Free Donuts Are Awarded!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So remember this mysterious popup yesterday?

Glitch notification 15 Free Donuts

And we were all a little perplexed because we’d go into Springfield only to find 0 donuts.  Well…just now I got this little popup:

2014-08-21 20.00.11 2014-08-21 16.04.17


And THIS time…when you log into Springfield this is waiting for you:

2014-08-21 20.00.25


Woo-hoo!  FREE DONUTS!!!

What are you waiting for?  Sign  into TSTO now to get yours!

97 responses to “Free Donuts Are Awarded!

  1. To move slightly off subject, I’d love to know if any manuevers you can get on picking up free donuts (aside from the Jebediah pickup). I see alot of crazy wild goose missions – Are any valid? Disco Stev says ‘Thank you’!

  2. I never received any message regarding free donuts, I seen post regarding same tonight and thought..hmmmmm, I didn’t get the post let alone the donuts. What’s up with that?

  3. Yeah. I got the message, got the donuts… Logged out, came back a little later, donuts gone. Irritated.

  4. Would we still get the donuts if we just started the event today?

  5. Hmm. Received the free donut notification yesterday, but I still have not received the donuts. I’m wondering how long I should wait to see if they show up before I contact EA. Thoughts? Thanks, as always, for all the info and help!

  6. two words: Woo and Hoo !!

  7. Super awesome, every time I try to play the game closes on me haven’t been on in 18 hours also just spent money on donuts, super disappoint.

    • What if any troubleshooting have you tried? It could be a memory issue as this is overwhelming my devices. Are you on a good strong WiFi? Do you have any other apps running in the background while trying to play? Like Facebook? Have you tried the other basics?

      • I’ve done everything except uninstall/install mostly because I just did that a week ago (took forever) not on wifi using verizon lte. Only app open powered my phone off and on. I just invision my springfield sad and defeated with 2.5 stars righteousness. 🙁

        • Hmmmm…I have Verizon…from my experience…NO BUENO. It NEVER holds for the games. It is too sporadic. Only thing that works is WiFi for me to keep it going strong and stable.

      • Well I just logged into my sons Springfield so Verizon is definitely not the issue.

      • Not identical I have a couple premium characters he doesn’t. Still can’t log on btw. Ea told me try “uninstall/reinstall” >:(

        • Ugh… make sure you keep up with EA. They always suggest the easy steps at first before referring it to a “specialist”. During busy events, the squeaky wheel technique is the surest bet to getting help. I hope it resolves quickly.

  8. Daily player need friends (mostloven492)

    • You can add me I’m gonna start deleting everyone who vandalizes me chris2fresh

      • Why? Don’t you need to get vandalized to up your your stars because catching sideshow bob doesn’t do it alone. Am I missing something with this? Please advise.

      • I don’t mind being vandalized and I also thought you had to clean up graffiti to max your righteousness rating but you can also do it by placing training walls.

      • Yeah I have a grip of training walls. Leaving graffiti on your walls makes your righteousness go down, so when you’re working 60hours a week its hard to keep up.

      • I try to avoid leaving graffiti on friends walls but none of my friends came from the no graffiti thread so if I have no other choice to complete 3 actions I will graffiti a building. I respect your wishes but I am afraid if I add you I’ll forget at some point. Off topic, I am enjoying the aspect of this event that allows you to invade stranger’s towns. I’ve seen some weird towns!

  9. One of the best updates yet, crazy days ahead!

  10. I got the donuts this morning but then the server kicked me out. When I logged back in, my donuts were gone… I spent an hour logged into the EA help forum waiting for a live-admin helper. But when they came on and checked the logs – they apologised and creditted me 20 donuts! Woohoo.

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