What the Addicts Want (besides land and the monorail)

What’s up Addicts?

So a year has come and gone on this site and I thought the perfect way to start off a new year was with another listing of things YOU want in the game.  The last time we did one of these lists was back in January and February.  Since then, we’ve collected quite a few from those posts, our Tapaholic Requesterinos to EA and in assorted comments I saved. If I forgot anyone, I apologize and I admit to editing some items for readability or conciseness.  There really are some great ideas below.


Before we start, I did want to point out that quite a few requests since last February have already been brought in to the game.  The list includes Dewey Largo, Miss Hoover, Crazy Cat Lady, Roger Myers Jr., Itchy & Scratchy Studios, the pink Simpsons car, Stampy, the return of the Cool Brown House and Mayan stuff, the Duff Beer Mascots, Manjula, Apu’s Apartment, Satan’s Anvil, Chester J. Lampwick, the Solid Gold House, the character finder and more KL decorations.  That’s quite a bit of stuff.  Either EA does see what y’all want or we have a bunch of folks with ESPN.  Anywho… without further ado here’s What the Addicts Want…

87homer – Add sidewalk (the characters only walk on the sidewalk, and I would love to see them walking through my park, or up to their houses).
– Make it possible to place certain objects on the sidewalk, (just like you can do with the parking meter). The objects I would like to see with that possibility are: lamp post, stop sign, hail ants sign and others like those.
– Make it possible to place any object or building on any fence, now only the hedge has this option.

Aaron – Id like to see the pin pals have tasks and outfits: Homer, Barney, Otto, Mr. Burns, Apu and the rest.  I’d like to see Maggie as a character with the uni-brow baby.  I hope they bring in Moe’s cavern from episode 500.  I’d also like to see the tsto headquarters with bunny, wookiee and Alissa as characters that come the building.  I think they should have Ned’s parents and some tasks could be hippified Ned’s house and turn Homer into a hippie.  I think there should be a Simpsons movie special download without the threat of our Springfield’s being destroyed.  It would allow for a lot more tasks and we could have some new skins like hobo leader Moe and Alaska Simpsons family and also some new characters like boob lady and Russ Cargil and we could have the EPA trucks.  Also a festival upgrade.

Albert Cook – Rock n Roll fantasy camp with all the musicians (Keith Richards, Mick Jagged, Mr. Seltzer, etc.)  How about a way of selling/getting rid of stuff we’ve gotten multiples of and we don’t want or need. Trading possibly???

Alex Mitchell – Maggie and her day care

AlfonsocuitiI’d love some more beach buildings, like those in Little Pwagmattasquarmsettport (where the Simpsons go for a summer holiday and Lisa tries to be “cool” to make new friends) or the leper colony.

Alunited1961 – Burns plane, sea captain’s ship.  A task for Nedna.  Squidport buildings to be able to be placed in the town and cars to be placed on the road.  An Iberian peninsula update with tapas restaurant, flamenco skin for Marge, human pyramids and a sangria fountain.  A decoration preferably a fence which characters cannot walk through.  Apu’s firebird.  Please give us the canyonero ….please…..any vehicle will do but I want the canyonero….

Anonymous – Personally I would like more buildings, if not all, to be turned a full 360 degrees.  Also, Springfield/Squidport/Krustyland to transform to night and illuminated by light posts and buildings signs.

BenI would LOVE to be able to purchase Springfield Falls. I wasnt playing when it was available. Everytime I see it in a friends Springfield it makes me want it even more. Such a cool piece.  I also have an inventory full of items that can not be sold I would love to unload. Making all items sellable would be great.

Benpierce25 – a Hellfish story arc or something about the Simpsons’ trip to Australia and the big boot.

Bob – Marge’s mom by the end of this year and a playable sideshow bob. Lovejoy’s family like his wife and his child and more Krustyland buildings.  Troy McClure and more ladies: Babysitter Bandit, Lovejoy’s wife and daughter, Lunchlady Doris, Homer’s mom.

Bloodangel736 – Being able to tap on neighbors buildings in progress and shave off a few minutes of the build time.  A send all button, so I can send all on 12 or 8 or 4 hour tasks because clicking 60+ people when I have to go to work in 2 minutes is too much pressure!

Candiekidz – Bender Rodriguez

Chimmy1973 – The ability to buy Krustyland tickets with cash.
– Buildings and decorations to be able to rotate 270 degrees; it is sooooo annoying that they don’t.
– More of the characters to partake in Krustyland activities (and to make them outdoors.) I have woefully neglected my Krustyland for a while and am only starting to build an organized area.
– More Krustyland attractions
– The ability to use more of the decorations found in Springfield in Krustyland. I have trees and shrubs my Springfield inventory that cannot be used in Krustyland (what’s that all about???)

Cloyescapade – I want to add Grover from Sesame Street, I know this sounds out there but they did appear with him on tv.  I also remember an episode where grandpa was in the paper for yelling at a cloud… I thought how cool it would he to start a storyline like that and then make it rain for a week or two event.

Curt – soldier skin for Skinner

Devon – an update set in the future, like all the future episodes, work it out as a time rip with Frink

Edmondotru452 – a bank

EvilKitten812 – I am constantly thinking up new stuff lol! I know it sounds weird but I was rearranging Krustyland and realized there are no restrooms or even porta-potties. It has no relevance at all except I pictured all of these characters riding the insane rides known to Krusyland and having nowhere to throw up except the trash bins LOL! I also second the return of Limited items and 4 directional parking spaces. One thing I have been waiting on is the fire station and fire truck. It could unlock some cool skins/tasks for Homer, Moe, Apu or Skinner?

I also thought about how cool it would be if on the anniversary of the game EA re-released some of those limited items- like a big anniversary blow out event lol.   I also want yellow flowers for my new mansion and a way in the log screen to just select which town you want to play. So I can stay logged in to my & my Hubby’s towns and just switch whenever. I’m sure this would be useful to you addicts with multiple games.

Evilpolaco – Üter Zörker

Gerald – Since the Jebediah Springfield statue cheat is widely known, maybe have some kind of side mission where bart cuts the head off the statue. I think it would be interesting to see the headless statue.  Dancin Homer skin.  A character that permanently animates Springfield Stadium.  Springfield gorge w/Bart the Daredevil skin.  Lance Murdock premium character.  Truckasaurus premium decoration.  Gabbo character.  The Honor Roller (decoration).  Rancho Relaxo w/Troy McClure.  Burns’ Casino w/Shut-In Mr. Burns.  Uncle Moe’s Family Feedbag w/Uncle Moe.

Gogormagog14 – A T-rex with teddy bear that sheds a tear when tapped.

Grtdrgn – for all characters to have 30min, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 12 & 24 hr tasks

Handofpand – the ability to add water to kl was not enabled, I want a lake in krustyland!

Harry Birnbaum – Homer Strangling Bart Action.  Simpsons couch, Frinks Time Machine car, Bender from the future episodes, All the kids havering Grown up versions, DiaBetty, Radioactive Man Homer, Fallout Boy Milhouse, Treehouse of Horror Blob Homer, Treehouse of Horror Jerry Lewis as Frinks Father.  How about some famous faces?  Leonard Nimoy, Adam West, Mark Hammil, Eartha Kitt, Eric Idle, Dr Phil and Stan Lee.  More interactions between married and friend characters.  And voices for all the Silent characters!

I just remembered a few more.  Linda and Paul Mcartney and Rodney Dangerfield as Monty Burns Son.  Extreme future Monty Burns with robot body and Smithers with a Teddybear Body, ( I think that’s how they were, haven’t seen that episode since it was first broadcast).  Rock N’ roll Homer,
The Rock N Roll Car Homer stole when he was a rock star.  And Cannon Ball Homer with a cannon he can get shot with.  The Loch Ness Monster!  High school and kid versions of Homer, Marge, Barny, Lenny, Carl.  Future versions of all the houses and how about a Space Shuttle with Spacesuit Homer and Buzz Aldren… And an “In Rod We Trust!” Quest!

Heliox72 – Mr. Sparkle & Radioactive Man skins for Homer

I can’t remember who? – Mason Fairbanks

Ipstanding408 – What about adding Russ Cargill from The Simpson’s Movie? Maybe Nelson’s mom? We don’t have Quimby’s wife either.

James – more desert items: desert rocks, cacti, maybe some dirt/sand paving options. Dead trees too.

Javi – I want John Waters and one of his task has to have him saying, “Zzzzzzzzzzap.”

Jay – Maggie to have adventures at Stonecutters Day Care

Jen – An actual playable Maggie.  The unibrow baby.  The bad-ass neighbor who took Marge out all night & her daughter.  The Presidential collection…. Bush, Mrs. Bush, Clinton, Gore, Carter, Nixon. One of my fav episodes is the one Bush spanks Bart. Oh, the in-game mischief that could be had!  Smashing Pumpkins! EA could do a whole celebrity line but no one has been a part of the show like them.  A gay guy or two for Smithers. Of course, an appropriate party local.  The nerds from when Homer went back to college. Seriously EA, you need more nerds!  Mrs. Lovejoy & their daughter.  Alter-ego Comic Book Guy Skin.  Marge country club skin.  Milhouse movie Hero skin.  Dolly Parton! (Voiced PLEASE!!)  Krustyland daycare with ball pit.  Krustyland psycho robots.  A mission involving Homer & Marge’s indecent mini-golf & running around town escapade. PG13 of course…. Thinking they can duck in & out of buildings like Sideshow Bob.  Police Officer Marge skin.  They could do a “now leaving Springfield” area. Maybe a sign “To Shelbyville” that the characters can task to graffiti.  I also like the idea of the (Shelbyville?) tow-truck driver coming around as a bad character like Sideshow Bob.

JJ Leigh – task for wiggum to ride an ostrich

JohnnyIf we had ghosts, witches, aliens, snow monsters and even presidents from the past, I think we are ready for cartoon characters (the real Itchy and Scratchy) and comic super heroes (Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy)

Josephine kick@$$ – sidewalks and dirt roads/paths

Josh Horton“The Critic” as a character. Jon Lovitz could even voice him.  If Maggie is unlocked, one of her tasks could also be to watch the “Happy little elves” cartoon.  It could also be a new show for Channel 6 to broadcast.  I honestly think the two most glaring omissions from the game that tappers have suggested are the Leftorium and Troy McClure and Lionel Hutz though.

Katelyn – Le Maison Derriere & the Bush House

Kevin – I would love to see Lunch Lady Doris show up. One task that would be great is that she goes to the track to buy “meat” for the school lunches from Fat Tony.

Kimberlyah794 – a sub-category in each portion of the shop, so we could select “trees” or “houses,” etc.  or to be able to view things by their category: “vanity,” “consumerism,” etc.  It would make things SO much easier when decorating and buying stuff instead of having to scroll through every decoration any time I want to buy a tree.

Kingkelsall7 – Actual round round-a-bouts not square ones.  Game play cash -> donuts (not just donuts -> cash).  Be able to place cars on roads.

Laurie (aka shoebits) – I’d like to be able to go from Krustyland to Krustyland when I’m visiting the neighboreenos. Sometimes I’d rather get tickets than cash.

Leifye – I wish they would do a level update that took place in the future, like some of their best episodes. It could go back to normal after the tasks were done, but they could give us Lisa in college or as president, cab driver Quimby, or Bart as a ne’er do well, or supreme court justice!

Lekittynoir – I’d love to see my inventory organized differently. Same goes for decorations available to purchase. Alphabet, categorized by plants & trees / items, priced lowest to highest. Something!

Lplibrarian11 – Since there is a ice arena I would like hockey skins for the kids, Wiggum and Apu. I also want more happening at Krustyland. Maybe a one week vacation where all the characters go there. I rarely visit my Krustyland.  I would also like Jacqueline Bouvier. I wish we would have received the B-Sharps Beatles skins in honor of the 50th anniversary of the US visit.

Mac – With the Simpson-Futurama crossover episode coming relatively soon, I think it would be cool if Tapped Out prepared an update for that. Similar to Krustyland as a completely exterior location, possibly a Professor Frink invention that lets you jump between the universes? However, unlike Krustyland it would be good if the characters needed for the tasks are unlocked in this Futurama world, and remain there, with no crossover between the two worlds. This is because I am often reluctant to take characters from my town, my pride and joy, to build a park… As a big Futurama and Simpsons fan, I would love to see Fry, Bender, Leela and so on ready to be unlocked. I know this is a lot to ask of EA and would constitute a huge update. Still I can dream…

MarlboromanmatI’d like to see some of the Premium items become Freeium (for in-game cash rather than donuts) after a certain amount of time; eg, perhaps some of the episode tie-ins could be offered this way after say, a year. That way the Premium players would still have that exclusivity “feel”, and those without the income to support the constant demand for new donuts, ultimately would not feel left out. By doing this, I think that EA would further strengthen TSTO loyalty.  And how about bringing back Mulder and Scully, as additional characters from the X-Files satire episode. I’m sure Kang would be delighted.  Troy McClure would bring some hilarious deadpan humour with him.

MB – standard task lengths for all characters

Micabat – spiderpig

Michnielsen – From the Days of Future Future episode: Gold Robot Homer, Nothing Stu, Geriatric Duffman and all the clowns with Krusty

Miori1230How about Herbert Powell (Homer’s brother), the Powell Mansion, and best of all the ugly car Homer designed that play La Cucaracchia?

Missterry – It’d sure be nice to have a horse or two and a horse barn. C’mon, EA! Let’s do it. And, as requested previously, some sidewalks.  Railroad station so Springfield can have a “wrong” side of the tracks and a bank.

Nick – Mr. Burns casino where you can bet donuts/cash in table games, slots, and video poker

NikkiharveyI NEED all characters to have tasks of the same length. Tatum and his lack of one hour task drives me mad when everyone else is doing one hour tasks. If most characters have a task of a certain length then all characters should have a task that length.  Also it would be awesome to have more tasks so that tasks that were only available as part of a quest became permanently available for that character after you’ve done the quest, even if that means multiple tasks that are the same length- this would mean unused buildings particularly squidport buildings would get used a lot more

No1hobbitI have so many items from different updates that I will not use cluttering up my storage.  I would love to be able to sell/dump them.  Also I think it would be great if we could have different types of ground in single tile form so we could really customize our towns. We could have mud, patches of long grass, patio slabs, decking or cobble stones there are loads of different grounds.

OSebhlen – Have u guys noticed that since this game started there has been only one new flower added (the rose bush) and no new shrubs (not counting topiaries of animals and aliens). I really enjoy decorating my town but I’ve become so bored using the same flowers and shrubs over and over again that I haven’t done anything new. 

PhiSci – How great would it be if the Christmas lights on the buildings became dilapidated through the year, started falling off, bulbs going out etc.

Philbo – My vote would be Lunch Lady Doris, Lionel Hutz or maybe Herb Simpson. Oh and Rabbi Hyman Krustofski please for all us chosen types, we have a Rev Lovejoy and Fr Sean, its now time for the good Rabbi. Next animal has to be Blinky the 3-eyed fish surely.

Pmc209570I would love to get Stephen Hawking with the helicopter wheelchair from the episode where the mensa members took over Springfield

PRo – So, you know how certain tasks require certain objects/decorations? (Cletus and dumpsters, Abe/Dolph and benches, Kent Brockman and his lawnchairs). Instead of having the characters interact with the “closest” of that particular type of object, any way we can have them go to one chosen randomly (maybe a random number generator? some kinda rock/paper/scissor algorithm? or maybe magic?). I just think it would be funny to find Cletus digging through the dumpsters in the rich side of town one day, the mall some other day, and down at the docks the day after, instead of him just rummaging through the trash across the street alllllllll the time.

I like the idea of new add-on areas/communities like Shelbyville… but i dont think they should add a Shelbyville (just cuz they’re Springfield’s rival lol). How about adding an Ogdenville to the game? We could incorporate new character tasks (like have Marge buy a new Chanel dress at outlet store prices, or have Homer buy a genuine Sorny), and maybe even bring in some new characters such as Lurleen Lumpkin or the hard-working, wall-building, barley drinking Ogdenvillians . And since Ogdenville is a ways from Springfield, it would only make sense to have the new tasks take a bit longer (i’m thinking like 2-5 days, which could make things easier to manage for long-time players who have a LOT to tap through). Just an idea… any thoughts from the community?

Punchinello – I would really like the ability to search for things to buy – the list of Decorations is getting very long! For example, if you want to buy a certain tree or certain type of wall you have to scroll & scroll, and hope you don’t scroll past it.

PYT – Here’s one for general gameplay. How about more categories for the building option? Making my town look nice with decorations is fun, but it’s not fun having to “scroll” all the way back for a tree, scroll to the middle for a bench, or all the way forward (past all the squidport stuff, cause let’s face it, donuts are precious!) for stop signs and Springfield park stuff. So a quicker way to build, like a copy/paste thing or more categories for quicker selection.  Oh yeah, and Herb Powell (Simpson).

Robin WillmannI want a function that one can get their entire city in a photo.

Ryan A. Nelson – The Simpsons’ station wagon or the Canyonero as vehicles in the game. They could be acquired through Friendship Points. Or Ned’s Geo. “Oh Neddy hurry, he’s gaining on us”. “I can’t!!!! It’s a Geo”!!!!

Safi – Minoxidil quest with Homer getting hair back… I’d also love to see Bart’s beard.  A task for everyone except Lisa called “You Don’t Make Friends With Salad” where every character you assign joins the conga line. Maybe Homer and Bart are required to start it and then each additional character earns extra.

Scarlett1776 – As a lover of a little chaos I would love to see EA create something where one tapper (like me :} ) can surprise another tapper while visiting them. For example, sending a character on a random special task, hiding a gift on their board, or giving a bench the ability to be triggered to make Grandpa fall the next time he sits on it. seriously, you know you will laugh.  Other ideas: A grass patch to go onto cement.  A flower patch in (many) solid colors.  A stone, cobblestone, sand, & dirt path patch.  A sidewalk patch to customize where the characters walk without the street.  A car (in varying colors) to go on streets, parking spaces, anywhere.  A 2×4. Yes, a simple wood 2×4. Lines are useful.

Silverdog77 – solid gold walls for in-game cash

Simon – Bartman, Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy

@TappedOutKing2 more sporting venues. And the opera house that was converted into a jail

Teachertech – tiki huts & a new fun-sized hipster tech teacher

The Timedok – rebuild Shelbyville

Therealestsitek – Burns’ hounds

Tommy – Springfield Gorge

Tripinout2 – lots more small decorations to personalize our towns (basketball nets, picnic tables, football field), more characters. Also I am a freemium player, I wish there was a way to cash in game money for donuts even if it was a lot of game currency, it’d be better than nothing.  Also, Troy McClure could have jobs at Channel 6, promoting the various films we may remember him from.

Viktorkn – Spiderpig and Snowball 2

WanderingCavemanHow about a rake decoration that doubles as a sort of mouse trap to auto tap Sideshow Bob when shows up in your town?

Wingz666 – Burns wooden plane, I need some cheap pills.  More character skins.  Pavement at half size, so I can have sidewalks.  100% rotation in 45 degree increments of everything.

Wonton – Belle and the Burlesque House

Wooben22313 – Also, I really like the animations of Squidport buildings, back when I was still doing the Squidport quest line and characters had tasks in the buildilngs. It would be REALLY COOL if characters were given like a 7hr task for them, so every building had AT LEAST one task. Same goes for all buildings without tasks, it would be cool if EA had like 9hr tasks or 45min tasks or something so almost all buildings had at least one task. Or, AT LEAST the buildings that you get with Level Updates. Maybe it wouldn’t be fair to late comers of buildings that are only available for a limited time to have tasks.  Or buildings without tasks would animate every time you tapped on it before collecting money and as you were collecting money.

This is a totally unncessary idea, but would be neat. If there was a menu item somewhere in the game where we could see the number of trees, buildings, characters used and in storage, how much money we have made and spent, or other stats we have in our game.   YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD BE COOL? After you tape a bunch of houses/thumbs-ups, you could shake your phone to collect all the cash and XP!!! a ride from Duff Gardens for Krustyland.  Maude the ghost haunting the Haunted Condo in Krustyland

XConor13 – Mumu skin for Homer

Z-Man – Ray Patterson with some garbage trucks as well as Frank Grimes & some of the rockers that have appeared like Aerosmith , U2 , McCartney , Smashing Pumpkins , The Who , ELP.

So there’s a ton of ideas from quite a few addicts.  As a special bonus for anyone who read through it all or just scrolled to the bottom, I thought I’d separate this comment from reader Raymen.  He claims that he worked for EA and presented some ideas that haven’t come out yet.  While I have no way to authenticate the statement, I’ll take him at his word and share with y’all in case you hadn’t seen it.

Here are the ideas:
– jackson five
It was originally planned to come with the Squidport update but then it was never released.
– Maggie and Gerald
They would come with the Ayn Rand School for Tots but i don’t know why they didn’t come.
– mountain expansion
It would drop somwhere in september 2014 but i quit working in june so i dont know if it is ever coming. It was really cool and I made many characters and buildings.
Those are some of my ideas that i made for EA.  Happy tapping.

Well, regardless, I know all of us are just itching for something amazing to happen in TSTO and the sooner the better.  Hope you enjoyed all the ideas.  Did you have any favorites?  Got better ones?  Surprised by how many tappers had similar ideas?  I tried a new format this time, so please let me know if you preferred previous lists.

Until next time, y’all stay classy and stuff.  TTFN… Wookiee out!

105 responses to “What the Addicts Want (besides land and the monorail)

  1. Lets see what I posted in the forums…oh ya Duff Gardens was one of my ideas…Not sure if someone already brought it up. Grown up Maggie(the one they showed for the first time in the series) Celebrity guests that were in the show should be in the game also since they were in the show. um The Shelbyville kids….Option to turn on snow and rain at any time we want. So we don’t have to wait a whole year to see snow again.
    Actual “hills” we can place so we don’t have to create them using blocks or the hedges. Actual parking garages so we don’t have to keep the ones we created by hand using the fences. Even though we’ve gotten pretty good at making them. I got 3 that I made in my main game. But with legit garages we can save room by removing the ones we created and having more space to add more stuff in their place. And maybe a warp like Krustyland that warps us to Shelbyville? Little Rain puddles we can add as decoration. Bicycles we can place. More playground stuff so we can make the playground for the school better, or maybe even create separate parks. Like maybe adding a Junglegym? That would be neat.
    Sand spots? Sort of like the Vollyball sand item we’ve added already but just the sand it self would be neat, like maybe create a desert and make a pyramid out of blocks to go in it? lol

  2. Not a single mention of bleeding gums Murphy… Really?

  3. I have always thought of a few possibilities. It has actually been annoying me a little lately, because there are many great characters that could be added, and the last two standard ones were Roger J Myers, which only major fans of the tv series would know, and Princess Penelope, some unknown princess sheila. I think there is much potential in the game, by means of characters, but it seems as if the creators are scrapping the bottom of the barrel, whilst bypassing the good stuff that could be used. I do have some ideas, but I don’t know if anyone else has said them, or if they have been considered by the developers.

    Lovejoy House with Helen Lovejoy
    Boarding School with Jessica Lovejoy
    Hal Roach Retirement Castle with Jacqueline Bouvier
    Are We Hair Yet? with Sarah Wiggum (this is the hair salon that Homer opened up)
    Red Blazer Reality with Lindsey Naegal and/or Kookie Kwan (two characters have been given with buildings before)
    I Can’t Believe It’s A Law Firm with Lionel Hutz (That is Lionel Hutz’s law firm’s name)
    Springfield Synagogue with Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky
    Mona Simpson with ??? (Don’t know what she could come with, I know she is dead, but so is Maude Flanders, and she is in the game)
    Lunchlady Doris with ??? (Again, another character that would be a great addition to the game, but I’m not sure on what she could come with)
    The Bloated Liver with Sam & Larry (Sam & Larry are the other bar flies you see in Moe’s, this story line could be Sam and Larry found their way to The Bloated Liver after the explosion, and now that it is up and running, it is a competition between Moe’s and Bloated Liver, to see which is the best bar)

    There are some ideas that I have had, most of which are reputable characters, which players would likely know. If there is anything this game really needs, it is to move back to mainstream characters for the next few levels, because the last two levels were of characters that either had small roles (Roger J Myers) or were rather unknown (Princess Penelope). I really think some of these characters listed have great potential and great use in the game.

  4. I would like to login and play on the computer. My phone can’t handle the game much longer…

  5. Spider pig, Spider pig
    Does whatever a Spider pig can
    Can he swing
    From a web?
    No he can’t, he’s a pig
    Look out, here comes the Spider pig

  6. You ignored my ideas?…I had several in the forums….

    • Crud… I knew I forgot to check somewhere. The fault is all mine but I forgot to check the Addicts Forum when I was compiling this. Feel free to transfer them here or I’ll get them next go around. My apologies.

  7. Gabbo

  8. William Bergheimer

    A playhouse with a playable Troy McClure attached. I hate every ape I see, from chimpan-A to chimpan-Z…

  9. Has Story Town Village ever been in the game? I would like that and have it come with the three sheep.

  10. How about the Magic palace with The Great Simpsina, with new magic tasks! Also, a Cathedral would be so cool in our Springfield. Would it be possible to have the buildings and homes open up when you tap them to see the tasks being done inside the home? That would be so cool!

  11. jonathan daniels

    Please add Lil Lisa Slurry Factory to Squidport with a Good quest line

  12. Am I the only one who thinks an update similar to how krustyland was, but instead of krustyland the loading screen takes you into the simpsons house. The tasks and levels and objects to buy are things found in the simpsons home.

  13. I just want and need the limo for fat Tony. The limo for the driving school is nice but it’s not the same. Please bring back the fat Tony limo. Thank you. Hopefully someone from EA is reading these comments.

  14. Thanks for placing my ideas

  15. Sure, count me in the camp of those that would love a monorail addition along with other long time favorite characters such as ‘Bleeding Gums’ and whatnot. My guess is EA is spreading the characters out over time so they still have known characters to offer in future level updates or events. As I had expressed elsewhere on this site before, I would love to see a Springfield Fire Department (there are certainly enough items in the game on fire to warrant one). I would also like to see some additions to related properties such as ‘Futurama’ and ‘Life in Hell’ (we do in the actual television series on rare occasions from time to time).

    In the meantime, what I really want is some game-play features. PLEASE, please, pleeeease… give us a cancel option for tasks. I hate when I accidentally assign a long task to a character which I want to have freed up sooner than the assigned task. Yeah, I know the game offers you the option to complete the task for donuts, but that is *ridiculously* expensive. Also thanks to TSTO Addicts, I know of the trick to put the associated building of the character temporary in inventory to cancel the task, but that seems like a way off way to go and I assume it also cancels the current timer on that building and what about characters without buildings? Give us a cancel option. We would lose whatever time was already completed on that task, but give us that option, please.

    Make the game more social. Yes, we can visit friends and help them to some degree, but it would be great to be able to leave messages to them while there. If you see a great design or they did something clever with their town and/or decorations, it would be nice to be able to communicate that with them. Especially if you can attach notes to specific areas of your friends’ towns which only your friend can see, not other visitors. I realize this may open things up for abuse (such as harassment), but if that happens, you can simply unfriend the individual, no?

    With only four or so generic homes to use in our towns, it would be great to be able customize them further so they don’t look so identical. Sure we can add different bushes and trees around them, but I would love to be able tweak the houses themselves. Even if it is only to change the tint of the color of each. I know some players have holiday lights for some of their houses. I wasn’t around for them when they were available. I assume they work similar to character skins. So that’s another idea to customize the houses more, offer different skins for them.

    Vehicles that actually drive on the roads themselves (not the sidewalk). Enough said there.

    Well, I have more ideas, but this post is already long enough, so I will end this here. Happy tappin’

  16. Great Post and responses this and the develop a quest line competition shows there is still a great hunger out here inthewebiverxe for this game.

    In not sure what I can request in order to accommodate all these great suggestions………

  17. Here is a quandary, submitted to you, the TSTOA community, for your review:
    A) For the entire time that I have been playing TSTO, the list of buildings that never get used has only continued to expand.
    B) For the Stonecutters event, it was possible to make any building “come alive” (or ‘have an animation’) by spying on it. How could one forget how awesome El Chemistri is when it’s being used/’animated’?!? Who knew Calmwood even HAD an animation?!?
    Therefore, it is logical to conclude that
    C) Since the capability was there to have buildings ‘come alive’, why can’t this be the current result of tapping on buildings in friends’ towns, just as it was during the Stonecutters event? This would be far superior to a handshake icon.
    Other suggestions:
    Playable Maggie/Gerald/Ayn Rand Day Care
    Uniform task lengths, across the board, premium, freemium, EVERYBODY
    OR: choose the length of a task from a set list of tasks (for example, let me make Homer lounge in the pool for 3 hours, or 4, instead of just 6). Or make Miss Springfield work it for only 8 hours.
    Change up tasks. Smithers can’t just whip it! forever.
    Also- there are inconsistencies: For example, all Stonecutters go to the meeting for 8hours, but Smithers’ 4-hour task is to take meeting minutes. That should be his 8-hr task! All should be able to sing the song, Jasper should have a 4-hour, etc…

    Thanks for the opportunity to provide suggestions!

  18. I need an add-on that tells you the when a friend last visited your town. When you have nearly 100 you can’t really remember who is a regular tapper or who is freeloading.

  19. The unibrow baby has a name, it’s Baby Gerald and the daycare is the Ayn Rand School For Tots.

    I’d like Akira added, Hans Sprungfeld (with an epic battle with George Washington, Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy rounding up criminals and Captain Lance Murdock doing stunts in Krustyland.

  20. Maggie with tasks as well

  21. Everything able to turn, 360* as well. I know this is not about land, but I did want to mention, I hope when EA does give us more, it is enough to last a long time, and not just a small amount.

  22. I would LOVE marge in her poilce uniform.

  23. I want the monorail but I am trying to figure out how it would work, if it is something you can build around the town it might block/obscure serval places. If it is just a huge thing like the tooth chipper, I won’t be impressed and not what it deserves. My idea that would get it to work is, since it was made on the cheap and fals apart, have it come in pieces you place wherever to make it look like it has fallen apart. Each piece can take a few hours to build.

  24. Not sure if anyone said it, but how about “Bleeding Gums” Murphy, or his ghost at least. You got Maude, why not Murphy?

  25. I would love it if they did the Xfiles episode and get molder and scully as playable characters,also they could have Mr.Burns have a new task of being the ghost and scaring people. Also getting Chewie the wookie would be awesome.

  26. So many great ideas! Need more cars, ability to have sidewalks, playable Sideshow Bob, Santa’s Little Helper and Snowball 2 having tasks, Lard Lad paying out donuts, day and night features, different flowers, rocks, etc, Grandpa Simpson, and a bank, with the suggestions for bank options as people have suggested. The main thing we all need to have MORE LAND to be able to have all the cool stuff in our towns, and not in storage due to no land available in Springfield.

  27. I enjoyed this list, so many good ideas! Here are some of my favorites:

    You don’t make friends with salad conga line
    Spider Pig
    More decorations and land types
    Every building being used for a task and animating
    Water in Krustyland

    And my top favs
    From Scarlett1776, surprising neighbors with a little mischief. I’m obsessed with this idea.
    PRo- random character interaction with objects! Yes, I think about this ALL THE TIME
    And Bloodangel736, I need that send all button because I’m always tapping 2 minutes before work! Story of my life.

  28. Visit neighbours to be 23 hours apart, so you don’t have to miss a day every now and then just because you can’t always sign in at exactly the same time each day

  29. I too, always find myself wishing for a send all button! 99% of the time I am putting my characters on the same task length, and it is taking FOREVER to go through them all! It’s becoming too much of a hastle to send them on short tasks now. If some of the characters don’t have a task the length you sent, then they would just be left wandering around to tap on individually.

  30. It’s almost been two months since the Stonecutter event ended. EA is planning something. Gotta be patient. Til then I’m building up my “B” town and sending my “A” town on 24 hr tasks.

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