Easter Event 3 Weeks In….What Have YOU Won?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So we’re 3 weeks in from the start of the bunny invasion, with 1 more week to go…we’re in the home stretch!  Now that everyone is busy tapping and zapping I want to know…what have YOU won so far?  It was great having everyone share their results after week 1  and week 2 that we thought we’d check in with everyone and see how their doing after week 3!

Here’s where I currently am in my A town after 3 weeks of bunny catching:

Note: In my A town I’m playing as freemium as I can get with this event.  I have not purchased a single Egg.  The only purchase I’ve made at this point was for the MKII and that’s been more a test to see if I experience the same glitch a few of you are mentioning (where it gives you your dominant color instead of your non-dominant color).  Beyond that not 1 item has been purchased.  All baskets have been won and all Eggs have been tapped or zapped.  I am growing carrots and using Witch Marge…so I earn about 10-13 eggs/2 hrs with that (when I remember to go in and tap it!).  Also…I am NOT maxed out on friends.  I currently have 75 neighbors.

I’m Team Pink in my A game…
Pink Boxes: Fence, 100 gold eggs, fence, 100 gold eggs, fence, fence, tree, 100 gold eggs, umbrella and towel, 100 gold eggs, fence, 100 gold eggs, Chirpy and Bart Jr, umbrella and towel, 100 gold eggs, fence, 100 gold eggs, Blocko Store Completed this in week 1.  STOPPED PLAYING PINK BOX.  (converting all pink eggs to blue)

Blue Boxes: 300 Gold, pond, Fence, 300 Gold, egg pile, 300 gold, Pond, (end week 1) Fence, 300 Gold, Fence, 300 Gold, Pond, 300 Gold, Egg Council Guy (end week 2) Fence, 300 Gold, Egg Pile, 300 Gold, Pond, Fence, 300 Gold Eggs, Egg Pile, 300 Gold, Pond Fence, 300 Gold, Fence, 300 Gold, Pond, 300 Gold, 250 Pink, Fence, 300 Gold, Egg Pile, 300 Gold, Pond. Fence, 300 Gold, Egg Pile (end week 3)

Gold Boxes: Kodos Topiary, Hugs Bunny, Gate, (end week 1) Fence, Banana Dictatorship (end week 2) Pastel Fence, 250 Pink Eggs, Kang, Bunny 25601, Kodos, Blue Basket (end week 3)

For those not wanting to count…I won Chirpy and Bart Jr on attempt #13 and Blocko Store on attempt #18.  Ended up with 6 Fences (18 total towards Sucking Out quest), 700 Gold Eggs, 1 Easter Tree and 2 Umbrella and Towels.  So…I’ve now stopped attempting on pink since I’ve unlocked both items and am converting pink eggs to blue.

In the Blue Box I won the Egg Council Guy on my 14th attempt.  39 attempts and still no Johnny Fiestas though.

In the Gold Box I got lucky and won Hugs on my second attempt & Banana Dictatorship on my 5th!  And won Bunny 24601 on my 9th attempt.  11 Gold tries and still have Fr. Sean and Shary to get in Gold.

Overall haul includes:
2 Kodos
1 Kang
1 Easter tree
2 Towels and Umbrellas
5 Egg Piles
5 Ponds
1 Gate
14 Regular Fence Sets (42 total)
2 Sets Pastel Fence (4 total)
Egg Council Guy
Hugs Bunny
Chirpy and Bart Jr
Bunny 24601
Banana Dictatorship
Blocko Store

Still need:
Father Sean
Shary Bobbins
Johnny Fiestas
4 More Fences for Sucking Out Free Donuts

And I did win the Faberge Egg late over the weekend.   (for reference sake,  finished the main questline just shy of 2 weeks before winning the egg)

So now…what have YOU won?  Sound off in the comments below with the prizes you’ve unlocked 3 weeks in!


267 responses to “Easter Event 3 Weeks In….What Have YOU Won?

  1. I have won 9 Kang topiaries and no Kodos! Has this happened to anyone else?

  2. Matthew Petersen

    I’m seriously about ready to quit this game because of this event.
    I’m TIRED of winning fences.
    All I have won is pretty much fences.
    Why do the designers love fences so dang much?!? Seriously?
    I don’t need pastel Easter fences (which is all I pulled this week with Gold eggs).
    I want Shary Bobbins and Father Sean………..argh!!!

    • Event is over, and I’ve had pretty much the same experience as you. I managed to get another batch of 500 golden eggs right before it ended, hoping maybe THIS time I’ll get something worthwhile, and… ANOTHER GATE. Gates, fences and trees are all I’ve gotten out of the golden boxes. This one was set up to only give a decent chance of getting everything if you’re an around-the-clock player, which I just cannot be. Is once a day not really enough? I’ve gotten everything else that can possibly be bought without doughnuts so I guess I’m about done with the game.

      • Sorry it wasnt what you wanted. Just a lil FYI though, my Freemium game, I got Hugs on the 2nd gold box and I hardly played that town at all the entire event. Only just finished the questline before it ended actually.

        Hang in there. Each event is different. If this one wasn’t to your liking, the next may be.

  3. So far I have gotten:

    Banana Dictatorship
    Johnny Fiestas
    The Flying Bunny
    Chirpy and Bart Jr.
    Hugs Bunny
    The Egg Council Guy (love making him fall)
    The Faberge Egg
    Kodos Topiary (x2)
    50+ Easter fences (Yaaayyy! Donuts!)
    12 Pastel fences

    I’ve also gotten tons of ponds, beach towels and easter piles. Exactly the kind of thing a delete button would be good for. Lol.

    All in all, I’m very happy with all the free stuff I got. Although, I DID have to work for it.

    Still hoping I’ll get lucky and pick up Kang and Father Sean before this ends. Tick tock.

  4. Hi, just hoping for some advice on odds!

    I’ve got everything I want from the pink box (my dominant), but I’m still missing the Egg Council Guy from Blue and a few characters from Gold. I have around 4500 pink eggs at the moment. Would it be best to trade these in baskets for Blue eggs, or to take my chances with the Pink boxes again and have a chance to win Blue and Gold eggs through that?

    Any suggestions would be welcome! Thanks 🙂

    • Well, there is a low number of gold in your dominant box. Only 100 vs the other one that is 300. So I would say the odds are possibly better in the non dominant to get the most chances at possible gold eggs. Secondly, you already have all you want in the pink box, so it may prove just more fences and trees to keep playing in that one. Egg exchange may be beneficial for you. If you have any blue baskets too, that’ll help out.

  5. Don’t know if my comments are sending?
    Hello everyone! (If you can see this anyway) x

  6. Please help me ladies and gents. I have only just finished the main questline, I’ve got 8 pink baskets and 1 blue one currently. I’ve had these baskets for ages and they jut don’t seem to be filling up 🙁 I know people need to swap their eggs to fill them but I think my neighbours don’t need to swap. I’m team blue and feel like I’m getting nowhere with regards to getting items. Got fences and ponds, egg piles and trees and managed to get banana dictatorship. I’ve been swapping my eggs In hope my neighbours will return the favour but don’t know what else I can do to get eggs without buying donuts. Any ideas? Sorry for the long post xxx

  7. TEAM BLUE! I’ve gotten everything from that (most notably Johnny Fiestas and Egg Council Guy).

    Exchanging all of my eggs to pink now, and the best thing I’ve gotten is the Blocko store. I need Chirpy Boy & Bart Junior! Hopefully I get them in a box or two from now.

    Golden, I got Bunny #24601, Banana Dictatorship, and Hugs Bunny. I reaaaaally want Father Sean and Shary Bobbins. I hope to at least get Sean before time’s up!

  8. Just got Hugs Bunny! Still missing Shary Bobbins and Father Sean and a few fences, but I don’t think I can officially complain about my haul – a few Easter piles and ponds and beach towels, but I’ve managed to get Blocko, Banana Dictatorship, the Bunny, Johnny Fiesta’s and now Hugs. Would love to get enough fences to win the free donuts though – since pink is my dominant colour, is it worth it to play them to try to get fences?

    • Awesome on Hugs! And you can still earn fences in the Blue box. Also the pastel ones from the Gold count towards your total.

      • So I should probably still be going after blue eggs then? Basically I was thinking that I could turn in pink eggs twice as quickly because otherwise I’m taking the hit of 50 eggs to exchange them… I’m still 16 fences away from 50, so I’m not sure if that’s the better option or not.

        • The odds are 20% in both boxes of you hitting a fence no matter what your dominant color is. All depends on what you’re looking for. If it’s just fences, you’ll have more chances in your dominant. If it’s golden eggs plus fences, stick with your non-dominant.

  9. I’ve won whatever Bunny had last week. Bunny, I’m not drinking any more of your “water”. Wish I could stay home, only 3 more weeks before I can call in without being penalized. Not starting my 90 days over again :/ Still trying to keep up on visiting & clearing. I’ll be back on when I kick this, how long can it last, right?

    • Awwww 🙁

      You caught the “cough cough, hack hack, fever fever, shakety shakes” glitch?

      I am still fighting it off. Doing all I can to keep up myself and stay in good spirits. Lately a lil rough with all the anger, but we will muddle through it. Hang in there. Maybe you need MORE “water” to kill them lil germies off. 😉

      • No, not upper sick, more of the “lower” region 🙁 Made it through the work week (miracle), thanks to Imodium, but I think I’ll have to get some more. Maybe your “water” would actually help 😉 Tey ing to get through the zillion email notifications from the last few days before I poop (bad usage right now), out…zzzzz needed already. Hope you get rid of your upper respiratory problems, I know those can hang on forever… blech.

    • Bunny’s gotta stop spreading that computer cold around!

  10. (FYI – Just sayin’ here, the Week 3 and Golden Egg Release pages are NOT on the “Complete” Easter 2014 page)

    It was a sad and unproductive day in Cguyfield.

    It’s Cguy, reporting from the Easter Front. It’s D-4 (4 days before D-Day, the end of the Bunny Invasion). Interesting fact about Easter: The name, “Easter” comes from a goddess: Her name was Eostre and She was the Mother Goddess of the Saxons of Northern Europe. It tickles my funny bone that not only the name, but most of the practices (rabbits, eggs, ham, etc.) are not Christian practices, but instead are Pagan practices! Go Goddess!

    Again, sad and unproductive. Day 10 of no new supplies collected. The men could only collect enough eggs for one pink box – which gave our brave troops: Easter Tree #5.

    So, avert your eyes, turn your head, there’s nothing to see here.

    And that’s the way it is on D-4. Good Night!

    You’re still here?

    It’s over!

    Go home.


  11. Claire Warby

    Gutted I’m not going to be able to complete this. I’ve had nothing but fences out of the gold eggs and still need Johnny Fiestas and Council egg guy. As I can’t even open my game anymore (despite EAs assurances that it would be sorted by Tuesday…) it looks like I’ve missed out 🙁

  12. Why tell you, when I can show you?!


    That’s my newly-constructed Easter 2014 corner, consisting of 35 fences (27 Easter, 8 Pastel), 2 egg piles, 3 ponds, 5 beach towels/umbrellas, 4 Easter trees, and 1 Kang Topiary (the only good one). Also an ironic “Happy Easter” sign.

    Not pictured: Bunny #24601, Egg Council Guy, Johnny Fiesta’s, Blocko Store, and Banana Dictatorship.

    Still left to go: Hugs Bunny, Father Sean, Kodos Topiary (the more the better), Shary Bobbins (gave up on this already), Chirpy Boy and Bart Jr., the Faberge Egg, and 15 more fences.

    Fingers crossed that the update is extended. Argh.

    • And I can’t believe I’m thinking of doing this, but on the final night of the update, I plan to buy 50 donuts’ worth of gold boxes for one last push if necessary (and it certainly will be necessary). I have never spent my hard-earned free donuts before, and I’ve saved up 242 donuts as of today.

      I’ve played completely freemium every single day, visiting all 100 friends and altering my sleep schedule to tap bunnies and harvest carrots. However, I am still quite far from finishing this update. This is the most work I’ve ever done for an update, and it’s the least payoff I’ve gotten.

      I can only hope that Whacking Day 2014 will be an improvement. Free content is good, but not when you have to play gambling games for it.

      • Don’t forget to send them feedback. A cool idea, pink vs blue no two games alike…execution still needs work. Lets not speak of the baskets. All in all a great concept and I got some cool stuff, but would have hoped for a smoother not so bumpy ride. Just name all the bunnies in your town E and A…then…ZAP ZAP ZZZAAAAPPP! Lol. 😉

        Just please hang on to donuts as much as possible, whacking day last year was extended many times. I cant say if this one will…but anything is possible. We will see. Just use those precious pinks wisely 😉

      • Godspeed I’ve bought 3 truckloads of gold. Hope you like fences and blue eggs

      • Don’t worry, I’m not going to spend my hard-earned free donuts until the last possible second. I could really use that update extension right around now…

  13. In all seriousness (really), the make or break item in this event is baskets.

    If you get NO baskets, you can earn about 1100 eggs/day (See “the Math of Easter” post), once the main plot line is done. A rough guestimate is 80% dominant eggs, so 880 dominant and 220 non-dominant.

    So, once I finished my dominant prizes, I needed to convert to non-dominant. This means I get about 660 non-dominant eggs/day, or a little more than 1 non-dominant box per day.

    I had roughly 2 weeks left when I finished the dominant color, so at a max I could get 18 non-dominant boxes with no baskets. Nowhere near 81 non-dominant or gold boxes, which I get about every 3rd day, so roughly 5 in 2 weeks.

    As I have mentioned, I have gotten VERY FEW baskets. I would estimate that I have had a total of 8 dominant and 11 non-dominant. This would be about 12 more pink boxes, except a few where while I was still working on dominant boxes.

    Bottomline: If you were unlucky and didn’t get baskets, then you couldn’t come close to completing this event.

    • Sadly…the hopes we had at the start…that all had…the basket glitch did change the outcome of the game. People still are clearing all the prizes though playing freemium. Just not as many as we initially hoped. Still decent for playing free. Those random chances.

      If you take away the basket issue, the event was cool in my eyes. An interesting change in game play. Something new. EA did try, not executed the way we’d hoped…but effort none the less. I hardly played one of my Freemium games due to time constraints, I still got Hugs and Chirpy n Bart Jr. So I can’t complain. I got cool stuff for not much effort.

      All we can do now is relay our thoughts to EA on the event. Send them feedback. You live, you learn, you grow. No one saw those frakkin basket glitches coming. Not even EA.

      • Mine wasn’t the basket glitch – I got all the eggs I was supposed to. I just didn’t get ANY baskets. In the last 9 days I have had maybe 9 baskets. I have maxed possible eggs out every day, and in those 9 days, I got no prizes. (beyond fences, trees, ponds, egg piles, and beach umbrellas – which I would LOVE to sell).

      • I sent EA a note – I don’t THINK I was too whiny. Just making things clear to them – I didn’t even ask for anything (although I implied that a little better limit setting on their random number generator might be appropriate for future events).

        • Good. Thank you. My voice alone can only go so far. I encourage anyone to give them feedback. Anytime. Be professional, be courteous (don’t shoot the messenger) but still relay your thoughts. We can and have altered this game in a way that they have changed it in response to our feedback. Many times. 😉

  14. 5 days left and I have won no buildings, no characters and no faberge egg. I play multiple times per day, do all the egg tasks and have butt loads of friends towns that I collect eggs from…..the best things I’ve won are Bunny and Chirpy/Bart Jr. To say I feel like I wish I’d spared my free time from incessant tapping during this event is an understatement. My bf who plays occasionally has won way more good stuff than I have! All the other events in the past I’ve always won all the prizes no prob. I’m in too deep now…..This sucks!!!

    • Sorry that your turn out was less than you hoped. Do me a favor, let EA know. Send them your perspective on this new style of random and no game alike play. They expect feedback and do listen. See what comes of it. In the meantime, play til it ends if you want. See if your luck changes before the 13th. But only if you want to try. Otherwise…maybe take a break from the event for a bit. Help calm the frustrations of it not playing out as you would have hoped. Sometimes it helps any of us to just take a breather from the game now and then. 😉

  15. I was very lucky, I tapped the faberge egg within 2 days finishing the last quest! I need about 5 more fences for donuts, I am pink group and got my pink prizes just over the first week and father Sean on my first golden egg try! I now only need egg council guy and shary. Haven’t bought any eggs, hoping to get shary, and the matching kodos to my kang, I’m happy with everything I got, free buildings, made fat Tony’s place great with the fences and gate, prettier than some of the gates and not distinctively holiday (to me at least) and everything but the 2 of the main giveaways (so far). Baskets haven’t been coming much as of late, that would help me push for the late stuff. Have a bunch of ponds too, don’t know what to do with them yet. Overall didn’t think I would be as happy with this event as some of the others but I quite enjoyed it. 🙂 Hoppy tapping is almost over!

  16. Signofrespect

    TEAM PINK. All I’m missing is egg council guy, Hugs Bunny, Shary Bobbins, and Kodos Topiary. Oh and 6 more overall fences. Lacking in basket gathering is really hindering the egg collecting/converting


    PINK: Fences, Easter Trees, Beach Towel & Umbrellas, Chirpy and Bart Jr, Blocko Store.
    BLUE: Egg Piles, Ponds
    GOLD: Fences, Gate, Banana Dictatorship, Kang Topiary

    All I had to do was copy and paste what I wrote for week one. My only new item since April 28th was the Kang topiary. I’m not sure if something changed, but I stopped receiving random baskets from zapping bunnies over a week ago which put a major hamper on my egg collecting. All I really wanted going into this contest was Bunny #24601 and Egg Council Guy. Less than a week left… 🙁

  18. It’s Cguy, reporting from the Easter Front. It’s D-5 (5 days before D-Day, the end of the Bunny Invasion). Interesting fact about Invasions: To fight back the D-Day invasion, Field Marshal Karl Rudolf Gerd von Rundsted had ordered two German armored tank divisions to be moved to Normandy, but his superiors chose to wait until Hitler was awake to get his approval for the move, since he hated being woken up. I guess while the early bird gets the worm, the second mouse gets the cheese!

    After the unprecedented 5 baskets on D-6, only 1 new basket was found. True to his word, Brian Dockens rapidly filled it to capacity. What was the reward? 3 more fence parts, #s 53-56.

    Some more rapid collecting led to one more pink box, this time with golden eggs in it. The subsequent gold box: pastel fences, #s 57-58.

    It must have been a rest day, the rest of the collection went slowly, and no more boxes were uncovered.

    Finally got an interview with Bluethroat, who sang me a song – but only under deep cover, so we met in the tundra. He claims that supply sergeant “EA” is in cahoots with 3 suspicious characters known only by THEIR initials: “A”, “B” and “W”. According to BT, they are trying to corner the market on eggs, baskets and boxes – which they intend to sell at inflated (one might even say “raised”) prices, i.e., plenty of dough! Nuts!

    The rest of the day was just as bad as D-6, no new baskets, no Fabergé Eggs, no worthwhile items for going on 16 days.

    Crossed-everything for D-4.

    From the Easter Front, this is Cguy. Be safe out there!

    • WOOHOO!!! I am in cahoots with someone? 😉

    • LOL….Another great comment post……I’m returning everyday just for the battle reports….(Oh..by the way…..I frakked the files for the latest contest. The secret word is…”LEGO”…..Shhhh… you didn’t hear it from me😉)

  19. All I have left is Hugs Bunny and Shary Bobbins! I’ve already accepted the possibility of not getting either of them. Anyway, the prizes I wanted most are all the other ones, and I already have them.

  20. flarfingsoll

    SO – perseverance won out! Day 12 post-end-of-quest and Faberge egg finally came out of carrot farm bunny. And that triggered baskets, because the next day I got 3 – now to get them filled. I’m a blue egg tapper, and still dying for Blocko Store, so come on neighborinos! Help me fill those pink baskets!

  21. Golden Eggs! Golden Eggs! Golden Eggs! Golden Eggs!

    We now have the option to buy Golden Eggs!

    Still waiting for the Faberge Egg and Sharry to drop though but this might make spending doughnuts a bit more palatable 🙂

  22. Whoops, I lied, I got banana dictatorship, one of my very early prizes from the good box. Expanding my squidport to make room for it.

  23. I won the big prizes from the pink box (i’m a pink player) and i’m trading in pink eggs for blue. I don’t care if I get all the prizes -what I do care is that I get to play! For awhile (before I got the faberge egg) I wasn’t getting ANY baskets – without baskets I hardly get to open any boxes. I don’t care if I get a pond every time I open a box, I just want to play. I never hated the wheel- I liked that you got one guaranteed spin a day.
    Anywho, no luck with the blue box except for gold eggs, and nothing of note from the gold box, but I’m only a few fences away from sucking out, which to me is the best prize anyway. Donuts!

  24. I just finished the 50 fences quest, last night. All I need is the 3 characters from the gold boxes and the fabrege egg.

  25. Blue earner bought a barn and mk2 early (yeah I know you said not to but in my defense you said the same about xmas and valentines and I ignored you then and still sucked out 🙁 ).

    Was lucky and got all the buildings early.
    Blue – Five ponds, four easter egg piles, egg council guy.
    Pink – Six beach towels, five trees. Still hoping for the flying lizards. Convert all to pink now but only just got my 4th filled basket today. Blue of course which giving away got me enough pink eggs to get enough gold eggs to get my 6th pastel fence to achieve the sucking out reward.
    I don’t mind the decorations though.
    Gold – Two gates, a kodos and kang. No playable characters. Very sucky.

  26. Help! I’ve been having troubles adding origin friends? It’s saying I haven’t received or sent requests when I know I have… Not good timing 🙁 really need more Easter boxes! I haven’t won any buildings yet. missintuition

  27. I really wish they’d let you donate eggs like last year. I have a ton left over and I reeeeally don’t need anymore fences. Haha.

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