From the Mouths of Addicts: A Conversation with TPhillips621

From the Mouths august tapper

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Welcome to another edition of From the Mouths of Addicts, where YOU get to sound off on anything and everything in the world of Tapped Out!  This week’s post is all about our Tapper of the Month for August TPhillips621!

Back on August 4th, we announced the TSTO Communities of Topix, Addicts & game voted Tphillips as the Tapper of the Month during our monthly Shout Out! As part of the Tapper of the Month, we interviewed Tphillips to get a better feel for why he created his Springfields the way he did and some advice he might have for other Tappers when it comes to design.

So without further ado let’s see what he had to say!

The basics:

Origin ID: Tphillips621
A little more about Tphillips:
“Hey guys! My name is Tyler and I am 24 years old and I currently live in Colorado Springs, Colorado however I am originally from the great cheese state of Wisconsin!  For the past five years I have served in the United States Army as a military police officer and I am currently stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado! Other than the army I am a avid Green Bay Packers and Milwaukee Brewers fan and I also love to go hiking and enjoy the outdoors. I have been playing TSTO since December 2013 however I wish I started a long time ago! First and foremost the reason I love playing TSTO is due to the Simpsons show. I have been watching The Simpsons ever since I can remember and its great that I can now be the architect of my own Springfield and build it from the ground up. I love being able to take time and utilize the level of detail that the game offers. Its really amazing! Oh and not to mention being able to collect all the Springfield characters and buildings! I think I should be featured in the monthly shout out because I have put a ton of time and detail into my Springfield and my hope is that other tappers can use some of my ideas in their Springfield’s just as I have done and its always a good thing to get my name out there and make some more great neighbors!”

Tphillip621’s Springfield:

You can see more shots from Tphillips Springfield here

Q & A With Tyler:

Addicts: What are your favorite decorations to use and why?   

Tyler: I really enjoy using all the decorations depending on what im placing them around. However I really enjoyed using trees and shrubs to build my Great forest of the north. I plan on continually expanding and adding to it!

A: How long did it take you to decide how to design your town? 

T: I have built my Springfield in pieces depending on what building I am building next. So basically section by section. It has helped me keep it neat and organized to my liking. I do however look over my town and make changes constantly until I feel that is perfect. I guess you could say I have tapped out OCD.

A: What was your inspiration for your design? 

T: When I first began playing I used EA’s ” Other Springfield” to help base my designs off until I got the hang of the game. Now I just use my own designs and I also like to implement other tappers designs and apply them with my style.

A: What brought you to our silly lil site? 

T:  I found tsto addicts by use of google. After I found it I have been using it to get my fix of tsto news and updates.

A: What keeps you sticking around our silly lil site? 

 T: Well you guys are the first to keep us addicts informed of all news and updates. Also the showcases, madmen, and other posts you guys do offers a great read.

A: What do you like best about each Addicts Team Member (Alissa, Bunny, Wookiee)? 

T: You guys all have great writing styles and Wookie posts some awesome designs!

A: What will buy with your donuts?  

T: I think I might buy the ferris wheel for my boardwalk or save them up for the next update. I have also been thinking getting the try and save and making it into a gas station what do you guys think?

A: What made you decide to enter into the Shout Out competition? 

T: I wanted to showcase my designs and get more involved with the tsto addicts site. Its pretty sweet that won and I get some free donuts out of it!

A: What suggestions would you give to other TSTO Addicts of how to manage/design their towns? 

T:  My advice would be too build your town piece by piece and tweak it along the way. When I first started playing I would buy land, build a new building than decorate it. Now that I have everything I spend most of my time perfecting my town to my liking and saving up cash for future updates. (I cant wait for Halloween!!!)

A: What is your Favorite in game Character? Building? Decoration? …and why?

T: My favorite character would be Homer of course. He usually offers some funny dialog with each update. My favorite building would be the gold mansion. I had alot of fun designing the decorations for it and not alot of players have it. My favorite decoration is Abraham Lincolns statue and the American Flag. I love adding some American pride to my town!

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions Tphillips621!  And congratulations again for being our Tapper of the Month for August!

Well that’s it for this week’s edition of From the Mouths of Addicts.  What did YOU think of Tyler’s Designs?  What designing have you done in your Springfield?  Did you enter the next Shout Out? (send your submissions to  Sound off in the comments below.  You know we LOVE hearing from you! 🙂

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8 responses to “From the Mouths of Addicts: A Conversation with TPhillips621

  1. The Try & Save gas station is a great idea. Lovely town!

  2. Congrats! Nice town. Im not sure where to post this but….im a freemium player and have just got enough donuts to get barney which I really want, do you think I should wait? Or has anyone else got any better things they would spend these donuts on? I would appreciate your opinions, thanks!

    • Here’s what I would do….I would hold off just a bit and see what’s coming down the pipe. We’ve got Halloween and Christmas around the corner…which will both be full of limited-time content. You never know if there’s something there you might want and will miss out on saving donuts for. Where Barney will still be there 🙂

      So I would hold your donuts at least until Halloween to see if there’s anything you REALLY want. But that’s just what I would do…it’s your call 🙂

  3. Huuuge congrats to you! I love using a lot of trees as well & turning the Try N Save into a gas station is pretty darn smart

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