Silly Simpsons News: Make-up, LEGO and more…

Well hello there dear readers.  Wookiee popping in for another edition of Silly Simpsons news.  Being a Simpsons enthusiast, I often tool around the ultraweb seeing all the cool stuff going on in the big wide world.  ALways aware that keeping any knowledge gained is the same as being a Kwyjibo, some cool stuff is below the fold…

Addicts News

I think one of my favorite things about this edition is Addicts had some “field reporters” share some amazing stuff with us.  One of the best parts about this blog is all the amazing folks who want to band together to be helpful and supportive.  These readers are no exception.

First up, the most “breaking” of all the stories…  Marge is getting her very own make-up line for MAC.  Reader Savblair shared this just today.  Here’s an article I found on it.  There’s actually quite a lot of buzz about it since it was announced today (6 May).


Next up because I’m a LEGO fan as well and we just had our amazing episode this past Sunday, reader JJLeigh73 shared a really cool article pointing out some things you may have missed during the episode.  I had seen a lot of it since I must admit I’ve probably watched it at least 5 times but there were a couple items, I was surprised I missed.  Admittedly, one of them was book tributes to one of my favorite sci-fi authors.

While reading that article, there also was a link to another really good read about how the Simpsons LEGO episode even happened.  I love back stories and behind the scenes info about stuff so this article was very cool to me.  Also great to have info in my noggin for any naysayers calling the Simpsons copycats of the movie.

Next up… the Yellow Wedding.  For any fans of the Thrones, I found this neat little article about the upcoming episode of the Simpsons where a character will be dying.  Check it out.  Way to go New Zealand.

I found this last article before “Brick Like Me” appeared and felt like sharing it just because I think it truly shows the global impact of the Best. Show. Ever.  When there’s news about the Simpsons, it’s not just reported in the Western world.  They even give a hoot in other countries.  Here’s the article I found from Arab News.

And that’s the news round-up for this edition of Silly Simpsons News.  Special thanks to our guest reporters sharing the amazingness they found.  I’ll leave you with a great image a buddy of mine on TOuk shared.  No clue where it came from but it was so rad I had to share.

TomWhi Simpsons Tech

TTFN… Wookiee out!


Chair pic from TomWhi

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  1. They kill Brian!? ;0

  2. Now if I could only get Marge’s hairdo, blue & everything. I think work would definitely nix that one LOL. Love the chair, would have saved a lot of embarrassing moments for some of the “cool” guys in school 😉

  3. That chair will be mine!

  4. Hearing of decline of viewers is sad but i realize it does happen!

  5. This book is being released in September to celebrate the Simpsons 25th anniversary. I am really looking forward to this one.

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