Tapped Out Walkthroughs: Level 43 & the Princess

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Level 43 brought a much needed update to the often forgotten Krustyland!  Not only did we see new rides, restaurants & decorations but we also saw, for the first time, a new character introduced through Krustyland!  Princess Penelope brings humor & fun back to Krustyland & keeps us tapping those tickets, at least for 1 week anyway!

While we’ve had the Turbo Tappin’ walkthrough up since the update first hit (you can view it here) I know many of you still love going back and reading old walkthroughs.  They’re great if you missed any of the dialogue while playing the level, or if you just want to know what to expect when you reach Level 43.  So for those that may have missed it (or for those of you that want to live it again)…I bring you all the fun and humor of Princess Penelope & Level 43…..

unlock_princesspenelope krustysgiantwheel_menu

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 1
Krusty starts

Krusty: Get me my lawyer!  The Krustyland Shuttle has an advertisement for a new feature called “Princess Penelope’s Palace”.  I never ordered that!
Blue Haired Lawyer: Remember when you were going to marry Princess Penelope?  Well, in your prenup you gave her 50% of Krustyland.  And now she wants control.
Krusty: But I never even married her!
Blue Haired Lawyer: Turns out “marriage” wasn’t a requirement.  I guess I did a pretty bad job negotiating that prenup.  But I was in love with love!
Krusty: I hope you at least got me something in return.
Blue Haired Lawyer: She agreed to wait until you reached age 70 to get the remaining half.
Krusty: Good work.  My doctor says there’s no way I’m living past 63.
Blue Haired Lawyer: Princess Penelope also wishes to expand the appeal of the Park with a couple of new “family friendly” attractions.  Think more balloon, less beer.
Krusty: What?! She’s pretty demanding for a 27 year old non-ex-wife in an overpriced dollar store costume.
Blue Haired Lawyer: And she’ll also need you to build a giant wheel in her honor.
Place Balloons– Place 2 Balloons in Krustyland (Scratchy and Poochie are freemium, Itchy is premium)
Reach Level 43 and Build Krusty’s Giant Wheel– 4,000 Tickets, 24hr build. 

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 2
Krusty starts

Krusty: I was in love with Princses Penelope, and she dumped me like poop from a cruise ship.  She can have her stupid “palace”, but I never want to see her face again.  Wait, what the hell is that?
Blue Haired Lawyer: We’re projecting her giant face on low-flying clouds.
Krusty: Turn it off!
Blue Haired Lawyer: It’s doubled park attendance.
Krusty: Turn it on!
Send Park Goers to Ride Krusty’s Giant Wheel– 2hrs, x10.  Earns 33tickets and 27xp for freemium and 50 tickets and 40xp for Premium .  Send 10 characters to ride Krusty’s Wheel in Krustyland…
Here’s a list of who you can send:
Bart, Carl, Skinner, Nelson, Eddie, Lou, Squeaky Voiced Teen, Martin, Comic Book Guy, Milhouse, Homer, Lisa, Otto, Sideshow Mel, Marge, Wiggum, Lenny, Moleman, Kearney, Cletus, Princess Penelope & Sherri & Terri

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 3
Princess Penelope starts

Princess Penelope: Hello, Krusty.  I hope you’re not still mad I broke off our relationship.
Krusty: Actually, it’s real nice to see you.  And I gotta say you’ve really fixed up this piece of crap theme park.
Princess Penelope: Well, I just planted some flowers around the crap pieces.
Krusty: Oh, I love flowers.  Lotus blossoms, opium poppies, ‘shrooms.  They’re flowers, right?
Princess Penelope: Let’s plant some together.  And afterwards I’ll stroke your brow and sing you your favorite song.
Krusty: “You’re A Cuddly Wuddly Krusty”?  Oh boy!
Plant some Krustyland Flowers- x10.  Plant 10 flowers around Krustyland.
Make Princess Penelope Play A Princess Song- 8hrs, Earns 82 tickets, 70xp

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 4
Princess Penelope starts

Princess Penelope: Krusty, we need to talk.  Can we go somewhere quiet and safe?
Krusty: Not in Krustyland.
Princess Penelope: Let’s take a ride on the giant wheel.  At least we’ll be above the never-ending smell of churros.
Krusty: Actually, I installed churro scent nozzles in every car ont he giant wheel.  Half the park income comes from churros.  Interesting fact.
Make Penelope and Krusty Take a Ride on Krusty’s Giant Wheel- 12hrs, Earns 252 Tickets, 200xp.  

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 5
Krusty starts

Krusty: So why’d you ask me on that rickety death ride, the park’s safest and most modern attraction?
Princess Penelope: I had something dramatic to tell you, but I was a little nervous!
Krusty: Well, spit it out!
Princess Penelope: We have a son!
Krusty: A son?! Glurg.
Make Krusty Recover from a small Heart Attack– 12hrs, Earns 126 tickets, 100xp
Princess Penelope: I named him after you and me: Shmoikel Mountbatten Hapsburg Hohenzollern Mulan Pocahontas.
Krusty: Well, at least there won’t be any other kids with the same name in his kindergarten class.
Princess Penelope: Oh, he’s not in kindergarten.  He’s 25.
Krusty: But you’re only 27.  How is that possible?
Princess Penelope: I dunno.  Maybe he didn’t play enough freemium mobile games.  Nothing keeps you young like playing freemium mobile games.
Krusty: That’s extremely unlikely.
Princess Penelope: Well, if anyone has another explanation, tweet it to #TappedOutShmoikel.  If we think your idea is funny, we might give you something special, like I don’t know, a GAZILLION donuts!
Krusty: Fat chance!  Anyway, let’s assume we’ve got a grown-up son and get on with the story.

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 6
Krusty starts

Krusty: So what’s this son of mine like, anyway?
Princess Penelope: He’s obese, a high school dropout, and has recurring jaundice.  He spends his days playing weird board games with his friends and he likes to kiss me on the lips.
Krusty: *groan* When women tell me they’ve had my secret baby, they never say “and he’s a genius”.
Princess Penelope: He just needs someone to give him a job with real responsibility.  Of course, if you did that he’d probably be so busy you’d never see him.
Krusty: You had me at “never see him”!
Princess Penelope: …..That’s why I’ve decided we should put him in charge of Krustyland!
Krusty: Glurg!
Make Krusty Recover from a small Heart Attack– 12hrs, Earns 126 tickets, 100xp

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 7
Krusty starts

Krusty: As long as I own half of Krustyland, I’m not putting some kid in charge.   This is a job for a sensible adult who can make reasoned, mature decisions.
Princess Penelope: Then how about we play a hand of poker.  Winner gets all of Krustyland.
Krusty: A crazy gamble?  Done.
Build the Duff Pavilion
Make Krusty and Princess Penelope Play Poker- 12hrs, Earns 252 tickets, 200xp
Krusty: I can’t believe I lost.
Princess Penelope: That’s because “three of the same color” isn’t a poker hand.
Krusty: Don’t tell the monkey that.  It’s the only way I ever beat him.  Well, you own all the park now.  Have fun with it.  You’ll be the first person who ever did.  

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 8
Lisa starts

Lisa: Wow, I love what Krusty’s son has done with Krustyland.  Especially for a guy that never appears.
Marge: It’s so clean!  He’s even added a private room for nursing mothers, instead of that bench next to where guys line up to get into the men’s toilet.
Lisa: I like how instead of sullen teens manning the food kiosks, ti’s now disengaged hipsters.
Sherri (or is it Terri?): Come on!  Princess Penelope is giving a free concert at Sleeping Itchy’s Castle.
Terri (or is it Sherry?): I’m gonna whip myself into a princess frenzy and the go nuts at the Enchanted Cave of Tie-In Merchandise.
Make Marge and Lisa Go to a Princess Penelope Concert– 12hrs, Earns 252 Tickets, 200xp
Make Princess Penelope Perform a Concert- 12hrs, Earns 126 tickets, 100xp
Make Sherri and Terri Go to a Princess Penelope Concert- 12hrs, Earns 180 tickets, 150xp (only if you have Sherri and Terri will this come up)

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 9
Marge starts

Marge: Isn’t this nice?  Princess Penelope is playing guitar and singing in a carriage.  Wait.  Where did that driving beat drop from?
Sherri (or is it Terri?): Who are all those male dancers?
Terri (or is it Sherry?): Why is she ripping off her dress?
Marge: She’s Alaska Nebraska-ing her kid-friendly image!
Make Marge Cover Lisa’s Eyes- 12hrs, Earns 126 tickets, 100xp
Make Lisa Struggle to Peek- 12hrs, Earns 126 tickets, 100xp

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 10
Krusty starts

Krusty: I gotta say, our kid’s done a great job with Krustyland.
Princess Penelope: We learned a valuable lesson about parenting too.
Krusty: Yea.  Stay out of the picture for 25 years, then give them everything you own, and things will be fine.   It worked for Rupert Murdoch.  Will I ever actually get to see my 25 year old son?
Princess Penelope: No, Krusty.  He’s returned to where he came from: the Land of People Who Are Only Needed for Plot Points.  It’s next to MacGuffin island.  You know.  I’ve reserved the penthouse at the Krustyland Hotel.  It comes with two white tigers.  Would you like to be the third….?
Krusty: Shmlug
Make Krusty Recover from a small Heart Attack– 12hrs, Earns 126 tickets, 100xp

And with that you’ve completed Level 43!
What do YOU think of the dialogue?  Did you enjoy Level 43?  Were you excited about the new content for Krustyland?  How about the unique way they introduced a new character?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

59 responses to “Tapped Out Walkthroughs: Level 43 & the Princess

  1. Hi, I’m on part 5 of this quest (have Krusty recover from a small heart attack) but it won’t let me do it, even when krusty is free. There is no blue box that says do it or whatever. When I manually select the quest on krustys task list, it is greyed out, saying I need the K land entrance. I placed this in Springfield after nuking K land but it is still greyed out.
    Did anyone else have this problem? If so, how did you solve it?

    • Having the same problem, No blue box, Not missing any buildings as far as i know. Driving me insane!

  2. excuse me, can I get help from here, so I actually have unlocked Cocoa and Miss hoover and looking forward to unlock Bernice Hibbert and Roger Myers. In krustyland I have unlocked food needle. If I finally get Roger Myer, would I be able to unlock Princess penelope quests? or, should I unlock tooth chipper?

    • Ups! Sorry, I just scrolled to read some reply and found my answer, so I have to unlocked all character untill level 42 and do not worries even if I had just build food needle.

  3. Do I absolutely HAVE to get this character before I get any characters from further levels? Im lvl 48 atm, and Im stuck with this mission (as I couldnt care less about krustyland) and I havent gotten any new carácter/level missions

  4. I worked hard to get the donuts to buy the one balloon that wasn’t free to get the princess task to start and get the gaint wheel . ALL FOR NOTHING!!!!!😣

  5. Why dont my krustyland tasks show up?? I still havent built the fleet a pita or gotten this princess

  6. I can’t complete part 8 because Marge doesn’t appear in Krustyland to attend the concert. Is there something I need to do to bring her over?

    • Check how far you are on the Krustyland Questline as each Character triggers as you build and expand it. Also check main Questlines in Springfield to ensure you’re fully into Level 43.

      Easiest thing is list your name and part #s of ALL open Tasks in your Task bar and compare them to the walkthroughs on the site

  7. I’m stuck on Part 4 because everytime I go to Krustyland, Krusty isnt there, even when he isn’t doing a job in Springfield, and when I click on Princess Penelope, it says it requires Krusty for the job (make Penelope and Krusty take a ride on Krustys giant wheel)

  8. Hello there. Quick question for you I just finished princess Penelope at the end of the the last quest it said “congratulations you just got a princess Penelope….. I tapped too quickly and I can’t find the rest of that dialogue. Do you know what it is? Thanks.

    • It says you unlocked a new job for her. And she can now sleep in the penthouse with two white tigers.

      • Oh lol. Thanks sorry for wasting your time on that. But thank-you. But do have a better question maybe worth your time I’ve seen in a few of my neighbors towns this item it’s a circle board connected to one wheel maybe like archery practice you touch it , it sounds like it’s winding up.? If that makes since. Thanks,

      • No its new only a few people has it . They place it near their Tapp ball game it just looks like a dart board on a wheel. But thank-you for trying I do always appreciate the help.

  9. I am now level 44 and have still not gotten the prompt for this quest line. Could I have done something wrong along way?

    • You need your game play to match your XP level. So most likely you haven’t finished building a character/building combo at a lower level which is why this hasn’t popped for you

      • But i finished everything else in Krustyland

        • That doesn’t matter. This is a LEVEL quest. It’ll trigger even if you have nothing done in Krustyland. You still have to complete the requirements for the previous levels before it will trigger.

          • So what do I need to do before it unlocks then?

            • You need to complete each character unlock/building that comes with each level prior. Level 43 questline won’t trigger until you’ve built the building/character for Level 42. Level 42 won’t trigger until you’ve built the character/building for Level 41 and so on. So basically…you need to finish the tasks in your task bar that are related to character unlocks/level builds before you get there.

              • Jessie Cooke

                Oh, ok! Yea I have a lot banked up because I use my money on the mountain of money! Thanks so much!!

  10. Italian Beauty

    Really don’t like that you have to Build the Duff Pavillion at Krustyland’s Part 38 in order to continue with Level 43. Not fair to make it part of Part 7 of Level 43’s quest line and then not be able to do it when you get to that point. It’s a good thing Lenny & Carl are at the Krustyland Hotel right now (Part 37). I’ll be able to continue with Level 43 when I get home from work.

  11. Hi, I finished all the princess quests, I have the blue haired lawyer, and now it’s been weeks since anything is happening in KL I’m at a standstill ever since the mutant plant event, am I missing something, I want to put up some more rides. I read all the walkthroughs but they stop at the point im at. I am currently at level 47. Please help.

  12. Heya, this is probably obvious but do I really have to complete these Krustyland tasks to level up?! Love my Springfield but purposely neglect Krustyland because the game already consumes a little too much of my time :p I’ve been trapped at level 46 based on XP for ages and I assume this is the culprit.

  13. So you have to have blue lawyer to unlock the princess ????

  14. So, I’m still at the Krustyland Hotel quest. Will that affect my chance of starting this one, she’s my next quest coming up and it takes forever to get tickets in Krustyland. I would farm for them, but I don’t think you can’t there. Also, ********* from part 5 on Twitter is still going on even today. Do you know if the prize was awarded?

    • As the thing you are asking about has nothing to do with our site, no… we do not know. You would have to check with whoever ran it.

      As far as tickets in Krustyland, instead of tapping on neighbors Springfields… go to their Krustyland instead and tap on tickets to help you. 🙂

  15. Hey I’m really late to this party, just got to this quest line (hope you get notifications so you see this). My question is about the Twitter thing. I see a lot of people have posted under the hash tag and are still posting even today. Is there any word on if anyone won anything from it? I have a good idea for an explanation, but I don’t have a twitter and was wondering if it’s worth making one just for this.

  16. I just levelled up to lvl. 43. What triggers it? I’ve only recently started Krustyland, just built Sideshow You. Do I need everything else in Krustyland before I can start level 43, or is it just having to build the Itchy and Scratchy studios to kick of level 42 before lvl 43 starts, regardless of where your KL is? Thanks!

    • Building Itchy and Scratchy Studios and unlocking Roger triggers it. I don’t think you have to have K-Land complete but you do have to be into that questline. (i know for one of the quests Duff Gardens has to be built, but it will still trigger before that)

  17. How do I get the princess and the pea brain quest to start? I just placed 2 balloons in Kristy land any help would be nice please and thanks

    • Try storing the balloons and then placing them again to see if it fixes this. If not, you may need to buy 2 more. A couple folks placed theirs before the quest prompted and were fixed with those solutions.

  18. I’ve been on level 43 for over a week now and still haven’t been able to start the princess quests. Is there anything I have to accomplish 1st?

  19. Is there somewhere list of Princesses quests? I just gave her 12 hour quest in Springfield and she went to Krusty Studios!! I purchased that one just yesterday. Is her 12-hour quest blocked unless you have Krusty Studios?

  20. Wait so marge availble in your Springfield after the quest is done.

  21. What is in the premium box that comes along with the purchase of the 576 donuts that are on sale?

  22. The game won’t let me build Duff Pavilion. I’m level 43, it tell me reach level 29!& start the “the krusty-est place on earth pt38″quest any ideas?

  23. John Spaulding

    I lost one of my towns again and started from the beginning. When its time to tap on Lisa to shop at the qwicky-mart it wants me to tap on apu to see what he has to say and back to Lisa. Back and forth no escape. Un and reinstalled repeatedly. Any ideas?

  24. AmhernandezUNT

    Anybody else encountering the balloon placement glitch for the princess quest? I haven’t been able to proceed through the quest because my game won’t register when I place balloons…

  25. there was a black info box that popped up at the end of the last quest. i tapped too fast and didn’t get to read it. do you know what it said??

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