Weekend Update: April 27th-May 3rd!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy Weekend!  As you may have seen sporadically in the comments…our very own Bunny is pretty sick.  Going from the heat of the desert to the cold of the basement got to her a little too hard.  She’s currently in bed resting…and banned from the blog until she’s better!…which means I get to take over the Weekend Update!  Woo-hoo!

What a crazy week it was…so in case you missed one second of the awesome coverage here at Addicts (well where the heck were you?!) let’s get right into the recap…..

Weekend Update Addicts

SATURDAY: After last weeks update, Bunny posted the long awaited Deathly Hallows Showoff, you guys have some serious decorating talent!

IMPORTANT SCHEDULE NOTE: I know many of you were expecting to see the Easter Showoff today…but with Bunny being down for the count right now we’re postponing Showoff for this week.  The good news is you’ll have an extra week to send us your Easter Designs!  So get those Easter towns in 🙂 (Post your images to the Addicts Flickr, share them in the Comments below, share your images on our Facebook Page, Link them to our Twitter feed, or email us your screenshots at TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com.)

Now for this weeks fun…

SUNDAY:  Alissa started the week off with a Real Housewives of Springfield featuring everyone’s favorite nanny..Shary Bobbins!

She then popped back in with our favorite feature of the week the Sunday Night Open Thread so  you could all share what YOU had been up to with your fellow readers/neighbors.

MONDAY: Alissa started off the day with some laughs of the Deathly Hallow variety in Monday’s Caption This!  Did you write up your caption?!  She then popped back in to show us how all those fun new Easter items impact the Conform-O-Meter.  How many stars do you have?

Wookiee then dropped in to tell us just where the Eggs-cellent new character the Egg Council Guy came from.  He then came back later that night to tell us all just what’s up with that shadow, and how it connects to the Monorail.

TUESDAY: Wookiee bookmarked the day off with a couple of lessons in Simpsons Knowledge, and showed us just where the Sumatran Century Flower came from in the morning.  He closed the night by showing us where the Fireworks, Candy & Puppy Dog Store came from.

Alissa popped in in-between class with Wookiee to bring you the super quick and speedy walkthrough on Hugs Bunny.  Have you won him yet?

WEDNESDAY: Alissa started the morning off, innocently enough, with a look at what YOU’VE won Two Weeks in during the Easter Event.  What have you unlocked?


The Addicts crew was scattered around as we all prepared to make our way back home from our top secret (until we write it up on a post) Addicts Vacation right when Level 40 hit our devices!  We were a little late to the party (Special thanks to our Friend Feelingblind for helping out!) but we still managed to post a quick rundown of Level 40 from our cellphones! 

Alissa then managed to find decent Wi-Fi between the Airplane and Airport to put together the super quick walkthrough of Level 40, Turbo Tappin’ Miss Hoover!

THURSDAY: Realizing the need to alternate between Level 40 content and Easter Event content Wookiee started the morning off with another lesson in Simpson knowledge, and showed us just where Chirpy Boy and Bart Jr came from.  Have you won them yet?  He was then back with another lesson a little later in the morning, and maybe a photo of our resident Fuzzball, about how the Crashed Police Car fits into our Krustyland.

Alissa then popped in with some pros and cons on spending donuts on the Kodos and Kang topiarys.  (Spoiler alert….don’t spend your donuts on them.  You can win then in the Gold Box.)  She then was back that night with the top 5 finalists in our Springfield Shout Out Tapper of the month contest.  Have you voted for your favorite yet?!

FRIDAY: Alissa started Friday off with a pair of Pros and Cons posts.  First breaking down the ins and outs of spending donuts on the newest premium character in the game, Dewey Largo.  Then she was back with the ins and outs on one of the most requested characters in TSTO history the Crazy Cat Lady & if she’s worth YOUR donuts.  She then closed out the night with the super speedy walkthrough on Shary Bobbins.

Wookiee dropped by in the afternoon to show us all just where the Lotto ‘N’ Liquor store came from.

SATURDAY: So what do we have in store for you all today??  Well you’ll have to wait and see… 🙂

So there you have it. All the weeks activities. PHEW!! What do YOU think of this weeks posts? Any favorites? Any that helped you out the most? Anything in particular you would like to see written about or added to? Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

53 responses to “Weekend Update: April 27th-May 3rd!

  1. Add me! malia_run220
    I play daily 🙂

  2. I’m at level 38. Add me if you want to: kga902. 🙂

  3. Add Me : Zaxintel
    Only add me if you clear handshakes as a visit all neighbours daily!

  4. I am New. I want to know how many friends do I have to get before level 40

    • 0. Friends are not a requirement to progress in the game. They’re a requirement to earn Friend Points but not to progress in Levels. To get to level 40 you’ll have to work your way through the game, doing the various tasks to earn XP.

  5. Add maiasmomma18 & brenng13 daily players need more neighbours. Serious players only please :))

  6. Hiya all,

    Long-time lurker, first-time poster — and I just wanted to thank you Bunny for this amazing TSTO site. It is literally my go-to bookmark every time there’s an update.

  7. Please add

  8. Jme42257 add me lvl40 player I play regularly

  9. vanessacloud

    Looking for super awesome friends!!!!


  10. Jill Turnbull

    Add me daily player on level 40 jillytee54

  11. Level 40, daily player. natashacro18

  12. Hey I’m level 40 add me please: BeterDeLeon

  13. https://www.dropbox.com/s/c5h2gf049y4eoru/2014-05-05%2013.12.18.png

    It’s simplistic, but it makes me happy every time I see it.

  14. Ya-2-easy, lvl 40 very active need more friends please

  15. Scott10889. Lvl 40 add me

  16. I’m at a loss for words. I just removed a neighbor because I found they made a Hitler tribute with their decorations. Wow.

    • Wow indeed. Except for these words I’m typing, I am appropriately speechless.

    • Wow, I’m full on for free speech, but I have to say I would have done the same. I’m not really in to offensive or hateful behavior, unfortunately the “offensive” argument has so much gray area to it, but hateful, there is no gray area. As long as you did what you feel was the right thing to do, that is the most important thing. I say kudos to you 🙂

    • stewartcol471

      Hi guys – just wanted to interject on this one. I happen to have that person in my friends too. It isn’t a tribute to Hitler, it is a Buddhist symbol for good fortune. He/she has it in front of the Buddhist temple. This is not a bad or derogatory symbol for everyone in the world, but is sacred to them because it is a symbol on Buddha’s body. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that person was not advocating Hitler. Cheers!

  17. Hope you’re feeling a little better Bunny, we can make it ok without you (but you are definitely missed). Your health comes first! (((Bunny)))

  18. Feel better, Bunny! Xoxoxo

  19. Hope thus is the right place but I’m looking for tstomfriends friends, mine are not clearing their handshakes and I have nothing to do in their towns!

    I am level 18 but min 2x daily player. Please add me Jesshhhh


    • I pushed this through for you but check out our friends tab on the top of the page to put your name in the future and also to find lots more folks looking for neighboreenos.

  20. freaknstein8

    The Weekend Update is almost like an open thread…right?…well the freak has finally been able to find a “chick flick” that he…I, can recommend …”Happy Accident” , which is a clever scifi story to boot. It’s actually pre-millennial as it was eleased in 1999…I think…but anyway…if you haven’t seen it, I found it on Amazon Prime…and watched it without a chick…good thing cause it may shoot a tear out your eye…lol…okay I’m done… 🙂

    • Yeah yeah, bet you watch Pretty Woman every day of the week 😉

      • freaknstein8

        Julia Roberts…*fights urge to vomit*…and the hamster man…never been one for chicks who’s face is all mouth… 🙂 …now Gere is a good actor but…yeah but… 😉 …are you still mad at me? I won the dograce the next day…that was you wasn’t it? You are or were on my son’s friends list… 🙂

        • LMBO Freak, but it is one of my fav’s. I also love An Officer & A Gentleman. As far as actors/actresses go, as long as they aren’t devil worshippers, or involved in illegal activity, I’m not too judgmental. Besides, most of that garbage is made up anyway. 🙂

      • freaknstein8

        Hey Granmamadar…you need a shorter name…lol…Officer and a Gentleman…meh…love Debra Winger though…and her voice…lately I have been crazy about redheads…Emma Stone, Amy Adams…what am I saying…I’m plain crazy about all you girls!!!…

        • LOL, gran or Dar is fine. Stay away from those redheads, they are trouble 😉

          Oh, and we couldn’t tell you were crazy…. OH, about all girls, ya that too LOL!

      • Yeah that was me Freak, started playing the 9 – 1 after finally winning on top odds, win about every 3 tries now, so you’re free from my wrath for the minute 😉 and yeah I’m still on your son’s neighbours list, feel free to add if ever you fancy it, think I might have a handful if spaces left and could do with more people who actually log in once in a while… 🙂

  21. wildthornberry88

    Oh no hope she’s feeling better soon! Bit random but wanted to tell you I found some Lego minifigure bags today and I was so excited I bought 4! I got Ralph, Milhouse, Bart & Lisa 😀 Need moar…

  22. alunited1961

    Too much bunny water or just overexcited at all these bunnies?

    Get well soon Bunny xxxx

  23. When it rains, it pours. After not having a single of my desired Easter items 24 hours ago, I now have two being built as we speak. Got Blocko Store yesterday evening and just right now got Banana Dictatorship.

    I’ve opened 51 boxes thus far; 40 pink, 6 blue and 5 gold.
    5 gold yielded 2 Easter Gates (1st gold box/13th box overall, 4th gold box/37th box overall), 1 Pastel Easter Fence x 2pcs (3rd gold box/31st box overall), unique Bunny #24601 (2nd gold box/25th box overall), and unique Banana Dictatorship (5th gold box/51st box overall).
    6 blue yielded 2 300 Golden Eggs, 2 Easter Ponds, 1 Easter Fence x 3pcs, and 1 Easter Egg Pile.
    40 pink yielded 19 100 Golden Eggs, 10 Easter Fence x 3pcs, 5 Beach Towels with Umbrella, 4 Easter Trees, unique Bart Jr and Chirpy (24th pink box/29th box overall), and unique Blocko Store (39th pink box/48th box overall).
    That’s 35 of the 50 fence pieces required for 15 donuts, woohoo!

    Finally within 24 hours, have 2 of the 6 items I really want: Blocko Store (48th box) and Banana Dictatorship (51st box). Shari Bobbins, Father Sean, Johnny Fiestas, and the 15 donuts for 50 fence pieces pending.

    And I apologize for starting with “when it rains, it pours”. Probably not the best starting sentence in light of how much it’s been raining here in Toronto, and the North East Canada/US.

  24. Awww, bunny is poorly!! Get well soon Bunny!! Loved all the posts this week but the ‘should you buy’ were really helpful… And for the first time ever i bought donuts! I now have CCL AND DEWEY questlines to look forward to!!!!

    Happy tappin’!!

  25. Get well soon Bunny! Maybe you’ve been zapped too many times

  26. Very glad to have two-thirds of you back…hope Bunny can play HER event unhindered just like us regular guys, not worried about “work” …I mean really…we don’t want her to think of this event as part of her job…right???
    …yeah…I miss being yelled at,…get better or I’m gonna come up there and make you purple too!!! 😉

  27. Easy on the bunny water, Bunny… all things in moderation!
    (Get well soon)

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