Troop Replenishment Saturday is Here Again!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

UPDATE 8/30/14 @ 1645 EST: Got a call back from EA.  All the info I found out is in this post.

UPDATE 8/30/14 @ 4 PM EST: Just like a lot of you, I haven’t received the nerd replenishment either. Waiting for a call back from EA so I’ll keep you posted. ~ Wookiee

Saturday IS Troop Replenishment day!  A reminder that at 2pm EDT (1800 GMT) reinforcement troops will arrive in your Springfield and your troops will be maxed out!  So be sure to use up what you have BEFORE 2pm EDT (1800 GMT)…because you won’t get a second chance today to have them replenished by EA.  

Once 2pm EDT rolls around, many of you will be seeing this message on your Tapping Device informing you that a new wave of  Nerds are ready for battle in your Springfield!

2014-08-23 14.03.23

And when you sign into Springfield you’ll see this message popup:

2014-08-23 18.11.29

Your troops have now been maxed out!  A little gift from EA…

Remember this won’t hit until 2pm EDT (1800 GMT)…

What do YOU think of this addition?  Are you enjoying Clash of Clones so far?  How are your nerd troops holding up?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

74 responses to “Troop Replenishment Saturday is Here Again!

  1. It’s already the next day at 3:30 am and still no nerds.

  2. Susan C. (Suski33)

    Just adding my voice to the rest – no nerds, no message. It sounds like you’re on top of it, The Wookiee, and thanks for troubleshooting it for us (as always). I’ll just reap those that have generated, and go a-pillagin’!

  3. I haven’t received any nerds either – and, judging by the comments here, it wasn’t caused by me not having a connection at 7pm (London time).

  4. Not received any nerds today either 🙁
    I suppose I don’t need them, I am on schedule for the event, but still!

  5. I haven’t received my nerds yet. How about you Wookie? 😃😃😃

  6. I think there’s an issue with nerds today. I used five nerds earlier in one town. They were taken from my nerd total but not applied on the building. Contacted EA about it and got 15 free donuts to ‘buy more nerds’. Needless to say they’ll be saved up so I can finally get Barney! It’s probably not related to the troop replenishment but two nerd issues in one day is a bit more than a coincidence don’t you think?

  7. I still haven’t gotten my reinforcements..

  8. I never received any nerds? Is it worth shooting off an e-mail to EA? Do they have a special tapped out Customer service contact?

    • You can contact them if you like. I am waiting for a call back about it (no nerd for me either) but as I don’t have any special privileges, it might be a while.

  9. Love this ……really do

  10. So far no troops for me. Its 4pm here, I’ve been clearing my earned troops all day, but no reinforcements have arrived. Maybe it was a one time thing last week?

    • The files showed it as a regular thing. I haven’t received my nerds either… waiting for a call back from EA about it. I’ll update the post when I know more.

  11. No reinforcements?

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