Where Did THOSE Come From – Devil Float, Jet Engine Bike and Backwater Brewery

Time goes by and we enjoy the madness here at Addicts and suddenly a fuzzball’s going through decorations and realizing he never covered three whole items that came from an update AND the same episode. Jiminy Crickets, some Wookiee’s can’t get their stuff together. Anywho… in a classic case of better late than never, let’s go ahead and cover the Devil Float, Jet Engine Bike and Backwater Brewery.


What the snow?  Oh yeah… all three of these premium decorations came into our games during the 2013 Christmas Event (like a bajillion bits of data ago).  While no longer covered in white, they are immediately available for every tapper as they only require Level 1. Each gave an XP and cash bonus when purchased.

– Devil Float: 40 donuts, unique, 2.5% bonus
– Jet Engine Bike: 30 donuts, non-unique, 2% bonus
– Backwater Brewery: 25 donuts, non-unique, 0.5% bonus

Of the three, the float is the best deal, followed by the bike. But where do all these come from in the Best. Show. Ever.?

Easy peazy dear readers… they’re all from the 500th episode of The Simpsons, “At Long Last Leave” (S23:E14). The beginning of the episode always makes me smile because it is a montage of every couch gag up to that point. You can find some good slowed down versions online but as none of them are from FOX I couldn’t share them here.

After this amazingness, we find our favorite family being ousted from Springfield. All the citizens met and voted in Town Hall while a natural disaster diversion was used to fool the Simpson gang. The only way to send them off though is with a parade/celebration/public shaming of sorts. This is where we get to see the Devil Float.

Devil Float

You know you’ve impacted someone’s life if they go through all that time and effort to ridicule you, right? I bought this mainly for the nostalgia factor but must admit it is a rather ungainly decoration for TSTO. My thoughts are it may work well with the First Church of Springfield or on Squidport.

Ousted from their home town, the Simpsons find themselves taking up residence in the Outlands (complete with funny couch gag parody). Turns out this is actually a great place for everyone but Marge to live. Lisa gets to live freely in clean air, Maggie goes all Mad Max and Homer and Bart can do pretty much whatever they like including riding around on a highly unsafe Jet Engine Bike. The gag with Homer and this quad vehicle is great and I don’t want to ruin it for any of you who haven’t seen it.

Jet Engine Bike

Did most of you think this was a Frink invention? I must admit I do have mine down by his lab but only because it looks sciency.

Ironically, it doesn’t take the Springfieldianites too long to actually miss the Simpson family. The first guys to end up in The Outlands are Homer’s buddies Lenny and Carl. All three of them enjoy drinking from Homer’s still which TSTO calls a Backwater Brewery.

Backwater Brewery

Of course Moe isn’t about to let his favorite lushes drink on the cheap. Soon the rest of Springfield is in the boonies and building a city which begs the question, are there two Springfields? Anywho… there’s the info on these three decorations.

Sound off below if you like. Hopefully these make more sense now. Me thinks an EA designer really liked the 500th episode. Where did you put them if you splurged? Until the next round of WDTCF goodness, keep on tapping in the “free” world and TTFN… Wookiee out!

11 responses to “Where Did THOSE Come From – Devil Float, Jet Engine Bike and Backwater Brewery

  1. leslie landberg

    My float lives in the extensive hedge maze surrounding the Stone cutters Temple. It seems to work with the other “occult/bankster” decorations, such as the tabernacle, treasure chests, pyramid eye, golden calf and, of course, the ominous overshadowing of the Stonecutter Mountain! In the shadow of the mountain, I have placed the outdoor Opera Stage. Surrounded by Grecian columns, redwoods and statuary it is an homage to the Bohemian Grove’s outdoor stage! ***

  2. My float is next to the springfield coleseum. It’s seems to fit with the Tatum VS Simpson marquee.

  3. I have a space reserved behind my Stonecutters lodge for the float — it seems it would fit in with that monument they built….

    As for the backwater still, If I had it, I’d most likely place it near Burns’ mansion…. He’s such a cheapskate that I wouldn’t put it past him to brew his own instead of buying it.

  4. I ended up buying 4 of the stills and put them in the woods next to Cletus House. I put the bike in Cletus front yard because it looks like something a hillbilly would fabricate up.

  5. I bought about ten of the motorbikes and placed them in various parking lots. Probably overkill but the donut to %bonus ratio is the best for a non-unique item.

  6. If by “best deal” you mean % reward for donut cost, the bike is actually better: 40/2.5 = 16 donuts per percentage point for the float, versus 30/2 = 15 for the bike. (Does anything else that costs 30 or less match that rate?) The bike was actually my first donut-fueled buy for the % boost, and it turned out to be quite inspirational…. My “Outlands” have gotten rather quirkily non-canon, but the bike started ’em off!

  7. Ricardo Gutierrez


  8. I have all three decorations, and I put the still and the bike with Cletus farm – those just look like they must be his 😉
    The float is in my park, but to be honest, I don’t really know what to do with it. Maybe someday inspiration will strike…

  9. i want moes cavern in tsto. Perfect in my forest.

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