Hopefully you read that in the appropriate Ogre voice from one of the best 80’s movies ever.  So here’s the skinny on the Saturday Nerd deal.

unlock_troop04 unlock_troop03 unlock_troop02 unlock_troop01

1) We verified in the files that it was supposed to happen.

2) With rare exceptions, it seems like nobody got the promised nerds.  Please comment if you did see this.

3) After a nice talk with Justin from EA tech support, we don’t know what the deal is.  He was very helpful but couldn’t verify the issue or promised nerds for me.

4) If the nerds are a big deal for you, contact EA.

I wouldn’t advise the call me option because that’s what I did.  Justin’s recommendation was to put in a work ticket.  I’ve done that and will update the post when I hear more.  Just a friendly hint, EA may say this wasn’t supposed to happen and we’ll all be right where we were at the start.  As soon as I get a response, I’ll let everyone know.

5) According to Professor Frink, NERD stands for Not Even Remotely Dorky.

6) Good news for now is a lot of nerds lives were saved in the whole ordeal.

7) Not much else.  In the grand scheme of things, this is a very minor deal and TSTO will go on.  Apologies from the Addicts Team for any frustrations.  I wish I could magic up the promised nerds for you.  As always, stay classy like usual and keep on tapa-tap-tapping in the free world.

8) UPDATE: I received an email from EA Customer Service that stated they were aware of the issue.  They honestly didn’t say much else beyond thanking me for my “pro-activeness and positive approach” but I did receive donuts for contacting them so thank you to all the readers from the fuzzball!

TTFN… Wookiee out!

54 responses to “NERDS!!!!!

  1. I am past level 50 and I still haven’t been able to start the princess Penelope mission
    Is there a glitch? Did I miss something? Please help!!!

    • Are you going off your XP Level? Or the one that matters… Game Play Level? Where are you in the Questlines? What tasks & Part #s are still open in your Task bar?

  2. I findes an amazibg bug in krustyland if you build an objects from zenith city in krustyland it will stay at that place jn springfield i just try it whit the telephone i didn’t try whit the lofts or the appartments and i want to see if they give you tickets or cash and i didnt try placing it really far (so in springfield it will appear in a expancion you didn’t buy) Sorry for my english i speak spanish :D.Hope you read it

  3. Ok I need HELP !! My game keeps saying that it has an update and when I update it I play for a while but when I come back it says it needs to update again, it’s really annoying and it takes a long time to update !!

  4. This game has always been great but now I have two missions that I did before I clicked on the goto blue arrow and they r still missions even after I completed them long ago please fix this bug or I’m devoting more time to family guy! Thank u

  5. Sept. 5 update. I can play in my springfield but can not visit neighbors. Game crashes everytime i visit a neighbor. Anybody experiencing this too?

  6. I have a problem. My game sent me back to the beginning of this whole event and I lost the donuts I had. Emailed ea a few days ago and nothing. I feel like I just got used.

    • Try either the call option (won’t trigger in the support section until 8am Central time) or the chat option…since it’s more back and forth with that may be faster than email.

  7. I can’t even get into my game. Every time I open it, it either crashes right away or waits until I start doing things and THEN crashes. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and that didn’t help at all. Not sure what to do now. Help?

  8. Any chance EA will make the nerds walk around characters after this event? I’d love to have a few walking around my Springfield.

  9. CapCityGoofball

    Tapped Out force closed on me right after I collected my nerds from the castles and was maxed out. After I got back in, I got the reinforcement message for more nerds. D’oh! Well at least it looks like EA got it sorted out, hopefully for everyone?

  10. Not sure EA timed this event out right. I just earned the last prize. Barbarian statue. Only 36 days 17 hours to go. Now what? Why is this event scheduled for such a rediculous amount of time? I bought a truck load of elixir on day one but have been tapping normally ever since. I send one nerd per house when attacking. Also, for those who may not have noticed you get a much higher return when attacking random invaders over attacking friends. Is anyone else wondering what they are going to do for the next 36 days? I started playing last December. Looking forward to this years Halloween event is a big reason I keep tapping. If castles have replaced the tree house of horror it will be very sad indeed.

    • I fully expect a Halloween event. It’s the first event they had after the re-release and always fun. My guess is EA thought it would take people much longer to complete all this. As there are quite a few tappers well behind in it, I’m ok with it lasting longer for them. I do hope EA has more planned for the event. If anything, I’m hoping for a level update, hopefully this week.

    • I’m actually confused as well, but sort of the opposite way. For me it seems like I’m progressing really slowly and I’m not sure if I’m just doing something wrong. I’ve only got about 6000 gold and I’m getting bored since it’s taking forever just to do the upgrade missions. Is there something I’m missing here? I’m checking in every few hours and sending my nerds to attack random castles, generally just doing the maximum amount per castle (because as far as I can tell you get more for castles than from houses?) and making sure it takes only 4 hours so they have less of a chance to stop the attack.

      I must be doing something wrong.. right? Or is it because I’m mostly freemium? Family Guy gets most of my money where as with TSTO I spend a few bucks here or there.

      • Here’s what a reader sent in to help people out. Over 4 days, they reported 6392 elixir, 2267 gold
        4630, 1652
        5915, 2085
        2835, 1012

        “1 nerd per building per town. The exception being if they have multiple castles to attack then attack all that are available (1, 2 or 3). If you want to get really hardcore, only put nerds on castles in random towns. Attacking neighbors or putting multiple nerds on buildings seems to be a waste. Much better to put 8 nerds on 8 castles in 8 random towns and take the 12 hours risk as opposed to 8 nerds on 1 building to try and get it down to 4 hours.

        45 nerds twice a day give huge results. Oh, and if you can only place 45 nerds once a day, do it in the evening. Having them attack overnight greatly increases the full payout chances (this is from a US perspective).

        Do this and you will catch up on Bunny’s gold calendar fast. Hope this helps.”

  11. Just to let you guys know, I contacted EA yesterday and they’ve already gotten back with me, promising me ten donuts as compensation. Now I just have to figure out my”email ID.” EA ID is easy, but they’re asking for both, so…

  12. I wrote them yesterday, they responded at 12:30am and said they were aware of the issue then offered me 10 donuts 🙂 …. It must be my midichlorian count

  13. Quick question…if you get the skins for Bart and Marge during this event but aren’t currently at the level to unlock them will they still be available if the event ends before you can unlock them ?

    (and does any of what I just wrote make any sense?)

    • Not sure if they’ll be available if you don’t reach the point in the questline to unlock them. There’s still over 30 days left in the event so I’d be surprised to see a lot of people already playing not unlock them. Best of luck!

  14. Week 2 or is it 3 of this madness we call TSTOwar.

    What happens to the nerds? Where do they go? If they are expendable, mere bits in the webiverse why don’t EA have any extra to give us ?

    We need answers not fobbd off with Doughnuts even ones covered with icingandshiny sprinkles.

    Let’s do something about it lets start……NerdAid.

    I know I’ll get at least one other to sign up.

  15. Need MOAR nerds! Lol didint get nerds either, but at this point it’s such a minor thing. If nerds only spawned every 12 hours or so maybe it would matter, but every two hours is more then I care to keep up with as it is lol. Thanks as always for the updates though!

  16. I’ve been at work all day but sneaking away just to collect nerds. (That just sounds weird) But I’m maxed out anyway so whatever

  17. I read “NERDS!!!!” in the appropriate Homer voice when he went to college.

  18. Was just in my town and tapped on 5 shields but no gold or elixir popped out. The nerds in my town didn’t disappear like normal either. then after about 30 seconds the same 5 shields would come back and again no gold or elixir. Tapped on the same 5 castles/houses 3 times each and nothing.
    Has this happened to anyone else?

  19. I was wondering why i didn’t get my reinforcement …..glad im not the only one.
    Luckily all the prizes after prize #5 are terrible (in my opinion). Therefore I don’t really care about the nerds.

  20. No nerd army for me either.

  21. Nada nerds for me to

  22. Wow I was wondering what happened. .thanks for the info.

  23. I was talking to EA about another issue and I brought up my missing Nerds and he said, there was no indication that any were going out today … but a friend of mine, did get them. I have all the prizes, so at this point it is about leveling up. so not a huge deal, but would be nice to get them

  24. Oh phew. Thought it was just me and the bf that weren’t getting them. Weird.

  25. Ah, that it is. I am wondering why the castle says, well grade me up, i will give you more nerds. And then… Nothing.
    But for me its okay. Dont know why, may be i buy too much nerds, but i am almost done with the event (got 3 towers last night).
    One question is: what to play in september 🙁

  26. I am thinking maybe EA turned off the weekly nerd replenishment as another way to slow down the progress of the event.I think they underestimated how quickly people would progress through the event.

    • It’s possible. When I know something definite, I’ll update the info.

      • I think the last events are very tight regarding the timing.
        But this is too long. If one spend some donuts it goes very very fast. Or there was a bug in the beginning. I got sooo much gold and elixier the first days, now not, but now is no need anymore.

    • Yep, I agree. Have a feeling EA put the kibosh on Saturday reinforcements.

  27. It’s all good!!! Finished yesterday!! Going to miss the random town invasions. Some real creativity some people’s children have. Good event!!! Here’s hoping at least a Halloween yard sale. Need kang, booberella and devil Flanders (especially devil Flanders) to make my tsto year.

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