Hey there Hoppereenos… The New Tie-In Update for this Sundays Episode: The Yellow Badge of Cowardge is hitting all of our games. For those of you hanging on to Easter, looks as though you will be kicked out. Sorry, it did technically end on early Tuesday morning.

Anywho, the issues at hand. A new Friend Point Level was introduced, but for some reason many are just not getting any FP at all. No matter who, where, or how they tap.

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My A game is still on Level 7 and getting them just fine. It is my B game that is impacted by this. It is on the new Level 8. I tried multiple combinations of tapping…still nothing. So I did what I usually tell our readers here to do, I contacted EA. I think I may have been one of the first in line as the issue had not been reported in the channels. So on I went to speak with all I could on the matter.

As the issue was not known or expected until the Update released the game, it is now to us the players to make our voices heard. You can still contact EA via chat and/or email, but they will most likely send you to the forums anyway. Many readers here have already joined a thread, I suggest you do too. The more complaints…the higher the priority. So…time to storm the forum so to speak. LOL.

Here is the link:


As you can see, the link is also for those of you (me included) still experiencing the horrible lag in one or more of your games. Just add your information to the forum feed and hopefully we will see a Hotfix Update soon to resolve it.

Hang in there in the meantime and just remember, we are ALWAYS here to help all we can. I will keep on top of them myself and keep bugging them till the issue is resolved too.


Thanks so much everyone for continuing to respond to the thread. It is now on “fire”. Essentially it has now been tagged with a flame meaning it is a “hot issue”. This will help to bring focus even faster to it. So keep adding your information to the list. Tell them your issue (Lag/FP/or both) and the device(s) you play on.

EA forum


LEGO Thursday 4


  1. My other Springfield has come down to level fourteen from level forty. I can’t do anything in it now + it has been like that for two days.

  2. Second update yesterday. Not really improved. It still runs jerky.
    Takes ages onlyto collect my buildings.

  3. The lagging problem is on both my IOS phone & Droid tablet. I’d rather have the Easter event back πŸ™

  4. OK, seriously, 3 hours to visit 100 neighbors because the game is lagging so bad I can’t even get the screen to move to anything tappable? To make it worse, the promotions/events in KL have been a bit of a snoozefest lately, so there aren’t many that even have anything available to tap there since they’ve become bored with it & rarely visit their KL >:(

  5. Well, in an almost related way…I got an e-mail message from EA apologizing for the glitchy baskets from Easter and gave me 15 donuts…no word about the hundred they swiped from me but…I at least got a response…finally. πŸ™‚

  6. I still can’t even get into my game! Very upset about this. I have been unable to play for two days now. Not happy >:(

  7. Yes, I also am having lag time drops and well as drops before I finish getting all my three friends items collected. Sometimes if I’m dropped with one or two friends items not collected the game will froze when I try to go back to the dropped friend to finish the collection?

    • It happens to me a lot, what device are you running on? I’ve got an Android on the Kit-Kat OS (latest) and there’s definitely compatibility issues between TSTO and kit-kat. It’s getting better but EA’s been hitting a wall with Android on getting all the bugs worked out. (note: it’s not just TSTO it’s other EA games as well)

  8. Hi Bunny. Like everyone else at the moment I’m experiencing the lag issue, but I have a device specific question that I’m hoping one of you guys has heard of before.

    I went out yesterday and bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 (SM-T520) and I won’t lie, it’s main purpose is for playing Tapped Out on a big high-def screen! Whilst the lag on my mobile (HTC One M8) is still pretty bad today, it’s nothing compared to the lag on the tablet. It’s so bad that it’s just unplayable, there is even screen-tearing when scrolling!

    I’m wondering whether this has always been an issue with this particular tablet (a google search tends to suggest this) or if this is just the issue we’re all facing now.

    I’d rather have the Β£480 back ($800) if the tablet has always been bad for TO.

    • Bunny, Wookiee and I all use Galaxy Tabs, but they’re all running on Jelly Bean still. Do you know if the tab you purchased is running Kit-kat? If so that could be a big cause for he issue. There’s a lot of issues between TSTO (and other EA games) and Kit-Kat. EA is aware of them and trying to resolve them (but they’ve been hitting walls with Android). So that could be the cause of your lag time.

      • Thanks for coming back to me, Alissa. The tablet was running KitKat 4.4.2 out of the box. It’s a top-end tablet which is stupidly overpowered on paper so I couldn’t believe it would perform worse than on my mobile (cell to you guys!).

        Prior to this latest issue, what was the experience like for you three on Galaxy Tabs?

        • 0 issues on the tabs. But like I said they’re all on Jelly Bean. I love playing on the tab because of the screen, but if you can you might want to wait until the crashing issue is resolved. It’s so irritating, especially when my phone crashes (on Kit-kat) after visiting 3 neighbors, or at times it won’t even load TSTO. You’ll see the splash screen and then crash.

      • Well all of my devices have been on KitKat for a while now so it seems like a nightmare that’s never going to end! OK, thanks a lot for the info, I’m gonna hold out hope that TSTO will run as smooth as butter on the Galaxy Tablet when EA finally (if ever..) sorts their act out. The irony is, Android has a MUCH bigger market share globally than iOS, yet we’re not a priority it seems….

        • I actually think it’s an Android issue. From what we’re hearing EA is trying to work with Android on it but they’re not cooperating on all the details they need. It’s not just TSTO, it’s other EA games as well. So I think it’s on the Android side of things & not so much on the EA side of things. Because look how quick they fixed the iOS issue…because Apple worked with them to resolve it. For whatever reason Android is not as cooperative…

  9. I replied to the post that I made yesterday on that same EA thread. FPs are coming through for me just fine after today’s update, but the lag is still awful. Krustyland (whether it’s mine or the neighbors’) doesn’t seem to have the same issue, at least nowhere near the same extent as Springfield does. Neighboring main towns have gotten a little better since the initial update, but not by much, ultimately depends on how many characters they have out and about. For that reason I’ve been visiting more Krustylands than usual today.

    Thank you all for what you do here! πŸ˜€

    • I know they’re still working on the lag issue, but at least it’s getting “somewhat” better. Hopefully it’ll get fully resolved soon πŸ™‚

  10. marlboromanmat

    This just gets worse by the minute. I finally get the second update to enable the collection of Friend Points, but now the game lags to the point where it would probably be faster to type the code yourself, but wait! It gets better… Now the game crashes within 2 minutes of starting. Every time.
    And it’s even worse when you visit a friend who has a helicopter or other flying device.

  11. FP’s for new level working for me πŸ™‚

  12. I still can’t log in to the game. I was still playing Easter trying to get Fr. Sean when it forced the update. Tried uninstalling/installing, no luck. Is there a link for this problem? I’m playing on iPad.

  13. I added myself to the thread earlier today. I just deleted and re-downloaded the app for a third time, and I still can’t get into the game. Whatever the most recent update was, it didn’t fix anything for me. With a new FP prize at stake, I hope my neighbors don’t think I’m inactive now and delete me!

    • Just keep on EA and make sure a ticket is open with the issue. Sorry. Wish I could help more.

    • If they do, I don’t have any pickles on my list… πŸ™‚

    • You’re safe PicklesπŸ˜‰. I can only visit a few friends before it crashes, then I reboot and try again. EA needs to get on a winning streak soon before fans leave for another team. I’m still waving my team banner, but my arm is starting to get tired.

  14. Got the update…getting FPs… πŸ™‚

  15. I just had a two second in app update and I knew somthing was fixed.. Good thing I only visited a few towns or I would have had to wait till tomorrow to get any FP

  16. I STILL can’t get into the game without it crashing. This is why I refuse to spend a dime on a freemium game that has a terrible track record of glitches and crashes.

  17. marlboromanmat

    First, thanks to the lack of baskets glitch many of us loyal tappers missed out on some decent Freemium prizes; and now after being forcefully shunted out of the Easter theme (and therefore being made to lose various eggs) we are now FP-less. AND the lag is still there.
    If we join the dots, and I’ll try not to be too cynical here, it is beginning to look like EA have taken their eye off the ball, and Family Guy (nowhere near as good a game) is getting the attention at the expense of TSTO.
    In the real world this kind of professional incompetence would not be tolerated, and I feel the case can be made for some serious gaming compensation (a minimum “apology” of 200 donuts is a good starting point). Not only would a gesture of this kind placate the angered masses, but it would also restore the goodwill and ensure ongoing desire to keep gaming – an excellent financial incentive for EA if there was ever one.

  18. Just got an in game update and I’m getting friend points again. I’m playing on Android.

  19. Update!
    I’m now getting FP. I’m even getting FP from every visited building in my town, not just the vandalised ones.

    I do have to say the lag is less than before the first ‘fix’, no more slow motion everything, it just … uh i don’t know the right expression in English … like it gets stuck/hangs/goes very slow for a little moment. So it’s better but noy completely fixed for me.

  20. As of Thursday, May 15 2014, 05:00 PM PST, I just received a small update and I now get friend points.

  21. Woo hoo, an update! Getting FPs now, didn’t reset the count, but happy it seems to be working for level 8 FP now πŸ™‚

  22. Just updated, was maxed out on fp, got the pop up for the new skin, get into game, no skin, major lag, & no fp. Glad I decided to update.

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