A Very Figgy Birthday and a Super Happy Wookiee

Well hello hello.  Another year older and another year (something something).

So first off, I just have to thank all of the readers here for all the birthday wishes last Friday.  While we do get a good amount of comments on posts regularly, seeing 89 comments, and only one was from my Mom, was really special. They say for every person that comments, nine others thought about it and didn’t and that number just blows my noggin.  Over a thousand of you just took the time to click the post.  Wowza.

I had a great bday as those things go and spent the day in Disneyland so I have no complaints at all.  Got some stuff from family and friends and all in all, it was just the sort of relaxation needed before batting down the hatches for finals preparation.  Special thanks to my Mom for renting a poolside cabana on Saturday.

Anywho… there’s actually a point for this turn at word slinging.  My amazing friends/”sisters from another mister” on this blog not only surprised me with that birthday post but also sent me a prezzie and having received it yesterday, I had to share.

They got me LEGO mini-figures!

Minifig Packages

Woo frakkin hoo!  I don’t know if words can describe how excited I was.  Alissa found me an amazing Homer card (keeping it as they both signed it and obviously are blog famous)…

Bday Card Bday Card 2

Bunny in true form filled it full of candy to give me diabetes…. Yes I ate some Foo Foo even if candy isn’t something I eat regularly.  Helped that I was hungry and the commercial recommended Snickers lol.

Bday Package

All that was great but the mini-figs were tucked in the bottom of the package in that manila envelope.  I knew what they were the second I touched the parcel and was literally smiling from one fuzzy ear to the other.  Despite other things I probably should have been doing, I immediately spent the next 30 minutes opening the packages.  Don’t tell my Mom the only scissors I found were her good ones lol.  (hopefully you get the irony of me writing that and showing a pic)

Fig Opening

Milhouse popped up first (gotta come up Milhouse sometimes, right?) followed by Maggie, Bart, Grampa, Itchy, Apu, Burns, Nelson, Scratchy, Flanders, Marge, Wiggum, Krusty, Lisa and finally Homer.  Here’s all my new friends.

Fig Friends

I actually said hello to Wiggum when he appeared and did Krusty’s laugh as his head fell out (the figs come unassembled).  Yes, I’m a nerd.

The time the lady addicts must have spent to make sure I got no duplicates makes this gift even more special.  They really are two of the best people I’ve ever gotten the chance to meet, let alone become close to.  As a funny bonus, you may have realized Ralph didn’t appear with all the gang.  Alissa swears it’s because he’s hard to identify and said something about him feeling like Milhouse (hands off the children Lis lol) but I know it’s all some super secret prank on me because they know it would become my new personal mission to track down Ralph.  Guess my local comic book store is in for a long visit soon.

Even without Ralphie (I can wait, we all know he bends wookiees), my thoughts on these figures is that they’re just great!  If you can afford these, they are very rad and the detail put into each one is amazing.  I love these little figs so much I find it nearly impossible to pick a favorite.  Even their props are funny. Everything is easy to put together even if Marge and Lisa’s skirts made my giant mitts fumble.  My daughter and I both like the Milhouse fig the most…  Me because this figure cameoed in the LEGO Movie and her because that’s just her favorite Simpsons character besides CBG.

Having these makes me so happy and it makes me even more stoked that we’re giving over 30 of them away to our readers here.  Hope everyone is participating in the daily contests.

Flanders makes me laugh and Homer has a donut which you know makes me think of TSTO.  All of them are designed so sweetly.

Fig Close-ups

Doesn’t Maggie look like she’s concerned over Grampa’s pride over his hilarious news article?  Makes me laugh.

These figs are all so gnarly.  I figured I’d share real quick and also just take the time to thank all of you (and especially Alissa and Bunny) for being so awesome and making a good day even better.  Until my family yells at me, the figs will be sentinels next to the computer.  They also provide inspiration for much-needed study breaks.  There’s no doubt I wouldn’t have gotten this great present without this amazing blog so again, thank you to all from the bottom of my heart.  I’m a very lucky Fuzzball.

Figs and the post

Keep on tapping in the free world, play the contest (even one of these figs is worth it), TTFN and much love from the Wookiee!

32 responses to “A Very Figgy Birthday and a Super Happy Wookiee

  1. Soooo envious! I ordered a few baggies online from the Lego store, but it will take a few days till I get them. And of course no guarantee they are all different, or which ones are in there.
    i am also still wrestling with myself over buying the Lego-Simpsons House. It is rather expensive, and rather big. After the first excitement and assembling it will probably only take up shelf space and gather dust. But I want it so much!!!

    • I want it a ton too. The joy of building it would be immense but then what to do with it. Still on the fence and my current bankroll forbids it lol.

  2. I’m pretty jealous!
    Nice to hear you had a great birthday!
    (It’s also lovely seeing someone take the time out to thank others in such a nice way, you don’t see that often)

  3. I was just looking at mini figs on amazon, you can pick up Ralph for $8.50!

  4. the ultimate gift! good luck on your finals


  6. Awesome…you are blessed to be so loved by those around you!!! May all your days be partly happy with a chance of joy… 🙂

    • …sorry there, Wookiee…meant, “mostly happy”…oops!!!

      • I thought the “partly” fit in nicely with the forecast. You’re like a future feelings meterologist lol.

        • Wookiee…you and I both know that having kids means that moments of joy are inevitable…take lots, and lots of pictures…spend all the time possible with them…they get big fast and at that point, we become stupid…enjoy…I know you will…and if you would, tell the girls I wish them the same…well if they ever have kids…lol. 🙂

  7. Love that Mickey cup… still waitin’ on you too add me in TSTO

  8. Great post I said your birthday would be awesome. But it looks like it was totally awesome. It’s the little things in life that makes it all worth it. Enjoy your Simpson sentinels but the question now is who is taking the wookster to the a Amc dine-in for the X-men on Friday.

  9. That was so awesome of Alissa & Bunny! (even if they probably had too much fun molesting the bags to figure out who was in them LOL)

    I checked the toys at work, but we don’t have them (hopefully we’ll get some soon). I might have to break down & buy some off of eB… that place where if it exists, you can get it.

    Glad you are happy, & it sounds like you had an awesome birthday!

    Now get back to studying, if we have to be missing you here, it better be because you aced everything 😉

  10. Wow…..what an awesome present. Glad you had a great day at the “Magic Kingdom”……..BTW…..they did send Ralph, but he stuck himself up his OWN nose and vanished.😜

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