Diary of a Wookiee: Completely Random Thoughts


How the heck are my favorite tappers doing?  I think we can all agree that we are in an EA-induced lull period where we all figure out new things to do to our town or newer tappers play catch-up.  Money is saved up for that next big purchase (Sit-N-Rotate is mine in about 3 million) and we all just cross our fingers for the next update.  With some free time, I figured I’d just write out some random thoughts in my noggin.  Click more if that sounds like your bag.

First off, I sincerely hope EA saw all the amazing ideas you guys and dolls had in our latest contest.  The talent and creativity of the members of this site is incredible and that’s all I really need to say about new stuff.  We know new stuff will be coming and I fully expect something big in the near future.  While we’ve been waiting, I seriously think EA has been working on something.  Last week, we expected it but my spidey senses say more work had to be done on it. Glitches happen with new stuff and maybe this extra time will alleviate a lot of that.  It could also mean that what’s coming is huge.  Maybe something that starts with the kissing disease and rhymes with fail?  While there are definite critics of EA (not all undeserved), I know EA wants to keep folks hooked on this game if for no other reason than earning more D’oh.

Down time stinks but hopefully you folks have been enjoying yourself in spite of it.  I must admit I took this weekend off to enjoy some fun in sunny San Diego.  No Comic Con for me but I did see sea pandas (my affectionate term for orcas), dolphins, sea lions, turtles and lots and lots of animals.  I’m particularly partial to any member of the Great Ape family especially Gorillas.  I also really like the elephants.

Safari Wookiee

It’s a safari with the fuzzball!  I also heard one of my favorite jokes from a cute little 8-year-old at the zoo.  You know what you get when an elephant and a rhino have a baby?

A hellifino.

Oh… kids are great.  Not since my little ewok told me Snoop Dogg carries around an umbrella “fo drizzle daddy” have I chuckled that much.  Add to that my tour guide who mixed Star Wars, Harry Potter and Dr. Who references into his spiel and it was a fun weekend.  There is tons of cool stuff to do in San Diego for the other 51 weeks of the year when it’s not crazy crowded with geeks.  I’m blessed to live in So Cal but I’m sure there’s fun stuff everywhere.

Vacations are great and I seriously hope every one of you has got out there to enjoy the sunshine and real life while TSTO is in down time.  I’d encourage you to do it as much as possible.  TSTO is a mobile game after all.  While I must admit I didn’t frequent my town like usual these past couple weeks, a milestone did occur.  Whitney Spuckler joined my game so Happy Birthday to her.


It’s funny to me that Brandine’s microwave baby oven spit her out fully formed and she has joined her brother, Birthday, to loot my Springfield.  Makes me wonder how many tappers just had another Spuckler join their towns?  Brandine is back to disobeying the US Surgeon General and in 90 days, Dubya will be gracing the streets of Wookieetown.  Anyone besides me hoping there will be more kids added to her gestational ability?

Bad Mama Brandine

Bad mama Brandine.  Wonder what Smithers thinks about it?  Anwho… Gil’s donut “deal” happened and although I felt pretty meh about it, I was happy to see it help out some tappers who are closer to the freemium level of playing. Since it seems this deal and the yard sale probably didn’t pay out like EA planned, maybe some better stuff is in our future?  If you did indulge is Gil’s deal, I hope it didn’t break any banks and no one drowned in the dumpster.

donut dumpster

Well, those are my random thoughts.  What have you been up to this summer?  See any good movies?  Know a good joke?  Have a favorite animal?  Got a sneaking premonition of things to come?  Feeling tapped out?  How have you been fending off your addiction lately?  Sound off below.

Until next time, TTFN… Wookiee out!

Furry fingers crossed for some goodness today or tomorrow.

39 responses to “Diary of a Wookiee: Completely Random Thoughts

  1. I like the lull, gives me time for other things. Usually I get tired of TSTO after each major event, after tapping literally night and day. So, time to relax and build up my strength for the next big thing. At the moment I am kind of hoping that the “Back to School” Gil deal is a prequel to a “Back to School” event – I can think of sooo many things that would fit in there. Doris? Playground stuff? Summer holiday and/or beach stuff? More kids? Here’s looking at you, Üter 😉

  2. Just got back from Guardians of the Galaxy. It was fantastic! So glad I went. Wookie, I worked a local haunted house a few years ago. Did some nasty zombie makeup and hid in the corn maze scaring the crap out of everyone. I’d listen for someone to say a name and then call it out and hunt them down. That was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. Is this your first year? Are you an actor?

    • Oogle Knott’s Scary Farm Special Ops The Infected and info pops up about what I’ll be doing. I get to be an unscripted part. I’m one of the squad leaders who will be leading groups of folks armed with special laser machine guns through a live-action first person shooter in the zombie apocalypse. It’s a really new thing and either gonna be amazing or horrible. I’m pretty stoked even though my first real job after 14 years in the military is playing someone in the military lol.

      • Wooooooooooowwwwww! That seriously looks SO cool. Too bad I’m not on the west coast, I’d LOVE to do that. Haunted attractions are my jam and I’ve been saying that they need more interaction for years. Go Knotts Berry Farm for leading the charge. You’re going to be awesome! I’m jelly 🙂

  3. I actually started playing over the summer, like many others, I got hooked because my significant other has been playing for some time. Trying to move through the game fast to try and have as many characters as possible by the time the next “big” update happens, since I figure that can’t be a bad thing. I just wish I had started playing earlier and didn’t miss out on the Stonecutters!

    • Welcome to the madness. Don’t rush too much though. Some days I miss the old days of working towards everything. It’s too bad you missed Stonecutters but hopefully the next big thing is around the corner.

  4. Just had Dubya join my town the other day. Only 88 1/2 days til Whitney! And I would totally be down for more more Spucklers.

  5. You know, I can’t help but to wonder if EA would have made more profit if the yard sale and Gil deal would have occured at the same time.

    I’m also eagerly anticipating the ghoulish events of halloween (and hoping beyond hope they don’t decide to bring the mystery wheel back for it.) I know my anticipation is a bit early, but honestly I’ve been waiting for the return of Halllween since last years halloween ended. I sure do hope they bring back the cool fog!

    • It’s never too early to start thinking about Halloween! I remember this time last year the speculation was starting 🙂

      • In my real-life city, I saw a Halloween store setting up yesterday. Made me want some TSTO Halloween tasks already! 😀

      • I’m okay with a bit of an early Halloween… there is a store here that is already selling Christmas decorations! -_-

  6. I was just in San Diego myself this past weekend, at Balboa Park.
    But my favorite thing about San Diego is all the craft breweries.
    Sorry Homer, Duff just doesn’t compare!

  7. I wanted that pink dumpster, but one day, one day…

  8. I was tempted by Gil’s deal (only started playing near the end of x-mas 2013) but resisted for something better, hopefully, in the future. In the meantime, I saved up enough free donuts (I occasionally drop real ones but it was fun to make my first major “free” purchase after months of friend visits, etc. and finally bought Luanne and the Cracker Factory, so I’ve been working through that questline, which is pretty long and enjoyable, and deploying Fleet-A-Pita’s. I’m also saving towards the aspirational items, as I have none of them yet, while I’ve been focusing on expanding my land and improving my conform-o-meter. I decided to start big, so I’m about 2.5M short of the Sit-n-Rotate which I’ve been working really hard to save for. It’s been great in the short term, but I must admit, I’m starting to get antsy for some kind of update.

  9. How do you get Whitney ?

  10. I haven’t been playing long enough to have Brandine 🙁

  11. I totally laugh-groaned at “hellifino” and then shared it with a bunch of people 😀

  12. No quijibos at the zoo??

    • Matthew… I can always count on you for amazing Simpsons knowledge and to make me laugh. I saw plenty of Quijibos but the San Diego Zoo hasn’t taken to putting them in enclosures yet. They just wander around.

  13. I’m glad you’re enjoying your summer, here across the pond in Scotland we’re just about to go back to school and summer’s over. I got gil’s deal, the dumpster gave me sprawlmart and took my rating to 5 stars. now I just need an event to splurge my donuts on. I love tsto addicts, keepsme going in the lull!

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