Thanks Mom and Happy Mother’s Day!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Today’s a very special day as we take the time to honor and thank our moms for ALL that they’ve done for us throughout the years!  Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the Mom’s out there!  (especially our own!)

So make sure YOU take the time to say thanks and Happy Mother’s Day to YOUR mom (or the mother of your children, or your grandma)!

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On a personal note, not only do I get my cheesy sense of humor from my mom but my Mom is also my hero.  As the mother of 4 girls I know it wasn’t always easy dealing with those teenage mood swings, but somehow she always knew how to make every situation better….or how to make sure we always NO MATTER WHAT followed the rules.  (As evident when she showed up to my school in her Pajamas because I unsafely sped down the road because we got in a fight just before school!)


Not only has she been a awesome example of what a mother should be, but she’s shown me that it’s never too late to give up on your dreams.  About 11 years ago while chaperoning one of my high school field trips (yes, I’m that young.  And it was a trip to see open heart surgery at Liberty Science Center) my mom decided that it was time to stop putting off her childhood dream of becoming a nurse. She decided to go back to school and actually do it!

We started college together the next year…let’s just say it’s very awkward being on a college campus with your mother (although handy when you needed extra $ for lunch :)) While I just went for my Bachelor’s, my mom (always the over achiever) truly worked her way from the bottom up in the nursing program.

Starting from LPN and then RN and working in-between classes with each degree. And now today, after all the years of school and working in the nursing industry (including everything from an LPN on the floor, an RN on the floor, Assistant Director of Nursing, Infections Control Educator, Administrator, and Director of Staff Development) she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and I couldn’t be more proud! 

While I’m personally not a mother, yet, (although I do have 3 amazing God Children that I love to pieces!) I can only hope to be half the amazing mother to my children one day as my mom has been to me.  Happy Mother’s Day Mom!




Awww… so sweet Alissa.  Definitely had to chime in and just say Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom tappers we have reading this site and also to the one and only Wookieemama (yes that is her origin).  We’ve been through tough times together since I was a wee Wookiee but through it all she has been strong, supportive and most importantly loving.

Although she drives me a little loco sometimes with all the TSTO questions, I love her dearly for just being herself.  All my love Mama!




A lil note from Bunny.

I am grateful for all the amazing woman in my life. My relationship with my Mother, sadly, was shattered in my youth. My Gramms actually was more the maternal figure in my life growing up. Being 2nd oldest, all my younger siblings all looked up to me as a Mother figure too. I took care of many of them then and still have a supporting role in their lives to this day.

As time has passed and some of those wounds healed, I have reconnected with my Mother. It won’t be anything like most, but it is a good friendship between two women and I am grateful for that as I have only her and my Gramms left now. All the others have passed. If it wasn’t for my Mother, I would have never been brought into this world. If it weren’t for my Gramms, I wouldn’t be alive today. So to have both of them still around, I am truly blessed.

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For all the Moms out there…whether you have your own kids, adopted kids, foster kids, or are just a Mother type figure to the neighborhood/community kids…I hope you have a beautiful and lovely day.

Appreciate each moment you have. Always laugh, always smile, always give love…and you will be rewarded in ways you can never imagine. Leave your mark on the world and those around you, just make sure that mark is a big giant heart. 😉

Happy Mother’s Day



What are YOUR Mother’s Day Stories?  Did you wish your mom a Happy Mother’s Day?  Are you a mother yourself?  Share your memories and stories in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!




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  1. Thanks Wookiee for telling the world that you love the Wookieemama. I am one proud mama. And if the TSTO questions bug you just remember that it is YOU who introduced me to the game via your lovely daughter. Hugs.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to one and all mothers!

    I got to spend the day with my… fellow coworkers! What? Doesn’t sound exciting? I’m just messing with everyone. But I decided to celebrate Mother’s Day (with my mother of course) on Saturday. It was both a Mother’s Day celebration and my brother’s birthday celebration (both celebrated Saturday both supposed to happen today). Anyway it was fun. I hope everyone else had fun with their Mother’s Day experience.

  3. So the code for today is welcome?

    I guess you could say I got my “silly” humor from both parents, but my mom really knew how to take it up a notch (dad was more of the dry humor type). She would cross her eyes and say in a stern voice…”I’m being serious now!”….cracked me and my friends up every time. (Now on a side note…I wish I could find one of those hidden contest words…..this is too hard……….”I’m being serious now!”😉)

  5. What’s the date in America? Coz in England its the 11th of may and for us mothers day was ages ago. But happy mothers day to all the mums in America!

  6. A very Happy Mother’s Day to All of your Moms and to those of you that are Moms and of course those becoming Moms! And Happy Day Every Day not just this Day! 🙂

  7. Sending hugs and well wishes to everyone! 😘💝

  8. I see we all have touching stories…mine is…well…I love my mother…
    …now the doctor that put me together in a laboratory, still looking for him… 😉
    I truly…truly wish you all not just a Happy Mother’s day, but may you be blessed daily with a touch of joy…I mean that…

  9. 🙂

  10. Well my Mom has always been very supportive of me,we went to early mass this morning,and we are going a little later to visit my wife,who gave me the 2 best reasons in the world to keep my head up and always do my best,our kids!She passed away last year after a two year fight with breast cancer,and my mom with a lot of help from my dad have been my anchor,but my mom more than anything,everything that is good in me,began with her !Happy Mother’s Day day to everyone on Addicts!

    • I hope it’s a great day for you. Can’t even imagine the feelings involved for you this day. Thanks for the comment and hug those kiddos. And thanks to your Mom, hope she has a great one!

  11. Thank you team! 🙂
    Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers ! (I guess you too Freak 😉

    May your day be filled with joy, even in remembrance 🙂

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