Sunday Night Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

How are my favorite Tappers this evening?  Everyone enjoying their weekend? Get anything productive done?  Here at Addicts HQ we’ve been spending this Sunday cleaning up the blog a bit.  Updating some old posts/pages & making things look all pretty after the craziness of all the Events in a row.  All little things to help you (and us) navigate TSTO Addicts that much better!

Anyway….it IS Sunday and you know what that means, right?  No, not time to build Dr. Hibbert’s shed…we’ll leave that for Chester! It’s time for another Sunday Night Open Thread!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Sunday Night Open Thread.  No new episodes of The Simpsons until the Fall, how will YOU now spend your Sunday nights?  Level 41 hit our games this past week, what do you think of the new characters & story-lines?  EA surprised us all with a sweet little apology yesterday, and gave us all 20 Free Donuts!  How will you spend your sprinkles?  Our LEGO contest wrapped up last night, what did you think of it and the results?  Will you be collecting the Simpson’s Minifigs now?

So chat about The Simpsons, TSTO, LEGOs, Free Donuts, your favorite sports team and anything else your little tapping fingers desire!

Can’t wait to chat with you all!

Have Fun!


428 responses to “Sunday Night Open Thread

  1. Sittin here, tapping away, and thoughts return to the ‘sidewalk’ requests. I think several people have posted requests, so I’m thinking one of these days EA will comply. Buuut. How about a RR station? Every town has one. And how can I be from “the wrong side of the tracks” when there ain’t any? LOL

    • I think EA assumes we’re **all** from the wrong side of the tracks LOL. Actually, we want a monorail 😀

  2. It’s too quiet in here, somebody must be up to something 😉

  3. Whew, I don’t think I should have taken 3 of the pain meds, it’s only Tramadol, but I feel a little loopy… then again I did take 2 of the muscle relaxers LOL Gotta start my work week tomorrow, so want to get some decent sleep without pain. Will probably pass out in bout 15 or less, then have to be up at 5:30 (6.5 hrs), Sounds about right 🙂 So, nappy nappy nighty night all. Good night or morning to all of you 🙂

    8^ O


  4. Jessica shaffstall

    Has anyone noticed that since the update we are getting more donuts from our neighbors. I have 100 neighbors and normally I receive one donut from tapping in all of their towns. Tonight I received 5 donuts! I’m wondering if I just got lucky or if more users were experiencing this.

    • Yes Jessica!, I rarely ever got donuts when visiting before the last update, but I’ve gotten about 5 in the last day. I love it 🙂

    • I have bad donut luck! Since getting cool Lisa on Friday I’ve only gotten 1 donut from neighbors. I rarely get any so I was super happy to get that one! Then on Monday I FINALLY won donuts from the KL balloon pop. Woo Hoo! Six free donuts!

  5. I just bought the 9.99 donut option for 132 donuts with my PayPal MasterCard. Same way I always pay but I did not get my donuts. I got one error message saying i already own that item (weird cuz it’s donuts) then one saying it was cancelled yet my PayPal account shows the money was taken out so now what do I do!?!? I need my donuts or my money back! HELP!!!!!

    • A few options you can try…contact EA to see if they can help. Or contact PayPal to dispute the charges. Let us know how it goes.

    • I would definitely contact Paypal, but don’t bother with the phone reps, it will take a little insistence, but get a mgr. I have found if you are calm & explain the problem to them, they will take care of the situation. I’ve had them give me $100 credit, just for all of the hassles I went through on a purchase.

  6. Happy Memorial Day! God bless all of our servicemen and women, current and past. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to speak our minds here! Thank you 😀

  7. That’s our Silly 😉

  8. I was just in Bunny’s “A” game and she finally has some new 2D artwork up……isn’t it amazing…great job Bunny!!….some of your best work!!😉

  9. Goodnight everyone, it’s been fun 🙂

    • Wait I just got here.

      • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

        • Hey you, I didn’t see you commentating tonight. Hope everything is alright.

          • Bittersweet this time of year. It will pass.

            • I think I know what you are getting at. I am the same way. I have 1 today 1 in june, july, august and sept. All within the last four years. It really doesn’t make me look forward to the summer. Keep your head up kiddo!

              • 17 + in two year span. Makes it difficult at times. I go through the ups and downs…find my way back eventually.

              • granmamaDar

                Ouch, mine is just one event, but it was only a year in January. I think it’s going to take quite a while to get back to normal (well normal for me).

            • Yup just like the triple digit highs!

              • granmamaDar

                Ughhh, don’t remind me. Shade here I come! I guess I can sit under the umbrella with my feet dangling in the pool. I hate sunscreen, it’s so icky. I’ll venture out into the pool for a quick cooldown, but I burn easily.

            • Here’s a cheer up. Read your post responded went to the track bet raise by wolves won built pen malaria Kristy shuttle and still have 60000 to go. Your my lucky wabbits foot.

            • I understand, mine is usually the end of Jan., then again the first of April.

        • We tried waiting for you guys! It’s been a loonnngggg weekend, thank goodness I have today to rest LOL 🙂

          • I was doing schoolwork till then. I have a crazy week this week. I have well school. Then the start of a new wave and training on another wave and possibly visits for that as well. I might not be around that much besides waiting for my doctors appointments.

            • Wow, you are busy. Dr’s appts? I do hope it isn’t serious!

              • Monthly meds visit.

              • granmamaDar

                That sucks, I only have to go every 3 months. That reminds me, ugh, I need to call & make an appt. with my primary for yearly physical , mammo, & bloodwork. It’s about 60 miles one way, right down the street from my back dr., maybe I can coordinate them with each other. I hate fasting bloodwork, I want my caffeine in the morning LOL

              • My doc says that I can have 1 six oz cup of coffee and 1 eight oz cup of water before blood work if I have to fast.

              • granmamaDar

                Fortunately, I can have water. I usually only have 1 diet coke a day, in the morning, to keep away the caffeine headache, one day I cheated & didn’t tell them I’d had it, but my bloodwork had been excellent for about 5 years. They usually just check liver & kidney functions & my 3 month blood sugar levels. A few of the meds I’m on can damage your liver especially, & kidneys, so they want to monitor that. I also get nagged about my chol levels, but they aren’t that far out of the normal range. High BP, Diabetes, & High Chol. runs in the fam among other things, but oral meds controls it all pretty good. Water, water, water, it’s the magic potion 🙂

              • I hear you.

              • granmamaDar

                I always try to schedule my appointments early also , which makes it easier. The QT right down the street before the 101 makes a great stop for my “fix” LOL.

              • This doctor is over off bell and the 17. I hate going all the way out there. I am in the process of looking for a closer one. 2 hours travel time is way too much for me!!!

              • granmamaDar

                I’ll make the drive, too much hassle finding another one I trust. I drive all the way to 7th St & Camelback for one of my docs, but he’s the one I only see once every 3 months

              • That’s not too bad saying its all highway. Only way for me to get to mine is down bell Rd and there is so much construction plus getting thru arrowhead mall is a nightmare.

              • granmamaDar

                Yuck! Not fun driving on the surface streets. When I was in middle school We lived at 16th St. & Bell, it was only 2 lanes then LOL

              • Bunny and wookie did you hear your shout out on adiposes last stream?

              • No… that was nice of him.

              • Yeah in the beginning of his last episode. Shout to you guys and the site. I applauded and was excited for you.

      • You missed it, I passed out LOL!

    • So I just blew a hundred grand on land and houses to save FEMA village. I put the houses in line so it didn’t look too much like a house farm. But hopefully you people won’t have to wait for me to wake up to clear shakes. I think I will line them up better next weekend. Maybe try and do as cutisacs.

      • I never thought of doing that! great idea! It sounds like something I’d like to try 🙂

      • Awww, man I spaced & tagged you (only 1x), before realizing what I was doing. Your town is building up quite nicely. I like the design you are going with. You need a few more blue houses though.

        100 degrees was not making me a happy camper today. I need to find some shade when I park at work, most of the trees are too close to the store, might consider parking by one of the other businesses in the lot, on the west side… or, (UGHHH), working at 5 in the morning. Not happening on Sundays though, too much fun staying up late Saturday nights 😀

  10. Dang…what’s up???…I dare my neighbors to put “Freak was Here” in there town…lol…got four… 🙂

  11. Vivoy! my bottom left corner pocket neighbor! 🙂 Always makes me smile to see your handshake down there 🙂

  12. Mike ( not S )

    My OCD tip of the day:
    If you turn a few random trees, potted flowers or any thing used in a large area of the same thing, it gives a much more natural, less patterned look.

    Dear EA ( if you’re reading this ) will you please possibly give us a desert area? Dirt roads and pathways, boulders, cactus, the Devil’s Anvil? A proper place for Mount Carlmore?

    Also camping tents for the beach and Kamp Krusty and desert area? 🙂

    And the Duff topiary and taco truck for Springfield, too? 🙂 How cool would the Duff Topiary look in front of the Duff Brewery?

    And the potted ficus in the files?

    That’s all for now. Thanks for listening.


  13. Bartman possible costume? Also would like to see Gil and Lionel Hutts as characters

  14. EvilKitten812

    So since tonights theme seems to be Stephen King (BTW, also a fan) I’m assuming we have a lot of horror buffs here. What is your favorite type of horror, movie wise, slasher/killer or paranormal style?

    • Hey Evilkitten! I’m not really into slasher movies, I’ll watch them, but they aren’t my preference. As far as paranormal, probably lean more that way, but never did like Paranormal Activity or whatever that Witch one was, they were both snoozefests for me. I like a lot of M. Night Shyamalan’s stuff, as far as movies. There’s an older movie called “Dreamscape” that I like, probably because it had a little bit of intrigue to it.

      • EvilKitten812

        Yeah. To me slashers have lost their touch. I still love em, but I enjoy ghost horrors more (whether religious possession or movies like the haunting) I’m big into paranormal stuff, so that could be why (love Ghost Hunters) and currently am writing a paranormal horror novel.

    • A day late, but I like it all. If I had to choose I’d say slasher because being a makeup artist I love the effects and trying to figure out what they used to make all the gore. Plus I usually think they’re hilarious and love a good laugh.

      • Oh yes Lekitty, it fascinates me to see the time it takes to do the makeup & prosthetics. I laugh at the slasher movies, too! LOL

      • EvilKitten812

        I did enjoy ‘face off’ that show was good. And yes, slashers are a good laugh anymore. The thing that gets me about them, I always know what’s coming because they hardly ever have an unpredictable story line. But as a horror buff, I watch anything horror. Love the stuff.

        • OMGosh yes! FaceOff (movie, not series) is one I have on VHS & DVD!! Cage & Travolta should have done more movies together, they are both favorite actors of mine, and the way they pulled off being each other, oh man, it was **perfect**!

          Maybe that’s why I find modern horror to be blah at times, way too predictable. I still do, of course, watch a lot of them. Mostly stuff like The Last House On The Left, which the remake was actually half decent. Still too predictable. My family gets PO’d at me when at the beginning of the movie I tell them who the killer is, LOL. Maybe it’s from 45 years of watching them?

      • EvilKitten812

        Lol I do that too. And yes, FaceOff the movie was fantastic. Cage is also one of my favs!

        • Awesome! I love Nick too, I even have the 1st movie he did, talk about terrible LOL! One of my favs definitely has to be Family Man, right behind Con Air… that one makes me cry every time I watch it, and that’s been no less than 20 times LOL!

      • EvilKitten812

        Love Conair. Also love the National Treasures and Gone In 60 Seconds, even though I’m not a big fan of Angelina Jolie. And yes, I have seen his first movie too, I know what you mean. Family Man was a good one as well. Have you ever seen Leaving Las Vegas? That one makes me cry.

        • Hey Evilkitten! Thought I was the only one who actually watched his first one LOL. I have it on VHS (thanks to eBay). I’ve been starting a whole collection of his movies, but still have a long way to go. Did see Leaving Las Vegas, but it’s one I’m just ok with. I love movies, rarely watch TV, except for Bones & started watching Revolution when it came out, haven’t checked to see if the next season is out yet though for either of them. I’ve still got 2 movies I need to watch, but always end up going back to my favorites LOL.

  15. I hear you snoring Wookiee 😉

    It’s ok, I’m pretty Kentucky fried right about now. Watching a 3 yr old for 12 hours will kill ya at my age LOL

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