Every Simpsons EVER…starts TOMORROW!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick reminder (as if you need one)…that FXX’s Marathon of Every Simpsons EVER starts TOMORROW (8/21) at 10am EDT!



Not sure if you get FXX (I wasn’t)…check out their website for the Channel Locator:


Pretty simple to use, just tap on Channel Locator and enter your Zip Code and Cable provider and they’ll let you know what channel it is.  (Heads up if you’re in my neck of the woods and have FiOS it’s channel 691)

Will YOU be watching?  Sound off in the comments below about your favorite Simpson moments and how you plan to take in the marathon…you know we LOVE hearing from you!

36 responses to “Every Simpsons EVER…starts TOMORROW!

  1. Well, I Have…”Tivoed” “The Simpson’s Marathon!!!

  2. I’m loving watching the Simpson’s marathon – bringing back lots of memories of old episodes and bringing new life to the stuff in TSTO!

  3. Just watched the Mr Plow episode. Too funny! I used that channel finder but for me, Verizon didnt show up. I didnt think I coukd watch it. My kid just found it for me. Channel 191 on FIOS people. Fyi.

  4. Between figuring out I get the channel for the Simpsons marathon and finding out Criminal Minds was added to Netflix, I may not leave the house or turn off the tv for a week or two. Who needs sleep?

  5. Thanks for this! I wasn’t sure if I had the channel either and as luck would have it, I do! Watching now, I feel like it’s WDTCF live.

  6. so cool to turn on the cable guide & see nothing but the simpsons for days on end!

  7. Man this marathon is quite nostalgic. It reminds me of all the great memories I have with this show. Its always been there for me when I needed time to just sit down and escape. Ive grown up with this show and im so grateful for that. BEST. SERIES. EVER.

    P.S. This new event has hilarious outdoor tasks.

  8. Already set my DVR to create a “Best Of”. I forgot how many great stories/episodes were in the first season! Oh, and my dog is a red-colored Jack Russell/dachshund mix; we named him Murphy and his official middle name is “Santa’s Little Helper”!

  9. So, so jealous. We get Fox and FX here in my country, but not FXX. 🙁

    (and to top it off, Fox was not working last week… I missed Sunday’s new episode!)

  10. So depressing after holidaying in the United States and coming back to Australia with next to nothing on TV compared to America. Would be so good to watch this marathon

  11. Hopefully EA takes notes and sees there is lots of content that can be added. I for one would love to see the Tracy Ulman show simpsons.

    Now lets go out for frosty chocolate milkshakes. Strange how Smithers was black for a while.

  12. Sadly this seems to be a USA only channel 🙁 , get FOX channel here in UK but not FXX ! Hopefully they will let the simpsons world app work over here but looks doubtful.
    I actually cleared a huge chunk of DVD space then realised it was pointless .

    • That stinks. Must admit I am clueless about cable outside the US. Hopefully you can still get the app. Please let us know.

      • We don’t really get free cable here, there are a few free to air channels but it’s kind of like comparing your local ice cream truck to a baskin robins.
        Just a bit annoyed we can’t even pick up the FXX channel on sky given I believe it’s also run by Fox.
        Will keep you updated on the app, though will probably have regional restrictions like south park.

  13. It’s a bit out of my ZIP-Code – guess I have to dust of my DVD-collection instead. 16 seasons should last me a while as well.

  14. Time to create a best of collection for the DVR!

  15. I don’t think I can make it a week of never leaving the couch. But I might make a day of it and watch seasons 13 and 14 as I haven’t seen them yet. This was a very cool idea to play them allllll.

  16. Just gonna watch all i can!!

  17. No cable I’m constantly watching my DVD’s.I love having commentary on every episode but seriously at one season a year I’ll never get caught up. I work Sunday nights, have for years and I’m way behind as I have no recording device

  18. 552 episodes starting in the am, so my question is, how long will the marathon last?

    • found my answer! looks like a week’s worth! no way i can hold those on DVR 🙁

      • lol we just upgraded to FiOS quantum…suppose to hold 1TB of shows…but STILL won’t hold it all lol. Grateful for our shared cloud drive with all the episodes! 🙂

  19. I know!!! Its going to be a day for me XD

  20. How sad is it that I own most seasons on DVD or Blu-ray(and watched them multiple times with the commentary) , have seen every episode hundreds of times, but still I’m going to binge watch hours of this marathon each day? Pray for Mojo…

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