5-16: Another Hotfix Update

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

Just a quick little note…another day, another HotFix update has hit our devices.  This time Hotfix2…EA’s attempt to fix the lag issue.

Personally I’ve noticed a bit of a difference in my game, but unsure if it’s related to neighbor’s storing items or if the fix has worked.  So let us know if YOU notice a difference in your game.

It also looks like this update eliminated the *ERROR task for Homer and CBG we talked about this morning…

Happy Tapping (hopefully Lag Free!)

99 responses to “5-16: Another Hotfix Update

  1. I’m kind of lost here. I can’t play the game with my account (the game crashes everytime I try to log in) since May 13 (when I updated the app). I know there have been many other problems like this, but is it still normal? I have tried to get some help from EA but no answers yet.

    • Yes, it’s still normal. Well it’s not normal, but it’s something others are still experiencing. Make sure you report it with EA (seems like you already have) so that when it is resolved they can give you the limited-time items you might have missed out on because of the lock out

  2. Still suffering serious lag. I actually stopped playing for a few days hoping that when I went back in it would be fixed. Nope. I’m currently struggling through my friend’s towns but refuse to give up.

  3. Well I got to visit my Krustyland from my B game. Now I miss my level 40 Springfield even more. 🙁 i can’t believe they haven’t fixed the games where people are locked out. It’s been almost a week.

  4. I would like to report that this updade did NOT fix the slow/animation lag problem. I have a lot of stuff in the game but it can’t be because of that since the slowness only started after the easter removal update.

  5. So, an update to my issue with losing 4 donuts yesterday. Firstly, I’m not even actually sure how I lost them but I was guessing that I may have accidentally rushed a task without even knowing it, because the game was so laggy and the tapping is sometimes so unresponsive that you have to tap things repeatedly. Sorry for negativity – just need to vent a moment among friends… I submitted to EA and CLEARLY stated that my confirm spend was ON but I had not seen anything pop up, probably due to the lag issue. FYI, I did actually double-check it was still set to on before submitting the ticket. They did reply today and did give me 5 donuts “as a one-time”, but then the rep who answered, in fairly broken English, went on and on (took an entire paragraph) to lecture me how EA has put the confirm spend function in to avoid accidentally spending donuts, and step by step instructions how to turn it on, etc. He basically made it sound like they were being so nice, even though this was entirely my fault. I wrote back and politely told them to please re-read my original post, and explained that their reply had made me actually feel worse instead of better about their customer service, and playing TSTO. How can they purport to care about their client and not be capable of reading an e-mail and applying a bit of critical reasoning skills (Don’t answer – I’m intimately familiar with how service desk global resourcing works and that first level support might as well be staffed by Mojo.)

    Don’t get me wrong – still love the game, but I see that foolish ticket answering nonsense in many areas of life, not just gaming, and as someone who spent over 10 years in the call centre/service desk industry, I can tell you that it drives me bananas. Vent over. Thanks all!

    • I completely understand how you feel. I’ve dealt with “front line” reps and been in customer service 10+ years too.

      The response they sent…I see them as “scripted” responses. I’ve got them too. I thank them for their efforts, then kindly request someone else handle my case from there on out. Lol.

      It does seem like lemon to an open wound when it happens. Just don’t let it get you down. Just try another rep if issue is still there which it sounds like they at least got you compensated. I honestly wonder at times if the email systems they use auto generate an attached response that keywords you email them trigger. Lol.

      Vent away anytime. 😉

      • What’s funny Bunny, is that usually they are scripted responses, but the frustrating response, if it was scripted, was written in poor English. No offence to anyone here, but if you’re going to outsource to India for your lvl 1 support, at least have a fluently native speaker of English write your scripted replies….. Sheesh.

      • Hey, one last update. The rep did reply to my second e-mail and apologized for their failure to properly read my e-mail and gave me 5 more donuts. They then went on and said some other (new) things that were kind of offensive to me, but at that point, all i could do was smile and shake my head. Sometimes you just gotta’ let it go….and I am 6 donuts ahead so that’s something.

  6. Still have lagging glitch, and my town isn’t even that big. I’ve been keeping my characters on mostly indoor tasks to improve it. Visiting neighbors is a nightmare; it takes forever and I have to tap on buildings multiple times to get a reaction. Some towns I can’t enter at all, some have had nothing to tap for days ( I suspect these players can’t even get into their games). I hope they can fix this soon. At least I can play….

  7. Karima Tieleman

    Still is the system to slow
    Not funny tapping at the moment
    Fix this

    • If I could I would. EA is working on it (we’re not EA…have no connection with EA). They’ve released 3 attempts to fix it and it’s helped for some but not all. All I can tell you it’s not just TSTO experiencing this lag. It’s a variety of other games as well.

  8. Yeah my game has been lagging since the Easter switch it’s the worst trying to scroll through peoples towns I can barley get through my list of friends before giving up lol

  9. Still have the lag plus it keeps crashing when I try & visit neighbors…grrr

  10. Okay, now I’m mad. I knew it would happen sooner or later. Even with my confirm on, I somehow accidentally spent 4 donuts – and I don’t even know on what – but I know it was because of lag and non-responsiveness on tapping. E-mailing EA right now!!!

    • I feel your pain. I did the same thing with 6 donuts. I hate that they switch off confirm spend!

  11. The lag didn’t change for me with this update. It’s just as bad as it always was. I have a case open with EA, but they haven’t responded yet.

    The *ERROR glitch is actually still there for me. I have Homer and CBG on their *ERROR task right now.

  12. Just noticed I’m getting very little cash for tapping on neighbours. Used to get nearly $200 now it’s nearer $25

    • Because there is a new level. As it states in the FP pop up, it is only when you max out your FP that you get that extra % multiplier. So when you max out again at Level 8, you will get it back. 😉

  13. CentralCali559

    Still have lag

  14. Anybody else get a homer task with comic book guy called “*error”?

  15. I still have a lag in my game and I keep getting kicked out of the game when I try to enter my neighbors towns.

  16. Well this new update has cursed me with the spinning donut of death. Haven’t been able to get on since yesterday afternoon. Having addiction withdrawals. 🙁

  17. Still getting the lag,lag,stutter,stutter,lag, Krustyland yay no lag but have all my friends town got a Krustyland with buildings I can tap on?Oh, back to the stutter, lag then 🙁 If I give it two fingers I can move around the towns a fraction faster quicker (definition: fingers the clean gesture on a touch screen)

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