out a pink basket when we were “talking” earlier… 🙂 …thanks for not putting me in “timeout”… 😉

  11. Yay! Congrats!!! =3

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    Mike S.


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