Just a quick note to let y’all know your Friend Points may be working again.  Had a couple reports from readers here and checked the MyPhone and they worked right as rain.  You get them from visiting neighbors on the graduated scale and also for every building a neighboreeno taps.


Chime in below if you’re fixed or still having problems.  My game still has some of the lag stuff but this fix gives me hope EA is gonna get that fixed soon too.  Cool Lisa, here I come!  Hope she likes cheetos.

TTFN… Wookiee Out!



UPDATE 9:00PM EST Bunny:
Still double checking files to see if anything else has changed with the Hotfix 1. I will update at any further findings. FP are returning, so you will need to max out again before you get those extra bonus multipliers back for friend visits or donuts again. Also, the lag is still hitting a majority of our games so I say still make sure EA is aware of this. Continue to keep adding names to the forum thread that was created until a change is made. Keep it a hot issue!!


LEGO Thursday 3


  1. Brandine? When does she show up?

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!

  3. I didn’t encounter the FP issue at all, but I’m still getting some unbearable lag in friends’ towns, and I’ve noticed several friends have taken out almost all of their roads from their town, and that has improved scrolling a lot in the towns that have done it. I’m considering doing it in mine, since I occasionally get a lag spike right in the middle of my town.

  4. HandsomeHank8

    Friend points working for me and no lag time (knock on wood lol)
    Happy Friday everyone

  5. Is there a limit on how many characters can be shopping in the Quik-e-mart?? I got an error on Homer, and he ended back at his house with Comic Book Guy. They are still doing the hour count down. But never saw this before.

    • No it’s a weird new task. I’m checking through the files now to see what’s up. I got it too. Just keep getting pulled away from my computer 🙂

  6. Still lagging on the MyPad. Just popped on over to the forum to add my name.

  7. Friendship points working! WHOO HOO!!!
    game still slow tho. But I can deal with that.

  8. After the update my application reverts to the Homer cutscene, and all my progress is gone! What the hell.

  9. I have a 60 min. task for Homer called *ERROR. I was able to start it and it links with the Comic Book Guy. Any ideas what this is?

  10. I’ve not had a chance to check if FP is working for me as my game freezes every time I try to play since the last update. In fact this last hot fix seems to have made the problem worse.
    After installing the last update I would be able to play for a few minutes before it froze (screen freezes, music continues even when I press the home button and go back to my Android home screen) which seemed to be caused by tapping lots of stuff in a row and/or moving quickly across the screen. After this hot fix my game freezes almost immediately and is now unplayable 🙁
    I’m running it on a Sony Xperia SP if that makes any difference.

    • Do you know if it’s running kit-kat?

      • Its running 4.3 Jellybean. That’s the latest update available for it.

        • Ok so it’s not the kit-kat issue. (causes big issues with TSTO and Android)

          The only other thing I can suggest (until a fix comes) is try contacting EA. It could be more directly related to your town than anything.
          Also, try storing your Non-Playable characters for a bit, and see if that helps. You can also try avoiding too many outdoor tasks (especially joint ones). And when visiting neighbors try their Krustylands instead of Springfield. That may help with the other issues.

          • Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately I can’t even access my town long enough to start tasks or visit friends towns 🙁
            Admittedly there is a known problem with Tapped Out and the Xperia SP. If I try to download it from the Google Play store it says “not available in your country (UK)”. Before the recent Jellybean update it said “not compatible with your device” instead. So I’ve been having to download the APK from elsewhere and sideload it instead. This has never been a problem before though :-/

  11. Friend points are working for me too. No lag in my Springfield but it does happen when I visit friend’s Springfields. Not every one though, just a few of them. Not really causing me too many problems as I usually visit when I’m on a long break from work or at home so I have time to patiently wait for it to settle enough to tap houses.

  12. So I did the mini quest. But I still don’t have the milhouse skin and I used 500 donuts for cool Lisa. It says I have it in the friends screen but back in my springfield I don’t have it

    • For Milhouse, his quest is multiple parts. Part 2 at the end is where you’ll get the skin. You will see the pop up saying you have it in your inventory. For both, you need to first go into your inventory storage (lil brown box) and put the skins into the game. It’s usually at the end of the items. Then you’ll see her in Lisa’s menu and his in Milhouse.

  13. My game is still crashing when I click “continue” on the login screen…

  14. Used donuts to get cool Lisa, as i have like no friends :p, and its not showing up as an option in Lisa’s menu!?! Any ideas?

    • You need to first go into your inventory storage (lil brown box) and put the skin into the game. It’s usually at the end of the items. Then you’ll see her in Lisa’s menu.

  15. Same as most people here. FP are back but still lagging. I’m already glad that the FP are back cause I want cool Lisa LOL

  16. Ohhh man this is still jacked up. Major lag in bothmy town and friends. I’m maxed out on fp but don’t get the multiplier, nor do I have the cool Lisa outfit it said I unlocked. Went thru 30 towns, had to stop, taking forever.

  17. My account still won’t let me back into my town I’m using an ipad I’ve done everything it says to do with the troubleshoot I’m not sure what else to do

  18. Staci Stewart

    ive received “all” of my friend points, but im not getting donuts either…
    anybody know where I can go to get Mindy back in my game too ??????

    • When you say “all” of your FP do you mean you maxed out and are sitting at level 9 now?
      Donuts won’t start until you’ve maxed out the Friend Point bar…and even then they’re random and won’t always appear.

      As far as Mindy, try storing Madame Chao’s and placing it back. That should bring her back right in front of it.

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